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How beautiful are you on a scale of 1-...

Well...take it! readd the title honey!

What do people see you as?

How do people see you?

Which 1D Girlfriend are you?

· Music
Are you Perrie, Danielle, Eleanor, Harry's Girl, or Niall's Girl?

Which Boy From 5SOS is Perfect For You?

5SOS= 5 Seconds of Summer. They were the opening band for One Direction's Take Me Home Tour and are going to be the opening band for One Direction's Midnight Memo...

Who from one direction would fancy you...

· Music
Which member of 1D would ask you out if you met them? :D and why? ;)and where would you meet? :D xxxx

Which song describes you?

· Music
Take the quiz to find out what is the song that describes you and which one you should listen to. ♥ (:

Who's Your One Direction boyfriend? *S...

· Music
All the questions are about YOU and YOUR personality, be honest while answering. :) The questions are not obvious so sorry if you don't get the boy that you wanted! *shor...

Who's Crushing On You?

Find out what boy is crushing on you. Includes One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer ~somewhat long answers~

Who is your One direction guy?

· Music
Meet one direction and see who loves you! {Niall does not qualify}

Which one direction member will fall i...

· Music
Which one direction member will fall in love with you at first sight.

Your Meet and Greet with 1D and 5Sos

You won tickets to see the boys backstage, lets see what they think of you.

Your 1D Boy & Their Thoughts On You

· Music
Includes pictures + stories (:
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Tricky Trivia... :P

· Music
Are you sure you know everything about ONE DIRECTION.. Well here is a trivia that can prove it.. Good Luck..xx

Meet 1D!

READ ALL: Don't worry people that follow me I'm gonna publish the sequel to Week with 1D soon. Anyway, all the boys are gonna ask you a question and you respond!

Supernatural 1D *5

· Scary
Lets get fancy. Welcome to a nightmare.

You Think you know Louis Tomlinson

So.... You think you know Louis Tomlinson, well lets just find out!

Just A Dream, kidnapped by One Directi...

So looks like you're in trouble and the boys discovered that you escaped at the party so will they save you this time? Take to find out ♥

Meeting One Direction. What they think...

So One Direction aye, "Let's go crazy, crazy crazy, until we see the sun, I know we only met but lets pretend it's love!" "And girl, you and I, we'...

Supernatural 1D *3

· Scary
Lets get to know these boys a little more shall we? Welcome to a nightmare.

1D 3D-Kidnapped (2)

People have been asking for a part 2 so here it is!

Conversion with One Direction

Have a conversion with me, my brother and his best friends now.. Enjoy!

Supernatural 1D *2

· Scary
The second in the supernatural 1D story quiz, and things are about to get scary. Welcome to a nightmare.
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