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What's your life at Hogwarts?

· Books
A Hogwarts Life Quiz with long results. This quiz is super cool! Also, if you got Nelly Caran in the first couple days this quiz was made, take the quiz again, because I ...

Your Harry Potter Life

· Books
Includes: Boyfriend[s], Friends, Parents, Siblings, Quidditch Position, Yule Ball Dress, Yule Ball Date, What the Characters Think Of You, Who You End Up With, Kids, and ...

Your Harry Potter Life! *Long results*

· Books
Worked really hard! Hope you enjoy!
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2p Hetalia BF and What they think of You

· TV
Who is your 2p Hetalia BF, and what do the 2p Hetalia characters think of you? I don't know why people say 2nd player. 2nd personality makes much more sense to me.

What zanpakuto do you have?

· TV
What the title says.

Black butler life

· TV
Well my first quiz so if it sucks thats why.
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Just For Fun

What kind of girl are you?

A quiz to find out what kind of personality you have

Meeting One Direction!

One Direction spots you in the crowd at their show and asks you to come up onstage! How would you react? ;)

Hetalia minutes in Heaven

Destiny in a closet with your guy. Here's the guys in this one: Russia, America, England, Canada, Germany, Italy, France and Japan, Sweden, Greece, Prussia, Austria, ...
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Video Games

Which Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria Ma...

Find out if you're> Chica Bonnie Foxy Freddy

What is You're Conduit Power?

From 'Second Son: Infamous' find out what your gift is.
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1D Fight *Long*(He Cheats)

· Music
^Title^ *NOT MINE*

What does 5sos think of you?

· Music
This quiz is exactly what the title says. ^

Do you have potential of becoming a si...

· Music
Do want to become a singer SOO bad? Do you think that you have to potential to become one? If you do, take this qui and find out!
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Fantasy & Mythology

What mystical animal are you?

Have you ever wondered what you would be if you were not a human. Maybe you would be a vampire, werewolf or maybe even a spirit.Find out your strengths, weaknesses and ev...

Vampire Or Werewolf?

I prefer Werewolves, but I'd like to see who you get at the end and who is your true lover/soul mate........
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Yet Another Create A Boyfriend

· Animals
Hello Everyone, I know you dont even read this really,but I hope you enjoy my new quiz and hope you enjoy the story lines and they are LONG, just some news. If you have a...

What Animal are you?

· Animals
Find what spirit animal you are. (I do not own these pictures)
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Career & Goals

What age will you get married and how ...

It's not real, it's just supposed to be funny. Don't take it so seriously people...

Your Future

Who you're going to marry, how many kids, pets, jobs, house etc :)
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Celebrities & Fame

Life with 5sos!

Read the title...Sorry guys, girls only. *results that come with lots of pictures!

5 Seconds of Summer! Who's yours?

Who's your lad? How do you two meet each other and how will your first date be?

Would Harry Styles Date you?

Would _____ Date you? With imagine ONLY ON THE BEST RESULT! 1st in a series of 5 quizzes) ONLY ONE DIRECTION MEMBERS. Not really for boys but they can take it to ;)
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What Does Loki Think Of You?

· Movies
Basically the title... He'll ask you questions, I'll ask you questions. It'll be fun. You know, maybe.. Descriptions are stupid. If you like this quiz and want more lik...

Truth or Dare with the Big Four! (girl...

· Movies
From rise of the brave tangled dragons

Which Breakfast Club character are you?

· Movies
Are you an athlete, princess, basket case, the brain, or a criminal? Take the quiz to find out.
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School & Academics

Who are you in school?

Who are you in school, emo, scene, prep, loner, normal, or skater? find out

What school of magic are you most skil...

See what school of magic fits your personality! Do you like to conjure up creatures and demons? Maybe alter the material universe? Or perhaps you are destructive. No?...
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Food & Drinks

What's Your Sweetness Quotient?

How "sweet" are you t other people? If you wanna know that,then go on and take this quiz! ♥ ♥ And I promise NO FAVORITE COLOR QUESTIONS!:)

What Kind of Candy are you?

Candy, candy, candy....candy. Need I say more?

What Ice Cream Flavor are you?

You like Ice cream? We do too!
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Creepy pasta adventures 1 party part 3

· Humor
Yay part 3 of creepy pasta part. And now we shall have a drinking contest yea whoooo

Creepy pasta adventures 2 hang out par...

· Humor
Yay welcome back slendy said i could invite you to hang out so of corse i did. Were going to go on a awesome adventure today too! But its a secrete so... Better take the ...

What does the Krueger think of you

· Humor
Hehe we all knew this was coming thanks to my messed up mind HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! anyway we are gonna see what Freddy Krueger thinks of you
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What "Dere" Type are you?

Are you Yandere..? Tsundere? Or maybe even Himedere? Something else entirely? Only one way to find out!

Where would your Operator symbol be?

If you were a proxy of Slenderman, where would the symbol that binds you to him be?

What Do Your Eye's Tell About You?

Just an awesome quiz to take, So take It ! :)
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Does he have feelings for you or just ...

We all have a crush on somebody..wouldd you like to know if he really has feelings for you or he is just playing you?

What Lightsaber Hilt/Style Suits You B...

This quiz is made for those people that want something more than just what light saber color will you get.

What are you to England?(Arthur Kirkla...

Basically what he thinks of you.
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Your Creepypasta Story

· Scary
I'm tired of all the answers in quizzes being obviously one character or another so I decided to make my own. I don't know much about most of the characters other...

Will you survive my favourite serial k...

· Scary
It's Halloween night and you find yourself in a dangerous place being hunted by a dangerous person, will Jeff the killer make you his next victim or will you escape w...

What will you become when you die

· Scary
"Memento Mori"-remember you will die. Everyone dies eventually, but what will you become when you die?
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Beauty & Vanity

Are you Beautiful (Honest Results)

This is just a quiz for me to tell you the honest about if i think your beautiful or not. I'm sorry if this offends anyone.

Your future family

Your future children, and what they will look like. All of your children from baby, toddler, to kid. and Teenagers+ house, job, wedding, etc. hey guys since this is n...
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Cars & Vehicles

What Hyundai Car are you?

Find out which Hyundai car suits you best!

What Cars 2 character are you?

I made this with 6 year old cousin and he wanted me to do this.

What car company are you?

From this Quiz you can know what car company are you?
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Love & Friendship

Magcon Truth or Dare

All in the Title Truth or Dare with Carter, Cameron, Matt, Nash, Jack and Jack.

Your Next BoyFriends Name And What He ...

You Really wanna know who your NEXT boyfriend will BE? And what he will look like? Well take this quiz and youll find out:) Then comment and tell me who you got and what ...

Your Boyfriend + story

Hope you like it :) All pics from
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Your Naruto Life - 4

Part 4! Sorry for the long update...

How big of a Doctor Who fan are you pe...

· TV
....READ THE TITLE PEEPS! If that's not enough info for you than take the quiz.

What Dancer are you?

So.. Hey. This is my first 'creation' on Quotev and it had to do something with dance... Y'knaw: See what dancer you are... It doesn't matter if oyu are ...

How Well Would You And Jenny Get Along?

See how well you'd get along with my OC, Jenny. It's just for fun, so please don't take it too seriously...though I will expect you to be honest with your ans...

Look at me...I beg of you (Ouran wwffy...

Sixth one out :3 I'm so glad you guys are enjoying my quizzies ♥

20 questions with magcon

Find out what nash hayes carter matt cam and shawn ask u in 20 questions

What group at school would u be in

See who you fit in with at my school

Which of the main six are you?

· TV
My take on a MLP quiz, hope you like! ^^

What Element are you?

Want to find out what element you are? Well here's your chance!Just take this quiz to find out!

Which Pokémon are you?

I'm back, my peoples! And with Pokémon! I love this franchise probably more than I should... No, seriously. I have a problem. Anywhoosies, I'd like to show you...

Which OFF character are you?

Quiz based on characters from OFF (game) by mortisghost. Characters not included in this quiz are the Ballville characters & Space Monkeys.

Why you might be single

This will tell you why you might be single...isn't accurate so plz no hate

The horror of Needletown: Will you sur...

· Scary
A fun little quiz I wanted to make for Halloween :3

Do you have good friends?

Wondering if you're friends are your friends? Take this quiz to find out!

What do I think of you?

What that says ^^ :)

Which band sings which song

· Music
What the tittle says


Three girls who have no connection to each other, now become the very barrier between Earth, and Heaven and Hell. A battle between love, hate, beliefs, and betrayal is al...

Which Creepypasta are you most like?

· Scary
O_____0. Well...umm....LOOK THERE'S A FLUFFEH BUTTON BEHIND YOU ! * Runs away* JK. Includes...* Pause for dramatic effect * : Masky / Hoodie , Jeff, Toby, and BEN...

Who's your boyfriend from Free? ~

Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa, Rei or Rin. Who will you get? >////<

Which 5SOS Song are you Most Like?

· Music
^Title^ Kiss Me Kiss Me, Amnesia, VooDoo Doll, and Good Girls

The Forgotten Truth Part 3

· Scary
You are finally home. Back with your family. But, things never go smoothly for the Creepypasta. What's happened now? Take to find out.

Which James Bond 'sidekick' ar...

· Movies
Determine the Bond "sidekick" which most exemplifies your flair.

Do You Have Depression?

This is just a little thing to help some people i guess :-/

How well do you know PEWDIEPIE?


What do boys secretly love about you?

6 results! Girls only ♥ (features edition)

Who will disappear first?

· Scary
Find out which one out of you and your little group of friends will "disappear" first. hehe...:D

Which Dragonage guy is for you?

Which dragon age guy should be your boyfriend?

Who would you be in Feudal Europe

Who would you be in Medieval times.

How well do you know CreepyPasta?

Time to see if you know CreepyPasta. I hope you enjoy :3 Btw, you MUST answer honestly, on every question.

Truth Or Dare Pt 2! c:- Black Bulter

After your escapade at Ciel's Manor its going to get even crazier at the Trancy Mansion c;

Eighth Night Finale (5) A Five Nights ...

· Scary
Hi! Welcome to the last part; finale if you will. We left off where you spent a night in Mike's house, but the police caught you. ._. Oh noes! Now you're in the j...

What color are you?

Colors and personalities. NOT favorite colors. Well it might be. And your color is not your personality, it could be if you think so.

Who Was Meant For You Part Two

Part Two of Who Was Meant For You?

Would you survive my friends?

My friends and I are the unpopular kids, but we are the definition of crazy, would you survive?

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Tr...

I like trivia so I combined it with MLP:FiM

What Type Of Guy Is For You?

Hey this is my first quiz on what type of guy is Im sorry I have to Mr.Right! Yeah well i hope you like.

What was you in a past life?

Was you a princess? Warrior? Rebel? Witch? author? musician? criminal? or maybe even a goddess?

Which one of my OCs are you?

Just for fun see which one of my personal OCs (original characters) you are most like! P.S. it's not all of my OCs, just some of the main ones.

What color is your spirit?

All in the title friends.

Who is your future R5 husband?

Find out which r5 member you will marry

Which anime/otome character would fall...

See what anime/otome character would fall in love with you!

The Last Queen #15

A cold November night, after one year of living in the streets, you come across five strange guys. They are so perfect, it is almost unreal. This fatal encounter will mar...

What Awesome Villain are you?

Every villain has a beginning, every villain has an end. But, what is a "villain"? An opinion. A choice. Who chose you to be the villain and who is your opponent?

I'm Back... Did You Forget Me?: Ca...

You died. Castiel Died. What will happen next?


· Books
Take The Quiz And Find Who You Should Be With?

Which Brother is right for you?

Germany, or Prussia?

Which one of my OCs are you? (Female C...

Take the quiz to see which one of my OCs are you!

As A Killer...

· Scary
This describes your inner killer; what you'd look like, kill like, etc.

What emotion fuels you.

It is either. Love, hope, anger, misery, jealousy or happiness

What is your type of Halloween makeup?

This is my first quiz so. Have fun?

How Well Do You Know Music?

Are you prepared to test your knowledge on music and artists? Long and a little hard...

Camping with 5sos: Part Three

Someone catches you an Calum? Who is it? And will they tell anyone?

What type of villain are you?

Do the quiz! Find your inner psychopath! BUAHAHAHAHAHA! I do not own any of the pictures.

Quiz about random things in life

I've been watching a lot of Stephen Fry's QI episodes, and I've learned quite a bit and I've found other strange facts from other places. How many can you...

Is your body actually yours ?

Can it be that you are possed your answer shows you what kind of possessor you have

What is your secret power?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you had a secret power? Take my test and find out what your power would be!

Kuroshitsuji Life 7

· TV
Your life in black butler!

Five Nights At Slendy's

Five Nights At Freddy's parody thing about creepypasta.

How Well Do You Know OT?

Since I did a HWDYK WAIK, I thought I'd do an OT one too c:

Mythical High School (Girls only) part7

You have discovered your power of awesomeness and now i'm back as well :)

Who's your perfect type of boyfrie...

This is to see what type of person you are like, also, shows what type of boy you would date.

What's your animal spirit?

Nothing unique just decided to do my own version of it, would like to see your animal spirit? Just try the quiz and if not happy with the results, comment what animal you...

Could you survive in All God's Vil...

Fatal Frame 2 quiz, it's a scary game with ghosties and your only means of self-defense is a camera. All God's Village is where you and your twin sister are trapp...

Which element are you?

Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. Which one are you?
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