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What's your love quote? <3

Find what cute love quote you are (:

Who is your Youtube Boyfriend #2!


Does he like me?

Have a crush and dont know if he likes you back... find out now! :) and dont forget to comment and let me see how it goes :D guaranteed the best crush quiz on Quotev! 99....

What is Your Stereotype?

Well? Are you classified as a Nerd, Girly Girl, Jock, Popular, Emo/Goth/Scene/Punk etc., Rebel or Average? Take this quiz to find out ~ Just for fun, I do not believe in ...

What is your life quote?

What is the quote you would use to describe your life story?

Personality Quiz+Which boy you are lik...

Title explains everything!Sorry if it's bad it is my first time making a quiz!This quiz tells you your personality,which boy you are like,which artist you should list...

Would I like you? (Foxy Edition)

Hi, I'm Foxy. I'm obviously not a people person-I mean, people fox? Anyways, you're probably gonna die. THANKS TO Freddy Fazbear, the Quotev account. I c...

What should you write on yourself?

What quotes/words should you be writing? (Girls)

Which Youtubers Do You Act The Most?

Which youtubers do you act the most? Includes: Pewdiepie, Cryaotic, Smosh (Ian & Anthony separated results though) Onision, Danisnotonfire and ||Superwoman||. There&...

Your super hero life

· Music
Mainly avengers but I guess, I will add superman,batman and maybe spider man. AND GUESS WHAT! IT INCLUDES LOKI TOO CUZ WE ALL ♥ HIM Includes: superpowers, boyfriend, a...

Would you survive Five Nights At Fredd...

See if you would survive at FNAF, seriously there's no jokes in here just pretend like your literally stuck there over the first night or something. THERE IS NO ...

Can I make you laugh?

Just random pictures that make me smile. Hetalia, Harry potter, Hunger games, Funny quotes
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What Creepypasta Blood are you?

From my story Gamer Twins ~Creepypasta Love Story It would make more sense if you read the story first but you can also read it after, if you know what i mean. Go ahead a...

My OC Personality Quiz

These are people from my current story that I'm writing. This is my first quiz, so I hope you enjoy you random people! ^~^ Also read these amazing stories my friends ...

What do the warrior cats think of you?

· Animals
We ask scourge, firestar, jayfeather, bluestar, tigerstar, lionblaze, hollyleaf, dovewing, ravenpaw and graystripe what they think of you. And i made a warriors group ...

A Mythical Fantasy part 12

Thank you all so much for your patient: all Fan is made by and art belongs to Asayel

How Stupid are you in warriors?

· Animals
All are stupid but one is less stupid than the rest, I made a group called Warriors forever if you want to join it.

Harry Potter Spells Knowledge Quiz #2

· Books
This is my second version of my 'Harry Potter Spells Knowledge Quiz'. It's basically a quiz to test you on your knowledge of the spells in Harry Potter. To se...

What Dancer are you?

So.. Hey. This is my first 'creation' on Quotev and it had to do something with dance... Y'knaw: See what dancer you are... It doesn't matter if oyu are ...

Which QUOTE is for you?

Quotes are of different types. Love, Life, Friendship, Fun, Inspirational, etc. Let's see which quote will relate to you. I hope you'll like it.

How well do you know the music of Aero...

· Music
Here's a little (don't quote me on the word "little", who knows how long this thing might be) quiz. Basically I had some spare time on my hands. I also l...

What's your quote

A quote that suits you

Who is your mate in warrior cats!

· Animals
A series of questions to see which warrior is right for you. And it tells you the life you will lead. Hi, i'm silverstar you can join Warriors forever if you want...
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