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A Mindless Behavior Love Story ~Prodigy's Story~
Story published June 29, 2011 · updated August 26, 2012 · 28 pages · 10,623 readers · 99,383 reads
Chapter 5
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Chapter 5

You guys walk back to the everyone. You say for a couple of hours then you leave to go home.

When you get home, you look at the clock and it's 5:30pm so you decide to go and get ready and change into this:
 Then you get a text from China...

China: Hey
You: Hey
China: So how was your day? What's your cousin like?
You: My day was great and my cousin he's cool, funny and a bit protective...
China: How?
You: After we talked for like 2-3 hours he had to go meet up with his friends and he claims that they were checking me out.
China: Are any of them cute?
You: Yeah, and I'm going on a date with one of them.
China: Wow he works fast and what's his name?
You: Lolz and he hasn't really told me his real name but his nickname is Prodigy.
China: So when's your date?
You: Tonight @ 6
China: It is 6
You: Well then I have to go bai!
China: Bai!
You walk downstairs to find Roc and Prodigy talking... until they saw you.

You: Hey guys!
Prodigy: Uh H-hi _____ you look really.... well amazing.
You: *smiles* Thank you, you don't look to bad either.
Roc: Okay! We all look good right now.
You: Uh Rockie? No one said you looked good but since you bring it up, you look good.
Prodigy: *laughs* C'mon lets go.
You: Okay. Bye Rockie.
Roc: Bye and thanks for the compliment.
You: *smiles* your welcome.

Prodigy grabs your hand and you walk into a limo. Then the driver starts driving.

You: So where are we going?
Prodigy: It's a surprise
You: But I don't like surprises.
Prodigy: It will be worth it.
You: *pouts* fine.
Prodigy: *smiles* Stop pouting.
You: I'm not pouting * you pout a little more*
Prodigy: Yes you are but I can fix that. * he leans in*

You guys kiss and sparks fly and you could feel Prodigy smiling through the kiss. Then the limo stops and you both pull away and Prodigy grabs your hand and helps you out. And you see this:

Prodigy: Do you like it?
You: No
Prodigy: *nervous voice* You don't?
You: Nope. I love it!
Prodigy: * sigh of relief* Great, now let's get in.

Prodigy helps you on the gondola then he gets in and you look at the stars. And you lay your head on Prodigy's shoulder.

You: It's beautiful out here.
Prodigy: Yeah but not as beautiful as you though.
You: Prodigy that is so corny.
Prodigy: You know you love it.
You: *laughs* Maybe a little.
Prodigy: You know.. you are pretty amazing.
You: Yes I know you told me that like 4 times today.
Prodigy: Well it's true.
You: And your pretty... well the best thing that's happened to me.
Prodigy: *smiles and leans in *

Forget sparks you to felt something, something magical. Then you pull away.

Prodigy: I love you _____.
You: I love you too Prodigy.

Prodigy puts his arm around you and the gondola stops and you see an amazing restaurant:

Then you to walk into the restaurant and you see this:

You: Prodigy, you didn't have to do all of this.
Prodigy: I have to make the one I love happy right?
You: *Smiles* But how can you afford all of this?
Prodigy: I got ways.

You and Prodigy sit down and eat. Then you and Prodigy get back in the gondola and ride back to the limo and drive to your house.

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