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A Mindless Behavior Love Story ~Prodigy's Story~
Story published June 29, 2011 · updated August 26, 2012 · 28 pages · 10,640 readers · 99,521 reads
Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

You where sleeping until you felt someone shaking you.

???: _____ wake up. ______ WAKE UP!!!
You: hmm? 5 more minutes.
???: Fine then you're not gonna meet your cousin then.
You: I'M UP! I'M UP MOM!
Mom: *laughs* C'mon get dressed.
You: kay.

You get dressed into this: 

then you go to the family room:

And sit down on the couch next to your mom.

You: So when are they getting here?
Mom: Around 12pm

You look at the clock, it's 11:30am

You: So they'll be here soon right?
Mom: Yes dear.
You: I'm going to China's house call me when they get here.
Mom: Alright.

You walk out of the house which looks like this:

And you walk to China's house. When you get there, you knock on the door, and China opens it and by the way China looks like this sorry for all the pictures:

You: Hey China
China: Hey!! What are you doing here? I thought you were gonna meet your cousin.
You: Yeah but he's not here yet as you can see.
China: *laughs* So let's go inside now it's mad hot out here.
You: *laughs* Yeah leggo!

You guys walk to her room:

And you girls sit on the bed.

China: So do you know who your cousin is?
You: Nah. All I know is that he's a boy.
China: *Laughs* Well that's what HE means.
You: *laughs* Well yeah.

You guys talk then you get a text from your mom saying that you have to go home.

You: I got to go China bye.
China: Bye. See ya soon.
You: kk.

You walk home and when you get there you walk into the family room to find your aunt and your cousin.

You: OMG Hey guys!! * you walk up to them and hug them.*
???: Hi I'm your aunt Megan but you can call me Meg.
You: Hey Meg.
???: Hey I'm your cousin, my name is Trey, but you can call me Roc Royal or Roc.
You: Can I call you Rockie?
Roc: *chuckles* yeah
You: Hi Rockie!
Roc: Hey.. um
You: _____
Roc: Hey _____!
You: *laughs*

You guys sit on the couch and talk for a couple of hours.

Roc: Well I have to go.
You: Why? I thought you were stay for 3 months.
Roc: I am, it's just I have to meet up with some friends.
You: Well can I come with you?
Roc: Sure
You: Okay. Mom! I'm going with Rockie to meet his friends!!!
Mom: Okay!! Be safe!!
Roc: You realize that you didn't have to yell.
You: Well I did anyways * laughs*
Roc: *laughs* Well lets go then.
You: Okay!

You get in their car:

And your Aunt Meg drives away.

You: You know you look real familiar Rockie.
Roc: I do? Well maybe it's because I'm in a f-
Meg: We're here!
You: Well alright then.

You and Roc walk in and you see...

Hey guys! I hope you like my story so far! I have other stories and there are more to come like the other Mindless Behavior stories so I hope you enjoyed it!