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Sleepover with Austin Mahone

· Music
I know you want to. C:

Your Band Member Boyfriend

· Music
Which band member boy, are you most compatible with? Find out here! Take this quiz!

Which song describes you?

· Music
Out of songs I like:) Awesome songs in my opinion:3 Thanks for clicking on this, it means a lot - ILY Love, Kat x
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Beauty & Vanity

Create a boyfriend

Title pretty much explains it. Hope you like it♥

What's your style?

This was requested by NikkiViolet is KAWAII! Really hope you will like this quiz NikkiViolet!
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Fantasy & Mythology

Your Anime Life

This quiz is only for girls! I hope you like it! Sorry boys..

Anime Magic Quiz

What are you in anime..? Are you a vampire, mermaid, spirit, Wizard or an angel..?

What spirit lives inside your soul (fa...

What Spirit Lives Inside your Soul? take this quiz to find out the stories for the results are completely fiction
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Video Games

Which eeveelution are you?

This quiz will tell which eeveelution is the right partner Pokémon for you!

Which Minecraft YouTuber would you end...

This was I a quiz I made when I was bored. Enjoy and love you my Angels ♥

Which DMMD Bad End would you get?

You've failed at Scrap. Now let's see what troubles you're stuck in for the rest of your life.
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School & Academics

Your Dream Guy!

Are all the guys in your school not for you? o.o If yes, TAKE THIS QUIZ!

Creepypasta High School: Part 20

Holy cheese sauce, what happened last time? ...Oh yeah! The most epic of epic snowball wars ever!

Who is your soulmate?

Ever wonder what type of guy you'll end up with? Well, heres your chance to find out! Includes story.
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Career & Goals

What is the point of your life?

Many people search for one meaning of life, but all people are different, and so are the different things they are good at. One person may be alive to help others, while...

What job is good for you?

What job best fits your personality!

What's your ideal occupation?

Have ever wondered about what your passion really is? What is it that fits you the most? Take this quiz to find your perfect fit.. P.S: Guys this is my first quiz. I tr...
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What does ryuzaki lawliet think of you ?

· TV
In the title ! 5 results. hope you like it ! oh by the way ... I LOVE YOU ALLL ! so does L .. (if you like him)

Your Teen Wolf Life

· TV
What would your life be like if you were a teen wolf character? Find out who is your boyfriend and what your story is at Beacon Hills.

What Legend of Zelda Character are you?

· TV
*SPOILERS* Have you ever wondered which LoZ character you are most like? Take this quiz and find out!
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Cars & Vehicles

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You as a boy!

I gonna make you change... TO SEXY! Imma tell you hobbies and such.

Your MLP Life! (Guys only please!)

This quiz will say which one of my MLP human OC's you are. Information is in the results. If you want me to add any more characters opinions other than the Mane 6, a...

WHAT! the turtles might be crushing. P...

Do YOU want to find out about your friends? About the guys? Did they make it out? Find out in part 6!
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Which Wings of Fire dragonet are you?

· Books
All in the title! :) Your results can be Clay, Starflight, Sunny, Glory, or Tsunami!

HP Fans: What is your Patronus?

· Books
A Patronus Charm is used to fend off Dementors or to send messages in the sender's voice. Patronuses are formed by the incantation "Expecto Patronum", however t...

What do the Marauders think of you?

· Books
Im a HP fan (obviously) so I'm gonna make a quiz about the Maraduers; how they might've thought about you! Includes you're name, bf/crush, house, patronus, pe...
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· Movies
This year on November 7 2014 a new Disney movie is coming out called BIG HERO SIX , Disney's first Marvel inspired film . The film will be about a 14 year old kid na...

Life as a guardian!(~Story and everyth...

· Movies
Read the title, won't you? ^^^^ Girls only!

Your Thor Life

· Movies
Life on Asgard is truely a dream come true.
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Celebrities & Fame

You're 5 seconds of summer life

How would your life be if you met 5 seconds of summer. LOOOOOOOOONG RESULTS.

Which celeb group will you fit in best?

5sos? 1D? The Janoskians? IM5? find out!

MB Fantasy

Which one of these hubbies will take you down? Well take the quiz to find out How and Where
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What Divergent Character are you?

What character are you from Divergent or Insurgent?

Your life as a creepypasta!

In the Slender mansion, All the pastas live together. When you get accepted, you is your best friend, your enemy and who's your boyfriend? First quiz!

What does Ben_Drowned think of you?

See what happens when a certain ghost decides to crash your late night video game session.
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Seven Minutes in Heaven with the Creep...

· Scary
"Come on, (Y/N)!" I said, before pushing you into the closet. You only frowned deeply. Well, it looks like you have to do this.

Snapped (Part 4)

· Scary
Seems like you start 'training' today. What does it hold it for you? More importantly, what is it?

Creepypasta Institute part 14~

· Scary
True to his word, Toby has managed to ask a few people for some help to train you. Although, a person who you were pretty sure wouldn't even be interested, strangely ...
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Just For Fun

Your Outsiders Life

Find out what your life would be like in the outsiders. Who your brother/sister is, your boyfriend, your best friend. How you met your boyfriend and bestfriend. Are you ...

WHICH OF MY -creepy pasta- OC'S ar...

Which one? The perverted one, the quiet one, the loud one, or maybe the insane one...? And since I'm too lazy to write how they kill, you can just read my little shor...

Which 5SOS Boy Is Yours

Title is self explanatory:)
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Which Exercise Routine Should You Try?

· Sports
Running, Weights, Or Tennis? Which one suits YOU more?

What are you considered at school? (Gi...

· Sports
Are you a band geek? nerd? Cheerleader? Normal?... Find out!

Your Life in WWE

· Sports
Title Says All! And sorry if some((Most)) of the links don't work, this is my first quiz, so sorry! Also, enjoy at free will!
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Your Monster High Life

· Animals
Long-ish results. I hope you like it! Girls only, sorry!

What creature are you?

· Animals
Ever wondered what you are, or meant to be? Why you are so different? Why you love the things you do? Well find out yourself...

Which Animal is Your Magical Partner?

· Animals
Take the path that has been clouded by darkness, fallow it through a magical way, see it through eyes unclouded by hate, helping you along your journey will be a parter, ...
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Food & Drinks

What's your food

Says in title...PLEASE comment! :)

What kind of drinker are you?

We all like to THINK we are, but how do you really know?...

What Fair treat are you?

What kind of fair treat would describe you best? Are you sweet or deep fried...
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Love & Friendship

Who Was Meant For You Part Two

Part Two of Who Was Meant For You?

Say Hi to the Big Four! :D

Find out what Hiccup,Merida,Rapunzel and Frost Face think of you! Jack:Hey! Me:Oops sorry,i meant Jack Frost!:D Jack:Thank you!
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Who are you in Running Man

· Humor
Take this Quiz to know like who you are in Running Man,a funny korean Show

Your 1D man! *Long results*

· Humor
Pick me I have gifs

Hetalia Rp Christmas quiz! Axis version!

· Humor
Join Nekolia in her second christmas RP adventure with the Axis boys! Who going to give Nekolia a special christmas gift?
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Do you know about teen wolf

· TV
Are you fan of teen wolf,if you are then take my quiz because i'm sure I am a huge fan of teen wolf

Waht dose dipper pinse think of you?

· TV
Yeah i know well not know think that there are many of there's thinks and stuff but yeah it's late and i can't sleep so there! And sorry for my bad english ...

Could You be a Serial Killer?

· Scary
Well? Do you have the guts or not?

Songs For The Heart 2

· Movies
Songs From the Past. (MOVIE SONGS)

Janoskians sleepover part 3

Finally part 3 this is dedicated to my bff muneeba so thanx for all those who have followed and enjoy😜

Could You Survive My Mind? PART TWO

Oh no, not a second one!

Time's Light

Jera has finally been let out in the field to fight the emeny, but there's a problem. She wasn't able to fully come out and is trapped in a mortal form of an 19 ...

Who/How he solves a fight among both o...

Hey there! take this quiz to find out who/how one of the 5sos boys comfort you after a fight.. I might be writing a story soon so i hope you guys will support me on th...

What's your stereotype?

What out what stereotype you are! Like the title says! Need I say more?

Who were you in the Medieval Ages?

The Middle Ages, also known as the Dark Ages, are the stuff of legends, dreams, and stories. Who would you be in these times? (Males only)

Who is your boyfriend?

(ɔ◔︣‿◔︣)ɔ ❤ Have fun. I'm one of them o_O (For fun) P:

Grunge Life

What's your grunge life like? What type of grunge are you? What do you do with friends? What's your style?

Greek or Roman? know....^title^

What Substyle of Lolita are you?

Lolita: Japanese strret fashion inspired by victorian and rococo fashions. Most common lolitas are gothic classic and sweet lolitas. find out what you are! ^u^

Can you Actually be a Creepypasta?

Yes, I know this kind of quiz has been done zillions of times, but I wanted to attempt to make a not obvious one. Now I underatand not every question in here will be not ...

Are you a Sim?

Find out if you act like a Sim a lot! xD

A Day with Saso!

Cuz why not? XD (I was holding this off for a really long time and decided to just get it over with XDDDDD.)

Where are you on the beauty scale?

1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10?

Which lucky star character are you mos...

If this quiz gets 10 likes, i'll do a part 2! ^^

What 16 bit horror game should you play?

If you have ever played or seen someone play the game Ib or Witch's house (which will be a result in this quiz) you might wanna see/ play some other games like it so ...

Who is your Haikyuu! boyfriend?

Find out who your Haikyuu! boyfriend is. ~incomplete, missing 4 result descriptions~

A day with Black Butler RP

Hangout with Alois,Claude, Sebastian, And Ciel in this fun filled day. And see what happens when night falls c;

What The Creepypasta Think of You?

Haven't you ever wanted to know? Do they love you, like you, are you just another victim, or are you their mortal enemy?

Who loves you? (creepypasta bf yo)

Hey guess who found you and brought you to the slender mansion but later becomes your boyfriend!

Which Guy is for you?

Take the test to find what guy is fitted with you for life? You may not like your results or even know why this quiz if even a quiz caz its stupid but just take the qui...

What Band are you?

^^ are you Peirce the Veil,Panic!AT the disco,motionless and white,Sleeping ith sirens?

10 minutes in heaven

· Scary
Hey this is my first quiz don't hate and hope you enjoy

Which Naruto couple would you be?

Well you read the title, so you know what you're doing. u.u/

Your ouran boyfriend

· TV
During this quiz you will discover your our an lover!

Celebrity Highschool Part One

This story qiuc will show you what your life would be like if you went to highschool with all the famous singers, and or actors out their, so hope you guys like it :)

Can I annoy you?

I feel like doing a patience test today. Prepare to be annoyed cause I'm bringin' my A game. Hah. Not really, but have fun.

Nothing Is Impossible: Dean Winchester...

· TV
Your on a hunt and you just happen to bump into the Winchesters...!

Which of the Seven Deadly Sins are you?

Title says it all. I had been wanting to do this for a while now. So here you go!

What Pattern Is Most Like You?

All up there! :) (Preferably for girls)

Halloween Fun with OC's

Hey! Kitty, Hailey, Trin, and Admin here! Just a Halloween Quiz for fun! :)

Which Black Butler Guy are you The Mos...

10 questions. 7 possible matches. Which Black Butler guy would you be the most compatible with, and possibly even date? ;)

Harry Potter Spells Knowledge Quiz #2

· Books
This is my second version of my 'Harry Potter Spells Knowledge Quiz'. It's basically a quiz to test you on your knowledge of the spells in Harry Potter. To se...

Truth or Dare with the big 4 plus 3 sp...

If you took the would you rather then you will LOVE truth or dare with them.

Dead Men Don't Speak 3

· Scary
[A Creepypasta Roleplay Quiz] [No pictures in this one, sorry guys] [Apologies for the late update, this should have been out a long time ago]

How well do you know your Harry Potter?

· Books
How good are you at remembering your Harry Potter books?

What wolf are you form my pack? (Fight...

· Animals
The fighters other than the other wolf that was the main fight :P

What Type Of Friend are you?

Are you the Clingy friend,Queen Bee friend, Homie friend, Shy friend, or the Walrus friend. Click on the quiz to find out!

What's your phobia?

Find out what's your biggest phobia.

Which Harry Potter Character are you?

· Books
All in the title! Sorry some answers may be obvious!

Which one of my Creepypasta OCs are you?

Ive mad lots of OCs,and each one is different in his or her way! Which one are you? Sorry boys,but this quiz is for the girls. Ill be sure to add some male OCs soon!

Which One Direction boy hates you?

No hard feelings this is just a quiz. Please don't comment harsh things I just did this for fun. Do the Quiz now :D

What should you be for Halloween

Your Halloween costume tells a lot about you. You may think that you have the best Halloween but do you really. Take this test to find out your perfect costume.

The A-cat-suki Quiz! (Really long stor...

^ That's why they're always cats. Still a little over-done I know, but which of these little kitties will you take home? And how did they become cats anyway this ...

Camping with 5sos: Part Four

Cameron's back, you're pissed with Calum and Michael's being helpful... but they're hiding something from you......

What are you Hiding Behind Your Eyes

It might be fear, love or pain? It might be happy or depressed.

What Type Of Person are you?

Endless results, but still not accurate! Have fun! I'll try to guess your Gender and Personality.

Who Is Your GoM Boyfriend?

Title says it all! I will do another quiz that has a story at the end, but due to computer issues this is all I can do for this one. I promise that my quizzes will be muc...

Whats Your Personality?

Ever wonder what the kids at school that don't talk much think of you? Take this. [Hint I'm one of those kids.] Girls Only!

Which K-on! character are you?

It's all in the title~

Which Race Of Middle-Earth Do You Belo...

· Movies
All in the title! be nice, its my first quiz :) if you like it give it a favourite and follow me :D Options include Elves, Dwarves, Men and Hobbits.

Camping with 5sos

It's the holidays and you and your best friend go camping with the boys.

Which LOTF character are you?

Which LOTF character are you? For PAP English 10 class

Will you survive being kidnapped?

The title says it all.

Which side of your brain is more domin...

So this is 95% accurate.I have also done a Part-1 to this. If you want, you can check it out on my profile.Don't be offended by this and no stealing! This tells you...

Your Hunger Games life. [very long ans...

· Books
Ever wondered what district you'd be from, what your outfits and weapons would be, and most importantly, whether how would you survive The Hunger Games?

Your Naruto Life - 4

Part 4! Sorry for the long update...

How big of a Doctor Who fan are you pe...

· TV
....READ THE TITLE PEEPS! If that's not enough info for you than take the quiz.

What Dancer are you?

So.. Hey. This is my first 'creation' on Quotev and it had to do something with dance... Y'knaw: See what dancer you are... It doesn't matter if oyu are ...

How Well Would You And Jenny Get Along?

See how well you'd get along with my OC, Jenny. It's just for fun, so please don't take it too seriously...though I will expect you to be honest with your ans...

Look at me...I beg of you (Ouran wwffy...

Sixth one out :3 I'm so glad you guys are enjoying my quizzies ♥
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