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Who could be your B1A4 boyfriend?

· Music
Make the test and see which B1A4 member you are compactible with! =)

What song should you listen to?

· Music
Some of my favorite songs. ^.^

Which One Direction Boy Loves You? (Lo...

· Music
What the title says! ^.^
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Your boyfriend from the anime: Amnesia

· Movies
Hey there guys! This is my first Quiz, here you will see who is your "boyfriend" from the anime: Amnesia!( The results include: Shin, Toma, Ikki,Kent and Ukyo) I...

Would the careers want you to join them?

· Movies
♥ ''The Hunger Games'' - QUIZ ♥ Would the careers ask you if you want to join them? And would you join them or not? I bet I can figure that out ;)

Which Race Of Middle-Earth Do You Belo...

· Movies
All in the title! be nice, its my first quiz :) if you like it give it a favourite and follow me :D Options include Elves, Dwarves, Men and Hobbits.
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Just For Fun

Which Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Ch...

Oh yeah! :D The first FNAF quiz was my most popular, so why not make a second one based on the sequel? X3 Results include Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, Mangle, Bal...

Who is Your k-pop Twin?


What hetalia character are you?

Aw yes my first quizzz also follow my instagram @hellokat.10 ! I could only do axis and allies XD -gets katana- please dont kill me ;-; i didnt have time to put pictures ...
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Beauty & Vanity

What's your perfect makeup look? Girls

Ever wondered how you should do your makeup when you wake up? Just take this quiz and find out...♥ Tells you how to apply!

What Unique Hairstyle best suits you?

What unusual hair colour and style is best for you? Includes: colour, style and length. PLEASE DON'T STEAL ANY OF THE PICTURES OR IDEAS

What Will You Look Like At 18?

Take this quiz to find out your style and features at the age of 18 :)
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Fantasy & Mythology

What Supernatural Creature are you?

For both guys and gals. Not just vamps and wolves - you can find rare races in here, too! Detailed results. Totally honest and based solely on your personality. =)

Talking to The Big Six

All in the title baby ♥ For females only I apologize for any typographical errors, my keyboard's broken for the time being. Update: I have fixed almost every t...

Your Percy Jackson Love Life

What is your life like in the world of Percy Jackson? Includes your boyfriend, bestfriends, future, past, and a lot more ;) Long-ish results!
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Video Games

Which Pokemon Region are you From?

This is my very first quiz! (yay I actually did something) It's "Which Pokemon Region are you from?" (Obviously) Honestly this quiz sucks but whatever.

Which Borderlands vault hunter are you?

Just a quiz to see which vault hunter you would most likely be. I am fully aware of Aurelia the Baroness but I haven't added her until we get more info about her. Any...

Which Animal Jam Alpha are you?

Which of the 6 main alphas is most like you?
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Career & Goals

What college is best for you

Find out what college i think would be best for your personality

Psychic Eyeball Quiz-What's Your f...

I can see into the future. Answer these questions and you will see how succesful you will be later on in life. This quiz is for both boys and girls, and there is no ans...

Your life in the future

Long results sorry, FOR GIRLS ONLY SORRY
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What Does Your Eye Color Mean ?

Find Out What Your Eye Color Means By Taking This Quiz❥ I Hope You Like Your Result & Have Fun ! ^.^

What Do The Hetalian People Think of You

Well it's in the title. I'm horrible at accents so might not use those. This is mainly for females but if your a boy you can do it. -SWITCH

How Mary Sue/Gary Stu is Your OC?

A little test to see if you have one of the hated oc's. The dreaded Mary Sue. If you don't know what a Mary Sue is, then the first question explains it. ...
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What Sport Should You Play?

· Sports
Thinking of what sport you should play? Take this quiz and find out.

Your life as a sports player

· Sports
For girls and boys, made for my friend at school who really likes sports. made up characters by the way.

What Stroke In Swimming are you?

· Sports
Title says it all booooo
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Cars & Vehicles

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Love & Friendship

Your anime boyfriend w/ a story

My first one sorryyyy omf ok if you have any suggestions comment and I will do better I swear

Which TMNT turtle from the 2014 movie ...

I became a fan after seeing the movie twice in theaters and over 5 times on my tablet like an idiot but anyways find out which one is the one for you in this quiz!
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Celebrities & Fame

Who's Your 5SOS Boyfriend? pt 3 LO...

Go take my last 2 quizzes before you take this one!

Truth Or Dare With One Direction

Talk to the boys and see which one will fall for you, then play truth or dare with them and have some fun. Girls only please.

Fight with One Direction

You and your boyfriend from One Direction were happy together, that is until the fight occurred. *LONG RESULTS*
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Can 1D make you laugh? (Part 3!)

· Humor
The quizzes have been quite popular, so here's a third one! The pictures were picked by myself and I made a few a them myself:3 ENJOY! ^___________^

Your Best Personality Trait

· Humor
Which of your personality traits is your best one? Take this fun quiz to find out!

What Disney Channel Star Are You? (don...

· Humor
If you like Disney Channel then take this quiz!
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Which My Little Pony are you?

The best quiz in all of equestria

Which Homestuck Troll are you?

Which of the twelve, crazy trolls are you? Be honest answering or else it won't be right.

What Kind of Anime Character are you?

All in the title (o3o) Result includes a picture and description (^~^) Sorry it's so short...this is my first quiz, so sorry if it sucks! (o~o)
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Minutes In Heaven *Harry Potter Next G...

· Books
Spend a certain minutes in heaven with your next generation crush!

Are you Percy, Annabeth or Grover?

· Books
>.< All in da title >.<

Which Wings of Fire dragonet are you?

· Books
All in the title! :) Your results can be Clay, Starflight, Sunny, Glory, or Tsunami!
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What Fruits Basket character are you?

· TV
See who you are! Of course, don't be offended if you're a male and end up with a female character and vice versa. It's a generalized quiz! Take it easy. Another thing...t...

Your 'I Didn't Know I was Preg...

· TV
Ever wondered what would happen if you didn't know you were pregnant and suddenly discovered you had carried a child for nine months without knowing it? Find out.

Which Mikaelson guy is for you?

· TV
The originals from the Vampire Diaries, which one is yours? Includes: the guy, info about you, how you guys met, and what the whole family and your future.
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Sleepover with the creepypasta's

· Scary
Hey this is a rewrite of my first quiz, if you want me to do anymore than just ask and i'll do it. Thanks ♥

The Proxy Trials #22

· Scary
Jane has been taken, and now you, Jeff, EJ and Masky are given the task of retrieving her. With BEN watching over you, you hope that the support will be enough for you to...

What Does Bonnie The Bunny Think Of You?

· Scary
The title says it all! Find out now!
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What Spirit Animal are you?

· Animals
We all have our inner animal, which one are you?

What Persona 4 Character are you most ...

· Animals
What Persona 4 character are you? Created by Fysai. |D My first quiz, it's probably fail, and I got lazy half way through with the questions, please try and bear with me ...

Your Teen Titan Life.

· Animals
What one of my characters are you? I drew the pictures :]
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School & Academics

Academy for geniuses

It's a role play quiz, it's for girls and the title should explain everything else, :)

Your Classroom Status is...?

This quiz gives you a idea of what type of person or personality you are in the classroom.
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Food & Drinks

What kind of cupcake are you?

Cupcakes are da best!

What Soda Are you?

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New »

Creepypasta Institute part 18~

· Scary
The very first assessment task is looming over you... What is the said task? And will you make it through?

Name the pokémon 3! (hard version)

Welcome everyone to name the pokemon 3: hard version! Can you guess all the pokemon and get the titel of pokemon master? Or will you fail horribly? Take to find out!

Which Middle-Earth orc are you?

Which one of these great orcs are you?

Three hegdehogs, two girls and one BIG...

Wow... We're at quiz 9 already! Time flies! Nine...tails... O.O And I mean the Okami one! Not the Pokemon one! ... I'm just being random. Let's start the qui...

Creeypasta Original Characters

· Scary
Which of my Creepypasta Original Characters are you? Long results include name, closest friends, boyfriend, personality, appearance, clothes, quote, hobbies, dislikes, sp...

Hogwarts life- Bad girl edition. ;)

· Books
Your life at the magical, wonderful world of magic- as a (slight) rebel! (outfits and everything!) Please do note that although some of the questions don't make se...

Which Glee Character are you?

Which character from the TV Show "Glee" are you most like? Just a nice quiz to take if you are a fangirl like me:)

The 1D gay ship quiz!

· Music
No h8, just shipping. (Blame tumblr) -cray cray cuzin.

Which "The Big Six" gender-ben...

Once again! My third "Big Six" quiz! But yeah! All in the title baby! ♥ For both genders!♥ P.S :I added a secret result! And forgive me for if you didn&#...

The Hobbit Adventures : Merry Christmas!

The second part for the Christmas Special and a surprise at results.... | | | | | | | The Hobbit and the characters belong to Tolkien and Peter Jackson

Who's Your Man from 'The 100&#...

Wanted to try my hand at a quiz so I thought I'd do this, since I love these type of quizzes! Hope it doesn't suck; it's my first! Heart and comment, please!

Black Butler: BOYFRIEND

· TV
Die-hard Black Butler Fan-girl? Curious about which characters are in Love with you? Take this Quiz and Find out! Available Chars.: Sebastian, Ciel, Alois, Claude, Grell ...

Which LOTR Race are you in?

· Books
~~~Lately, i've been obsessed with the LOTR/Hobbit series and was very intrested with the whole elves, dwarves, hobbits, and orcs race so I did this quiz to see which...

What is Your Imperial Arms Weapon?

What Imperial Arm best fits you?

Chit-Chat with Alois Trancy!

· TV
Again, read the tittle..

Which Anime Do You Belong In?

Are you in... Fairy Tail? Sword Art Online? Angel Beats? Kaichou Wa Maid-sama? Love Live: School Idol Project?

What anime should you watch?

Includes Black Butler, Bokura Ga Ita, The Slayers, My Little Monster, Naruto, Vampire Knight, Hell girl, Sgt Frog, Fairy Tail, Lovely Complex, Hellsing, Honey And Clover,...

Which creepy pasta oc are you? V2

I got a big hit on my last guiz so I created another :3 enjoy

What creepypasta would you be best fri...

Yea yea i got board ok? jeez and no hate please! and yea and HI! lol XD

Which House are you from?

· Books
I'm the sorting hat, Blind as a bat. But do not fret, do not prat. In your mind I can see, Where you ought to be.

What do guys think of you?

The guy language is like slang, only more difficult......

What is your element?

Find out your inner element: fire, water, air or earth

Whats your True Colors?

Have you ever wondered what your true colors are? on the inside where no one else but you can see? take this test and find out who you really are...

Your long lost sister

Includes: Picture, date of birth, her hobbies, her personality, her favorites, where she lives, her house, her future.

What does Nialler think of you!

Basically what the title says :D please no hate its my first quizz. *Girlies only*

The Trackers #6

· Scary
Shilo and you go to question the alleged killer of a young oy named James.

Matesprit Quiz!

See who your Homestuck matesprit is! Humans and trolls.

Elf-Queen of Gildeon: A WWYFF Part 14

Hey, all! I am SO SORRY for my long absence. I was in the middle of my post-finals caffeine withdrawal, so THAT was more fun than a barrel of monkeys. :P Actually, it was...

Who are you in your group of friends?

Sorry I haven't made a quiz in like forever. just got new laptop :) hope you enjoy the quiz

Proxy Training Day 12!

· Scary
This is the 12th quiz in a series I'm doing! You're training to become a proxy! Try to survive. ^u^

Do We Like The Same Books?

· Books
Click here if you love books, or if you're just bored! CX

Will Jeff The Killer Like You?

Will my soulmate like you? Take this quiz to find out!

Which High School stereotype are you?

Results are: the nerd, the prep, the athlete, the wallflower, the goth, and the outcast! Some of the questions are kinda directed towards girls, but dudes can totally tak...

Taken Part 2 (Supernatural WWYFF)

Part 2! Basically you are in a house with four guys who kidnapped you.

Which House Do You Belong To?

Are you a Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Gryffindor? For all Potterheads, near and far. Can you do it?

Which FNAF Animatronic are you?

My second quiz so far, hope you leik it! (also im proud of me bcuz i made that cover photo yey)

Can you guess the Riddles?

The title says it all. I will give you some riddles and see if you can guess them. I got all of these riddles from

How much do you know about Ashton Irwin

· Music
For my Ashton girls, this is for you.

What Is Your Inner Eeveelution?

The title says it all. It DOES include sylveon.

Your Personality

My first quiz so be nice :P This is to determine your personality pretty much on stereotypes.

What Store Should you Shop at?

Forever 21, Hot Topic, Nike, and more!

How well do you know The Cube SMP?

The Cube SMP is a group of 20 minecraft youtubers in the range of 100-500k subs. This quiz will test your knowledge of the server and the members!

What Mlp are you?

· TV
What mlp are you? There's more than just the mane (lol) six! For everyone but the ponies are mostly girls! BOY PONES 2 :P

Do we have the same taste in music?

Just wanna see if anyone likes the same music as i do :D Comment what you get! Just for fun :D

Which Wendigo Works Test Subject are y...

Title^ All results are female, but anyone can take it.

How Well Do You Know Your Bands? (Lyri...

· Music
Do you know the lyrics to many bands? Do you know what they look like? Take this quiz and fond out what you really know :)

Your Fandom Boyfriend

· Books
Covers Hunger Games, Divergent, Mortal Instruments, Harry Potter, Maze Runner. For GIRLS ONLY! Sorry that there is no Percy Jackson, that will be included in my next quiz...

Would we get along

If I met you would we be alright or enemies.

What type of Confident are you?

There are different types of confident. There is the you know it type, the Beautiful type, the different type, or maybe you really aren't as confident. Lets find out ...

Kidnapped By Black Veil Brides: Part 1

So, you end up getting kidnapped by BVB and they won't tell you why they did it. What do you do?

What candy are you.?

What candy are you like, babe?

Whats Your Personality

Are you a girly girl, emo chick, goth, ec.

What Color Matches Your Personality?(:

Check out my quiz and see what color matches your personality.. 💙💜

Whos your boyfriend?

Little quiz. take and see boys and girls♥ I mean if your into it♥

Which kind of Viking are you?

The Vikings settled in many lands, spreading out all over the world. This quiz focuses on the ones who settled in Iceland, Greenland, and Slavic lands.

Create boyfriend

All in title... :D

Maze Runner Total Takeover

· Movies
What your life will be like if you were in the Glades. Your name, best friend, boy friend, and other stuff like that! RP included ;)

What holiday song suits you?

· Music
What holiday song suits you? You don't know? Well look no further. This quiz will tell you the answer!

How Will You Get Asked Out!

Totally random and I was bored

What kind of musician are you?

· Music
Are you a rocker? Or maybe a singer? Are you in with the classical crowd? Or maybe you are a raver?

What kind of girl are you? (short resu...

Are you girly, Tomboy-ish, Nerdy, Fangirly, scene, hipster.... lets figure it out together, shall we?

Which District Do You Belong In?

Which District of Panem do you really belong in?

Which of my Warrior OC's are you?

All in the title. This is my first quiz. Girls only!

What are body part are you?

By this i mean gross stuff like, bones, muscles, skin, organs and blood. And YES these are only half the things in our body but oh well lets face it i'm lazy
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