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Don't you know who I am? (Andy Biersack Love Story)
Story published June 26, 2011 · updated October 23, 2011 · 30 pages · 5,423 readers · 32,638 reads
I Could Still Hear
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I Could Still Hear The Moaning

~I Could Still Hear The Moaning~

I felt Andy's eyes locked on me during the entire meet and greet, Ashley had sat next to me, leaving his arm around my waist. I knew Lauren liked Ashley, but she told me she was fine with this, because Andy deserved some payback, adn this would bite him in the butt. Whenever we dared look at Andy, he was glaring at us, obviously pissed off to the fullest extent. Well, to damn bad for him! Its his fault he chose that slut Scout over me! Well anyways, back to the present. Nearly every fan that came to me or Ashley asked us if we were dating, and each time we'd look at Andy, smirk, then look back at the fan and reply in unison, "No, not yet." Man, that sure gave us a kick, seeing Andy's face after we said that. He always did have the most precious facial expressions, something always making me laugh. 

Finally, it was time for the concert, and me and my girls rushed off, getting our stuff together. We went on stage, looking at each other, smiling, and ready, then looked out at the crowd of screaming fans. "HELLO LOS VEGAS!! ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?!?!" I screamed into the microphone, and was responded with by the many, many fans screaming back. I looekd at each of my girls, then nodded, smiling, and we started up...

The songs we did were as follows, i this order. (Pretend they were all written by the Neon Punkies!!)
1. Girlfriend Remix
2. My Happy Ending
3. What The Hell
4. Don't Tell Me
5. Grow A Pear
6. Go Screw Yourself
7. Love Me Or Let Me Go

"THANK YOU EVERYBODY!! NOW, WE'RE DONE FOR TONIGHT, BUT NOW, I'D LIKE TO WELCOME MY AMAZING FRIENDS... THE BLACK VEIL BRIDES!!!!" I screamed into the microphone, then we grabbed out stuff, exiting the stage, ignoring our ears breaking from the screams. Andy looked at me sadly, as if knowing that most of the songs we preformed tonight, were about him, directed to him. I just glared at him, then turned around, and my girls and I headed to the dressing room, just chilling until the boys finished. 

They sang...
1. Hello My Hate 
2. Knives and Pens
3. A Devil For Me
4.The Gunsling
5. We Stitch These Wounds
6. Perfect Weapon
7. Mortician's Daughter

We went out and stood backstage, at the side of the stage, watching them reform their last song, Mortician's Daughter. When Andy sang it, he didn't stop looking at me... "I booked my flight those years ago, I said I loved you and I left you, Regrets no longer in my head, But I promised you and now I'm home again." He sang, staring directly at me. That song described us so well, him leaving, saying he loved me, saying he'd return. The only catch? It was all a lie, and I hated that song because of it. 

The boys said their goodbyes to the fans, then rushed offstage, and we smiled, highfiving them all. They were too sweaty to hug, since our sweat had already long dried. I hghfives them all, hugged Ashley, ignoring his sweaty-ness, and completely acted as if Andy wasn't even there. Jinxx's arm once again went over my shoulder, Ash's around my waist, as we all walked back to the bus, joking and laughing, Andy trailing behind us like a lost puppy. I wonder what had gone on between him, the guys, and my girls when I was gone, because they had all pretty much been giving him the cold shoulder since I came back... Weird...

As soon as we all piled onto the bus, Scout appeared out of nowhere, grabbed Andy's collar, and dragged him to OUR beddroom, shutting and locking the doors. It wasn't long before we heard loud moaning, and everyone started talking louder, not for themselves, I could see it in their eyes. They knew it was hurting me, no matter what brave face I put on, I was in emotional pain, and a Hell of alot of it. After awile, everyone slowly started going to their rooms, Ashley went last, at like 1 AM. I headed back to my room shortly after he left, to find the door still locked and still hear moaning going on. Hot tears stung my eyes as I swiveled on my heel and went to the linen closet. I grabbed a thin blanket and a pillow, wthen walked back to the 'living room' on the bus, and lay down, resting my head on my pillow. 

I couldn't change clothes, because my door was locked. I coldn't take off my armsocks or someone would be bound to see my beat up arms. I couldn't take off my jewelry because if I did, i'd lose it all. I couldn't even take off my false eyelashes, because my bathroom was in my room, and all the other beddrooms were locked, as usual. I sighed, snuggling under my blanket, completely and totally uncomfortable, the couch suddenly felt all hard and lumpy, plus I was pretty sure I'd fall off in the middle of the night.
Oh well. I didn't really have a choice anymore, did I? Nope. I let my eyes flutter closed, hearing my breathing slowly steady itself. I could still hear the moaning, and I felt new tears appear. Finally, after awile of just laying there, I drifted off to sleep, tears still streaming out of my eyes.