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Your Theme Song

· Music
The types of music in this quiz is pop,rock,screamo,hip-hop. Hope you like it!~

What style of VIXX suits you? (KPOP)

· Music
One thing that I absolutely love about the KPOP group VIXX is their creativity and the different concepts they've pulled off perfectly in every promotion so far. So l...

Who Is Your B.A.P Boyfriend?

· Music
Find Out Who Your Boyfriend Is In B.A.P With A Cute Short Story At The End! ♥
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Your Life in Hogwarts!(LONG)

· Books
Hope you life my quiz :3 please comment favorite and follow me, I have another quiz 'your marauders era life' make sure to check it out ^^

Your life at Camp Half-Blood

· Books
Find out your full name, your immortal parent, your weapon, your bff, your bf and your life story at Camp Half-Blood. Long results. Girls only!
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Fantasy & Mythology

Your Mythical Boyfriend

Well, just look up!

Your Past Life

Who are you in your past life? Are you the new generation or reincarnation? I just made this for fun,it's not 100% true. enjoy! love ya xx

Your Demigod Life~

Who's your godly parent and what will happen in your life? *heroes of olympus characters*
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Can I Make You Laugh? *The Legend of Z...

· Humor
Can I Make you laugh with these Zelda Memes? :)

The Period Quiz.

· Humor
This is the third freakin' time I have had to re-upload this. Please don't report it, it is not inapprorate, I swear. Anyways, I try to let everyone have an oppor...

Can i make u laugh part 15

· Humor
Can i make u laugh...idk lets find out! (the pic´s are not mine)
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Beauty & Vanity

Which Anime are you?

This is a quiz for which anime girl/personality is good for you in the Anime world!

Which Fairly Odd Parents Character Are...

Think you're the funny Cosmo? How about the tough-guy Jorgen? Pretty Trixie? Take this quiz and find out!

Are you gorgeous? xxx

Title says it all
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Whats your signature sport

· Sports
Only for people who luv sports!
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What is my wolf personality?

· Animals
Ever wondered what your personality would be if you was a wolf? What about how long you would survive in the forest? If you would be a lone wolf or a member of a pack? We...

Your Soul Animal

· Animals
Find the animal you relate to, and learn a little bit more about your likes, dislikes, wants, desires, and needs. And don't forget to dream!

Why do guys like you?

· Animals
Gurlzz only
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Career & Goals

Can These Quotes Make You Happy?

Its a quiz about some quotes that if you read them it will make you happy or smile or you will feel there is hope! I just want you to be happy.

Your pop-star life

What would your pop career be like?

Should You Become A Writer?

Hullo all! It's my first quiz so I spent about 10 minutes picking what it should be about, so I picked my favorite thing which is writing! Hope you enjoy and stuff. :...
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Which Glee Girl are you?

Girls only* find out which of the glee girls personalities fits you!

What kind of an Otaku are you?

If you want to find out what kind of an Otaku are you, you can by taking this quiz! Many of us are an Otaku, but there Is different types of them found In this quiz! This...

Your 5SOS love triangle....*super long...

Which two 5sos boys would fight for your heart? Dedicated to my bud Chelsiie xxx
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Your Life In The Avengers

· Movies
Read the title ^^^^ Includes picture, boyfriend, outfit, background, DETAILED story and alter-ego name!

Which Disney Villain are you?

· Movies
In this quiz, you will either relate the most to The Evil Queen, Maleficent, Captain Hook, Cruella De Vil, Jafar, and Ursula.

Harry Potter Life! (19 Years Later Edi...

· Movies
I made a quiz like this already but I've decided to change the generation!
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Create your own Creepypasta Character

· Scary
My creepypasta OC's, their the characters for my story: The Creepypasta Household I made the quiz easier for you to find my characters by putting the same result on ...

The Proxy Trials #18

· Scary
BEN's leading the seventh Trial, and you're being taken out of the reaches of the mansion grounds for the first time since you arrived...but with the new freedom ...
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Cars & Vehicles

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School & Academics

Highschool for the gifted in power

I told you i'd make ones for boys! Didn't i tell ya!

Creepypasta High School: Part 20

Holy cheese sauce, what happened last time? ...Oh yeah! The most epic of epic snowball wars ever!

Who are you at My School

What kind of person are you at my school?
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Love & Friendship

Secret crush (1D's pov)

Most of us directioners have a "secret" crush on one of the guys, or at least secret for them, and they'll probably never know. *Sigh* Well how would it be, if it was the...

Supernatural Love

Whos your supernatural love or do they all hate you?
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Celebrities & Fame

What kind of Celebrity are you? (Part 2)

Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Shakira, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Zendaya, Bella Thorne and more.... Take this Celeb quiz.. Finding questio...

A Not so Giving 1D Thanksgiving

A One Direction thanksgiving fight fanfic

A Conversation With O2L

Will they like you? Will they hate you? Will someone fall IN LOVE with you? Take this quiz to find out!
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Adventure Time Life in Ooo.

· TV
*Girls Only!* Would you a vampire,or human? Be royal and have your own kingdom,or conquer villains? Now,you can decide! Note: semi-long results! (Edited on 11/...

Who's Your Teen Wolf Guy?

· TV
The most accurate Teen Wolf quiz is right here. Find out which boy from Teen Wolf is perfect for you! Many different results!

2p Hetalia BF and What they think of You

· TV
Who is your 2p Hetalia BF, and what do the 2p Hetalia characters think of you? I don't know why people say 2nd player. 2nd personality makes much more sense to me.
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Just For Fun

Could You Survive in An Encounter With...

You have stumbled upon Slender mansion. The Creepypasta don't like people finding their mansion. Can you survive? Can you escape?

Hetalia (7 minutes in heaven)

Hope you liked this quiz I made for hours.. TT^TT gimme a break I tried....GIrls only tho...But to boys who are curious..go ahead :3
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Video Games

Which Vocaloid 1 Character are you?

This is a quiz I did because I was bored... yes, it only covers V1, but I'm making version 2 and 3, just different quizzes. Follow for that or just check the tag dail...

Assassin or Templar?

Please be truthful with this and don't pick answers that will obviously lead to your desired result. Have fun~ Please notify me of errors in the quiz and I will fix th...

Pokemon OC quiz

My Pokemon ocs OKAY! I made these guys when I was 13 and now at 17 I found them and improved them, name, personality, and pokemon... Who will you get?
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Food & Drinks

What kind of drinker are you?

We all like to THINK we are, but how do you really know?...

What Soda are you?

Find Out What Kind Of Soda Describes Your Personality! xD

What type of food are you?

Idk just take the quiz
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5sos Life

Includes: How you meet, first fight, first date, proposal, and wedding (mainly pictures) Suggested to females, but hey, if you're a guy and you like them...if you k...

One night with a Hero

Has, Loki, Thor, Dr. Banner, Capt. America, Wolverine, Hawkeye and more. Note: It may get a little dirty, but I think you girls can take it! If you are a huge *cough* cra...

What do the Fairy Tail Characters thin...

Just as the title says but you will also have a little bio story as well. ME NO OWN FAIRY TAIL! (but i wish i do... :< )
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Zombie apocalyspe wwyff part 4

The guys part 4. I dont own photos. Also I'm bored out of my nothings new.

Your animal

· Animals
Have you ever wondered what your soul animal is.

Dark night

· Scary
A romance and horror ..

Are you Yin or Yang?

See what side you are of the Yin Yang by taking this quiz. All questions and results are researched accordingly.

Does Tails the fox like you?

Do you like Tails? Does Tails like YOU?

Which of my OC's are you? (girl ve...

OC's: Brooke Aqua tayla Raven (me) Winter Faith

What boys love on you? 3

By making this quiz you will realise what characteristic is more irresistible..and boys love you because of that!

What Fairy Tail Character are you?

This is my first quiz. Please don't judge me..

The Escape Pt. 1

They want you. You wanted an escape, so you go with them.

Pokemon life

· TV
What Pokémon would you specialise in and what team would you have?

Which creepypasta loves you? (Girls on...

Hello guys its still KittyCatHalie I just changed my username that's all even my BFF Kelly changed her username. If you see xXxJaneTheKillerxXx That's me and If y...

A son with a Creepypasta

The title say all ;) long results.

Three hegdehogs and one girl (part 10)

After a big happy party, it's time to go home... But what about that special gift, what Silver told you about?

Your Creepypasta life part 2!

I have 7,280 takers on the my first part! I was OMFG! My mum thinks I am famous lol XD Do NOT steal my OCs as they took ages to create.

How did you die in your previous life?

All in the title and first quiz. There might be spelling mistakes cause english is not my home language. Don't take too seriously :D oke?

Can you survive in FNAF 2 ?

· Scary
This is my first quiz, if there's a grammar or anything don't get mad at me. because i'm not good at english -_-

Which AOT boy would crush on you?

This is my first quiz, so NO judging. This quiz will tell you which Attack on Titian boy would have a crush on you. Well that is if they were real.

What Hogwarts House Would the Sorting ...

So, you've arrived at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and, after making your way across the lake by boat, you enter the Great Hall. All of the older studen...

Creepypasta life: pt 1

· Scary
This is my first quiz.... DONT JUDJE!

Which Of My Favorite Yaoi Couples Will...

Title Says It All My Lovelies♥♥♥ Enjoy!✧・゚:*✧・゚:* \(◕ω◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧\ (F.Y.I Includes A Click On Link For Their Doujinshi) (P.S. ...

Your style/chic

Title with pics

What princess are you ?

This is a quiz i did because I was board and i needed something to do hope you all like and subscribe!

What Sqaud are you?

The sqaud is a group of heterosexuals straight men that play C.O.D together at times. :) Which one are you?

Who in Craig's gang likes you?

There just isn't enough of these out there!

So, Do My OC'S Like You?

Well, do they? This is for only girls.... I SWEAR THE NEXT ONE WILL BE FOR EVERYONE! Also, there will be RP so don't complain!

Meeting 5sos , what will they think of...

· Music
In celebration of a live 5sos album , I decided to make this :)

Meeting One Direction part 2 :)

Sorry it took so long but here it is! Yeah Buddy! ;)

What's your perfect hair color?

Same as title! ENJOYYYY

What vocaloid are you?

In this test you will find out which one of the following vocaloids you most resemble: Miku Rin Len Luka Kaito Meiko Gak upo

Can you survive my mind?

· Humor
Would you make it through my mind without a horrible, horrible death?

Your WWE Boyfriend!

Ever wanted to know what superstar would have the hots for you? Well now you can! (Just my take on the characters ^^") [WILL BE ADDING MORE QUESTIONS]

Who's your Hero? (TMNT 2012) part 2

You've awoken to a strange new place...but you're not alone. You finally get to meet these turtles...your heroes.

Your Hetalia first Romantic date(Night) the title ^^ :3 well since some of you said my results are too short so..I'll be giving long our options are Japan,Germany and Italy

Does He like You Back?

Does your crush like you back? find out here!

What Color Is Your Fur If You Were A C...

If you were a cat.. what color would your fur be? This is my first quiz. Yea, I'm not good at quizzes.. so.. sorry if it sounds.. Stupid :P

Are you A Tomboy Or Girly Girl?

The title explains it!

Creepypasta You.

A description of what you're like, and how you became a creepypasta!

Your Naruto Life | Boyfriend

· TV
This is sort-of a roleplay themed quiz to see who your Naruto boyfriend would be! GIRLS ONLY! Sorry boys! ;)

Do you know Five Nights At Freddy's?

A knowledge test of five nights at freddy's. Good luck... (P.S this is for the first FNAF)

Modern naruto love quiz 4

I do not own naruto pics or characters

Love... (Part 1) wwyff. sanic

Who will you fall for in the world of mobius

Who Do You Trust? (4)

· Scary
Everything seems well until one of the mansions residents, Jeff, leaves you with some shocking advice. Part 4 of the Who Do You Trust series.

Which WWE Diva are you?

· TV
Which diva are you?

What is your Fantasy Life?

This involves job, love, family, where you live, and stuff like that. Don't judge me... >_< Yes, I know money doesn't always mean to be successful, but it i...

If you were a planet, which would you ...

Every planet has their rage or silence, but... which one fits you most?

Who is your Godly Parent?

· Books
Take this quiz to find out who your Godly parent is! Aphrodite, Apollo, Athena, Ares, Demeter, Dionysus, Hades, Hermes, Hephaestus, Poseidon, Zeus, other, and Mortal are...

What is your Hogwarts house?

· Books
Ever wondered where the sorting hat would put you? I can tell you! Take the quiz!

Your life at Hollywood Arts (Victorious)

· TV
Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you were at Hollywood Arts?

What FNaF Character are you?

What FNaF character are you? Foxy, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, or Mike? Even Golden Freddy?

Creepypasta Love!

Okay so who from the Creepypasta♥ family loves you? Options include Jeff, Slendy, BEN, and LJ! :)

Which Member of Gorillaz are you?

I know tons of these quizzes exist on here but they have the dumbest questions, so I'm gonna make one that actually makes sense.

Are you beautiful

Find out if you're pretty or not. (Super Accurate Results)

How alike are we?

If we met would we BFFLs? friends? frenemies? companions? mortal enemies?

What Song are you?

What song are you? What type? Who sings it? Take the quiz to find out! (bTw, this is my first quiz, so plz love, share, and comment?)

What Type of Person are you?

Find out what type of person are you, try to have fun!

Whats your Personality?

Are you a mischievous rebel? A girly girl? Tomboy? A Psycho? Or Normal?

Naruto Rp ~Part 20~

· TV
Hey hey hey! it's here! Naruto rp ~Part 20~ is here! sorry it took so long guys! D: the school decided to give me a bunch of projects due the same week! I swear the s...

Will you survive Musenda's dagerou...

· Scary
Musenda (MU-SUN-DAY) is a 50 year old ghost. He looks like any other normal 7 year old child. But underneath all that cuteness he's a sly, evil, relentless and deceiv...

Which onesie would best suit you?

Basically find which onesie would look beautiful on you're gorgeous body cx

Creepypasta Party

Randomness! first quiz. Please no hate.

What Element are you?

Earth, water, air, or fire? (just fyi - I said this quiz was for everyone, but it's kind of geared more towards females.)

What FAKE homestuck blood color belong...

I made ALL choices, hope you enjoy! Do not get offended, this is for fun

Which One Direction member suits you?

This quiz will tell you which one direction member you would be perfect for as well as some info on the boys

Which fnaf animatronc has feelings for...

This is my first quiz so please no hate
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