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Secret crush (1D's pov)

Most of us directioners have a "secret" crush on one of the guys, or at least secret for them, and they'll probably never know. *Sigh* Well how would it be, if it was the...

Which One Direction boy is for you lad...

· Music
Title && Comes with story :)

One Direction fight

It's in THE title^^ :)

How Will You Meet One Direction? (Long...

· Music
All directioners dream of meeting the boys. Why don't you find out how? Find out the story of how you will meet One Direction.

Fight With One Direction

· Music
For All Directioners

7 Minutes In Heaven With One Direction...

· Music
But here's the catch: pass my test, get a short story with your favorite one direction member. fail my test, suffer the consequence of not imagining 7 minutes in heaven w...

Road Trip with One Direction

· Music
It's all in the title Directioners! ♥

Do you Really know One Direction?

This is just a quiz/test for you to find out if your a true Directioner and if you really know them. We're not stalker... Just a big fan.. We dont know EVERY thing ab...

X-1D Arguments-x

You argue, then you make up...or do you? DONT CHA LOVE HAPPY ENDINGS THO? since my first quiz went well, i'll try again!

Camping With One Direction *PART 1*

· Music
What did Taylor Swift of all people have to insult me on live radio. And did Harry kissed me to shut me up. Find out now. >>>>>>>>>

1D: A Perfectly Chaotic Sleepover Pt.1

This is a unique version of a 1Derful sleepover! The results are intimate interviews with the each of the boys exposing how they feel about you.Take it! It's super fun! :...

Your Future With One Direction!

· Music
I have worked really hard on this! this includes story of how you met, pics, and future! oh yeah, and accurate results! WARNING: i am a directioner so i might make it ver...
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Your 1D babe :) *Short Story too *

Just about how your 1D babe meets you and how you guys hit it off. I've tried my best as all of these stories were one shots. Hope you like it

Are you a true directioner?

Test your 1d skills, lets see if your a carrot or not!

2015 B a c k T o S c h o o l L o o k !

2015 School Year Is Around The Corner! && The "N E W" You Needs A "N E W" Style! Are You Schoolie ? Girly ? Punk? 5SOS Fan Girl ? A Directione...


Are you a directioner or not?

Are you A True Directioner

Find out if you were a true directioner .

Who's your One Direction spirit an...

Take this quiz to find out which one direction member you are most similar to.

Late Night With 1D 2 !

Sequel to the amazing first quiz that you guys loved so much, and Thank You awesomgirlygirl soo much for encouraging me to make this quiz :) You're amazing!

Whos your 1d solmate?

Is it niall horan the blonde cuteee, liam payne #daddy directioner, harry the curly cutee, Louis #carrots or zany malik #mirrors

How Well Do You Know One Direction?

^ ^ ^Title says it all ;D ^ ^ ^

What Kind of Directioner are you?

Are you a Directioner? There are MANY different kinds. Find out which one you are here!

Which 1D guy is for you?

Are you a directioner? Do you want to which 1D guy would be perfect for you?

Which 1D song should you listen accord...

· Music
If you're a Directioner you'll definietly do this quiz :) baiiii
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