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What Type of Guy Do You Attract?

Each category has a guy from One Direction and the ICONic Boyz. Some have a guy from Emblem3 and Big Time Rush. Hope you like it!

Whose your Big Time Guy?

Real life, not the show type thing how you met, first date and kiss, fight, and future

How long would you survive?

Would you be the first or last to die in a zombie apocalypse? Take it and find out! (:

Can I make you laugh? Part 2!

· Music
Still One Direction, Big Time Rush, with some Josh Hutcherson, Cody Simpson, and Kingsley! I made a part 2 because the first one was way too long.

Who's your Big Time Rush crush?

^^ Is it... James Maslow? Logan Henderson? Kendall Schmidt? Carlos Pena Jr? Find out which BTR guy is right for you!

What's your fanbase?

One direction? Justin Bieber? Harry Potter? The Hunger Games? Twilight? Big Time Rush? LOTR? What's YOUR fanbase?

Can I make you laugh? Part Three

· Music
Okay, you love the first one, I made a second one, you loved it, now here's part three!

Your Big Time Rush Life.

· Music
The title say sit all, answer truthfully, and you will discover your Big Time Rush life. :)

B.T.R. which one is made 4 you?

· Music
Take the quiz :) whom is your btr dream prince? find out!

Can I make you laugh?

· Music
Well can I? Big Time Rush and One Direction!

Big time rush life! *Warning Very Long...

· Music
How you met and best friend
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Whose your big time rush match

Find out which big time hottie is your match

How Well Do You Know The Big Time Rush...

Check out the part of this quiz first ! This one is harder , may i add :)

How Well Do You Know The Big Time Rush...

Read title , its just a little quiz to see if youve watched all the episodes :)

What song best suits you?(:

· Music
First quiz!(: ever wonder which songs really fit your lifestyle? Check this out!

Big Time Rush Haunted House part 5

· Music
Here's part 5 This is the last part. Please let me know what you think.

Big Time Rush Haunted House part 4

· Music
Sorry it took a while. *Waring: there will be cussing involved.

Your Big time rush Dream Guy

Who is your dream guy from Btr, with a little twist each of them have a super power , longish result on your story.

Who's your Big Time Brother?

Decided to this one instead of a boyfriend one.Hey,I can make my own choices! Please be yourself! I know it's tempting,but don't answer this quiz character based!

Big Time Rush Boyfriend Quiz with Stor...

It's pretty self explanatory read the title you get on of the BTR boys as your BF and a cute story have fun :) its for anyone I'm not judge mental or anything hav...

Name that Big Time Rush song!

· Music
I'm a huge rusher and my bff suggested I make a quiz about this so...enjoy!

Which BTR guy should you be with?

Kendall, Carlos, James, or Logan, which one wants your heart?

Would You Rather...BTR II

If you took my first one, you'll love this one each result has different gifs btw
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