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The band boy for you and your life wit...

Results are one band member from each of the following bands: One Direction, Blood On The Dance Floor, Black Veil Brides and The Wanted ♥

What would Dahvie Vanity think of you?

Title says it all and its for both

Your Band Member Boyfriend

· Music
Which band member boy, are you most compatible with? Find out here! Take this quiz!

Which Famous Guy Is For You?

· Music
Gerard Way (MCR), Andy Biersack (BVB), Matt Good (D.R.U.G.S.), Ashley Purdy (BVB), Frank Iero (MCR), Craig Owens (D.R.U.G.S), Corey Taylor (slipknot) or Ronnie Radke (Fal...

Who Would You Marry?

· Music
Who would you marry of these people? Dahvie Vanity. Jayy Von Monroe,Ryan Seaman,Jacky Vincent, Andy Sixx, Ashley Purdy, Christian Coma, Jake Pitts,or Ronnie Radke

Who is your scemo or shemale boyfriend...

· Music
*this is for gay guys and girls* :)Who is it? Destery moore? Nathan owens? Blake bliss? Andy sixx? Dahvie vanity? Jayy von? Onision? Mattg? chris crocker ? :) Who! WHo? W...

Who is your famous boyfriend

· Music
The title... just read it -.-

What will become of you and Dahvie? (W...

· Music
Once you meet Dahvie, what will he think of you? What do you think of him? What will happen in the future? You decide.

Who is in love with you between dahvie...

· Music
It is sort of a sequel to my other one which band singer is in love with you. these guys are from blood on the dance floor\botdf

Who is your celebrity boyfriend?

· Music
For everyone! real hotties in this!

Your rock boyfriend

· Music
Who is your rock star boyfriend is it... Andy biersack from black veil brides? Oli Sykes from bring me the horizon? Nick Matthews from get scared? Kellin Quinn from sleep...

Are you more Black Veil Brides or Bloo...

· Music
It's 3am in the UK please don't expect this to be amazing or anything but yeah i guess this quiz is about whether you are more like BVB or BOTDF.
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Conversation with Dahvie Vanity

Have conversation with Dahvie Vanity! See what he thinks about you.

Who is your band boyfriend?

Could it be, Andy biersack, Dahvie Vanity, Jayy von monroe or kellin quinn?

Who would love you more? Dahvie Vanity...

· Music
Who would love YOU more :D Dahvie Vanity or Jayy Von Monroe from BOTDF ♥

New story people!

Take this quiz to find out who you are in my newest story.

JJ demon jayy von monroe dahvie vanity...

Find out what boys I got for you ;)

Wich of my favorite singers are you? +...

Find out what singer are you most like

Do You Know Your Lyrics? (BOTDF)

· Music
Does u kno your Blood On The Dance Floor lyrics?

Who is your rockband-boyfriend

Out of these hot guys Andy Biersack,Jinxx,Jake Pitts, CC, Ashley Purdy, Danny Worsnop, Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe

Which star would you end up with

Haha believe me just take it the pictures alone are worth the time

Sleepover With Very Different Singers

Harry Styles, Andy Beirsack, Justin Beiber and Dahvie Vanity are all at the same sleepover, and you're invited. Find out which one of them falls for you, and how they ask...
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