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Would you survive a serial killer?
Quiz published June 22, 2011 · 526 takers
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alright, so you hear sounds down in your basement. do you.......
You find out that there is someone trying to kill you so you lock it in the basement and run while it still trying to get out. now what?
Alright you ran to a nearby stor and your safe for now. so you by some snacks and a drink but they are closing so you go back out and walk looking at every direction. no people just the killer now what?
Good job. its morning already and it left you alone for some reason and the cops see you laying on the floor. they ask you what happened and you tell them the story then you find out that the killer is closer to you and its your friend. shes been jelouse of you for years!and she he works as a cop.
Whats your favorite scary movie? dnt worry all of these are the right answers./

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