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Your Dream Mythical Boyfriend

LONG DETAILED RESULTS. For boys and girls :) Angel, Fallen Angel, Vampire, Werewolf. It took me a couple of days to write this and it's my first quiz so enjoy :)

What monster would you be?

This is a quiz for girls who love fantasy and would want to see what kind of monster she is inside but doesn't know what she would be.

Who Would Be Your Mate?

Will your mate be the powerful Alpha or the sexy Beta? Maybe he will be the cute Omega. Or will he not be a werewolf at all...? (supernatural) *Pictures and Gifs!* *LO...

Mythical Boyfriend!

Includes: Vampire, Fallen Angel, Demon and Werewolf I don't own any if the pictures

Your Immortal Boyfriend ! [INCLUDES LO...

♡Create your perfect, ideal immortal boyfriend here on this quiz! :3 For both girls and guys. Enjoy! :D | Includes story of how you met, your wedding + honeymoon, kids,...

Your Dream Mythical Boyfriend! ~

Who would your mythical boyfriend be and what would his personality be? How would you meet and what would your first kiss be? LONG RESULTS! Possible results are Merman, A...

Your Supernatural emo boyfriend~long r...

Your life was boring and normal, it was always the same..well, that is until you met your dream guy. Four results you can get with pretty long results. I hope you all enj...

What Is Your Mythical Boyfriend?

Is your mythical boyfriend a vampire? A werewolf? Take this quiz to find out! *(Results are a short story)*

Who's Your Perfect Boyfriend? (Inc...

Werewolf, Fallen Angel, Vampire, Demon, Ghost, Human, Warlock (Male version of witch) or Hybrid?

Your Mythical Creatue Boyfriend ;) (Fi...

You know you've day-dreamed about having a boyfriend with a secret. Why not find out who you will fall in love with no matter what? LONG RESULTS! ;P
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Werewolf or Vampire

Pick Your Boyfriend. See if your boyfriend is a Werewolf or a Vampire. There's question about you, him and your date... ups can't tell everything :D Oh and Ther...

Vampire Girlfriend or Werewolf Girlfri...

For straight boys and lesbian girls. For straight girls and gay boys: Vampire Boyfriend or Werewolf Boyfriend?

Your Mythical Life

*Girls Only* Results include vampire, werewolf, fairy, witch and human. Your name, your appearance and your story/love interest. Also, obviously the appearance descriptio...

A Mythical Life (Part 6)

You are taken away! But what does this boy wan't with you? Will this boy become your new love interest?

WWYFF, Vampire, neko, werewolf, elf an...

You've been saved by a mysterious boy who seems to have the power to control flames. You try to help him, and suddenly fall unconscious! What's going on? Who were...

Your mythical boy

There are a lot of these already on here but I figured why not? *also can be for gays, whatever you want :D No hate here.

A Twisted World (WWYFF) Part 4

You were suddenly healed, the boys aren't sure why. Seeing as you're fine now, they moved you out of the infirmary and into a new room.

Your Supernatural Boyfriend!

Vampire, Werewolf, Demon or Angel? What will you get? ~Long Results~ ♥

A Twisted World (WWYFF) Part 3

Sorry for the cliffhanger! (Hehe) Well, this is part 3, what more can I say? A lot a text and explaining in this one. Enjoy.

A Twisted World (WWYFF) Part 2

If you haven't done the first part, please do. Basicly, you just passed out after getting knocked you by...whatever it was. Enjoy.

Well, This Is Different Part One

Y/N Was tired of her plain boring life that consisted of the same things everyday, that's until five different boys come into her life at different times and shes for...
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