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Story published June 26, 2011 · updated December 24, 2011 · 94 pages · 15,679 readers · 92,065 reads
Mitch Lucker
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Mitch Lucker

Mitch Lucker Note: When I say "I" it means you(this is written in your p.o.v)

About Me:So the names Alexandra but most people just call me Alex or Lexi. I'm 23 I have long blonde white hair. My dad is the new manger for suicide silence. In case you wanted to know I'm a daddy's girl.

I am currently staying with my dad because I lived with my now ex boyfriend. I got out of bed and put on put on my make up then teased my hair.  I walked the down  the stairs to see my dad on the phone "I Have a daughter...23....Yes she is....Blonde....Not tall...Okay...She loves you guys. See you later bye"

"Morning daddy"

"Morning princess. You wanna come meet the guys today?"

"Sure, why not?"

"Okay well we're leaving at 12"


I ate some cereal and I got a text. 

???: Hey

Me: Who is this?

???: Mitch

Me: Mitch who?

???: Lucker

Me: How'd you get my number?

Mitch: Your dad

Me: Oh

Mitch: You should send me a pic of yourself I sent him this pic

Mitch: Damn girl! Your sexy

Me:Thanks but I don't think so..

My phone rang and I answered it. "Hello?"

"Hey"  I recognized it was Mitch.

"Why don't you think you sexy?"

"Because I have low self esteem"

"Why though?"

"Because I just got out of a abusive relationship..And most of my life Ive been known as freak.."

"Well Alexandra I'm sure their just jealous of your beauty"


"So are you coming with your dad?"


"I have to go but I can't wait to see you in person beautiful"


The line went dead and I walked up to my dad. "Daddy, do you think I'm pretty?"

"No honey your beautiful"




"So are you ready?"



"I'll be in the car"

I got in the car and turn on the radio. Asking Alexandria was on. My dad got in the car and turned up the radio. I head-banged till we got to Mitch's house. My dad walked in the door first and I was behind him. "Hey Tony"

I came from behind him and Mitch just stared at me in awe. I walked over to him and waved my hand in front of his face. "Earth to Mitch"

"Oh sorry. Your gorgeous"

I blushed and said "thanks your so sweet."

The rest of the guys ran down the stairs to see what was going on and they stared at me. "It's not polite to stare"



****Mitch's p.o.v****

Well when Tony described his daughter I knew she was beautiful. When I called her I was so nervous. I never get nervous. I'm Mitch Lucker so god sake.  But when she stood next to her dad I knew I had to have. And I'm not taking no as an answer. 

****Back To My p.o.v****

My dad talked to the guys for a little bit. We were all sitting on the couch. "Do you guys wanna watch a movie?"

"Yeah" we all said at the same time

"How about we let Alexandra pick the movie" Chris suggested

I went over to the movie section and bent down. I felt the guys staring at my ass. "Guys, I didn't bring Alexandra  her so you can stare at here ass."

I found a movie and put it in the TV. The couch was getting a little crowded so Mitch sat me on his lap. I could feel him breathing on my neck. "You know I love you Alexandra."

"I love you to" I turned to him and we started making out.

"Get a room" the guys said

My dad looked over and said "dad in the room"

Mitch picked me up and took me to his room. I laid on the bed and he took off my shirt. "Mitch I'm not the type of girl to do this on the first date but Mitch I love you"

You know what happens and when we finished someone knocked on the door. "Who is it?" Mitch said laying next to me


"Man I just finished fucking your daughter" I hit him on the arm


"Mitch I swear you better stay with her"

"I will. I really love Alexandra"

We both feel asleep and I felt him pull me close to him and put his arms around my waist.  In the morning Mitch wasn't in the room. I heard yelling "I swear if you get pregnant and leave her I will beat the living shit out of you!"

"Don't worry Tony I love her more then my own life"

I put on some of Mitch's clothes and walked in the hall. "Good morning baby" Mitch said kissing me


My dad saw me and said "we need to talk"

Mitch walked downstairs "Okay what is it daddy?"

"Do you really love him?"

"Yes I do"

"If he ever hurts you come to me" He pulled me into a hug and kissed my forehead.

"I love you daddy"

"I love you to princess"

****A Month Later****

Mitch and I are at home laying on the couch. "Mitch"

"Yes babe"

"I'm pregnant!" I smiled at him and his smile faded. I'm guessing he doesn't want to have a baby. I left and he didn't even try stopping me. 

****A Month Later****

I'm at my dads house(I still live with him). "Daddy, have you talked to Mitch?"

"No. He won't talk to anyone"

"Oh okay"

I sat on the couch watching TV and my phone rang. "Hello?"

"Lexi, I miss you"

I stayed quiet. "Why did you leave me?"

"You didn't want the baby"

"Who told you that?"

"It's just the look on your face"

"Baby I was shocked and nervous. I need you back. Will you be mine again?"


****4 Months Later****

It seems like I'm getting bigger every hour. Mitch came over to me and rubbed my tummy. I felt the baby kick. Mitch looked at me smiling an kissed me. 

****The Future****

I gave birth to little Lilly Ann Lucker on October 16th(my birthday and 4 days before Mitch's birthday). When Lilly was 5 Mitch and I got married. We had a beautiful wedding and Lilly was the flower girl. A year after the wedding I got pregnant with Mitch Jr. 
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