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What sport is right for you?

· Sports
This quiz will try and help you pick the sport that is right for you. (NOW WITH HOCKEY)!

Which sport is perfect for you?

· Sports
Is it volleyball, track, horseback riding, cheerleading, maybe even a unique sport like archery?

What sport matches your personality?

· Sports
Ever wonder? ♥ *Note- I am not guessing what sport you play, just which sport matches your personality. So don't freak or complain if your result was a sport you don't...
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Find Your Spirit Animal.

· Animals
This quiz is created to help you go beyond generic animal symbolism and connect with the true essence of your power animal.~ Spirit Animals carry meaning, wisdom, and po...

Which element and spirit animal are you?

· Animals
Check out which spirit of the animal gods you have

What kind of guy would you date?

· Animals
The emo, The nerd, The jock, the quiet one, the party animal, the flirt? Etc! What kind of boy will you get? Lets find out!
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Which Most Popular girls in School cha...

· Humor
My first MPGiS quiz was pretty popular. So I thought...what the hell? Why not make a second one! So here we go!

Which creepypasta personality do you h...

· Humor
I know, this is my first quiz and it's a little crappy. Hope you enjoy. INCLUDES: Jeff the Killer,Masky, Laughing jack, and slenderman. Hope you like!

What youtuber are you most like

· Humor
Find out what youtuber should be your bestfriend
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What's your true name? Girls

There are many of these quizzes out there but this is the best one! Take it and tell me what you think:D Titlee... says all!♥

What would your life be in BBC sherlock?

All in the title darlings ;) (be warned the results are long..)

What kagune would you have as a ghoul?

It's simple. Take the quiz to see what kagune you would possess as a ghoul. For those of you who don't know, a kagune is a ghoul's predatory organ that helps ...
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Minutes In Heaven *Harry Potter Next G...

· Books
Spend a certain minutes in heaven with your next generation crush!

Which Greaser Is Perfect For You?

· Books
*accurate results*

Your Complete Harry Potter Life.

· Books
Your Complete Harry Potter Life, most results are very long. Includes all the essentials; your boyfriend, your house, your patronus, your outfit, your Yule Ball outfit, e...
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Your Avenger Boyfriend

· Movies
So this is my first quiz and it will include the Avenger men from the movie. girls preferably but, if guys want to take it then go ahead. Please no mean comments thanks!

Rise Of The Guardians 7 min in heaven

· Movies
7min in heaven with ROTG

What Does Loki Think Of You?

· Movies
Basically the title... He'll ask you questions, I'll ask you questions. It'll be fun. You know, maybe.. Descriptions are stupid. If you like this quiz and want more lik...
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Fantasy & Mythology

Elf-Queen of Gildeon: A WWYFF Part 12

The good news: Lo, a new installment. The bad news: Thanks to finals, I am deranged with lack of sleep, but also hopped up on caffeine, so who knows what ramblings I m...

What monster are you?

Vampire, ghost, werewolf?

The Day Ot All Changed - RolePlay Quiz...

This is the day The Crystal Empire fall into the evil unicorn Sombras han- I mean, hoofs. Wich fate will you get? I'm in it to! XD
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Video Games

Which Team Crafted Member Are YOU!

Find out which one you are most like!

Are you a Prospit or a Derse Dreamer? ...

When SBURB players dream, they wander through the crowded cities of either the golden moon of Prospit, or the sable satellite of Derse. Where would your dream self awake?...

What type of gamer are you?

The title says it all. Btw this is my first quiz so thanks for all the great feedback :3 :D :)
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Cars & Vehicles

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Food & Drinks

What dessert are you?

Find out which delicious dessert you would be in this personality quiz~!

What Type Of Cupcake are you?

Wanna know what type of Cupcake you are? Well, find out here! :)

What Ice Cream Flavor are you Part 2!

NO PERSONALITY IN THIS ONE! Just ice cream flavor! Find out if your either mint chocolate chip, cookies n cream, m&m ice cream, or cookie dough ice cream. Join me in ...
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Career & Goals

What is your job in the military

This quiz will tell you your job in the military

What will you be when your older?

This may be rong but if you like it then ame to get the job you get no haters hope you all like it

Would you and I get along?

Please tell me that I need not explain this to you.
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What Kind Of Seme Or Uke are you?

Are you a seme, or an uke..? And what KIND of seme or uke are you?

What are you a slave to?

Are you a slave to a corporation? Yourself?
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Just For Fun

How Mature are you

This quiz may come in handy to some of you. And honestly if your not mature embrace it. And if you also embrace it. Enjoy! Thanks for the +4,000 views!

The Experiment 13

Slender decides his group of killers need to finish school. What happened when the famous killers go under cover at your school? (Sally is a teenager in this)
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Beauty & Vanity

What Piercing Should You Get?

So many piercings.. So many choices ♥

Create The New You

In da title, bruh ^-^ ^^^^^^^^
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School & Academics

Your Fairy Life!

See what fairy you are, what people think of you, your grades in fairy school, your special power, your best friend, your favorite things and the things that you don't ev...

What Is Your School Stereotype

Ever wonder where you belong? Or just curious to see if where you belong is the right spot for you? Take this quiz to see if you are up with the jocks and preps or down w...

Angels school for the gifted in power 7

I have to have new pictures now i'll explain why later.....
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Celebrities & Fame

Christmas With 5SOS

It's not the Christmas season, but what the hey? or is it hi? ;)

1D Fight! ~Long Results!~

Will you get Harry, Zayn, Niall, Louis or Liam? Includes: What happened to cause the fight, how you two ended things, and then the make up, or forever break-up. And if yo...
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What Song Best Describes Your Crush Si...

· Music
Title Is Self Explanatory! (Girls Only!)- staybeautifulxo

All about you!

· Music
Tells you your theme song, personality, nickname, all in one quiz:) Take it please:)

What MCR lyrics describe you?

· Music
Including lyrics from Cemetery Drive, I'm Not Okay, Famous Last Words and The End. :) x
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What do The Black Butler Character'...

· TV
Tilte people~! haven't you ever wondered what the characters frm the hit anime series black butler would think of you? well now you'll find out! its will include your boy...

What kind of MLP: FiM pony are you?

· TV
Within the lands of Equestria live three kinds of pony -- pegasus, unicorn, and earth pony. What kind would you be?

Your 'I Didn't Know I was Preg...

· TV
Ever wondered what would happen if you didn't know you were pregnant and suddenly discovered you had carried a child for nine months without knowing it? Find out.
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Where and who would kidnap you?

· Scary
Hey! I'm writing a story about kidnapping and it'd be amazing if you guys checked it out and commented. But first, where and who would kidnap you? At what time are you mo...

Which Creepypasta Loves You?

· Scary
Will the creepypastas love you or just kill you and bathe in your blood? Find out in this quiz! Options: Jeff the killer, BEN, Eyeless Jack, Masky, Laughing Jack, Slender...

Your Creepypasta Life

· Scary
Girlies only, sorry boys :P. I know there is loads of these, I just thought it would be fun! .3. This is my first quiz, so dont judge :P Hearts, follows and comments are ...
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Love & Friendship

Would Dan Howell Date You?

Would Dan Howell Date You? Find Out!

What Supernatural Guy will love you?

Take the quiz and see what guy from Supernatural loves you
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Would we get on with eachother?

I'm doing one of those cheesy quizzes twelve year olds do because I'm bored, so yeah,. if you're bored, find out if we could get on-

Hunter x Hunter Girlfriend

Who's your girlfriend in Hunter x Hunter? ;)

What social network would you be?

Depending on how talkative you are, etc. Quite short results and sorry if they're a little off, I don't use all of them.

Chat with Killua

Welcome to the chat room! Killua is waiting to talk with you~ Will you have a nice chat with him?

What Did Kaito Kid Steal From You?

What did he steal from you? Did you realise he stole it from you? Do you want it back?

What are your strong and weak points?

I'm going to guess your strong and weak points. The results include a description of your strong(est) point and a list of your strong and weak points.

Who's your harry potter best friend

· Movies
Who do you spend your weekend hogsmead trips and share your deapest darkest secrets with?

CreepyPasta RP Pt. 1

Let us see how this plays out, and no hate, it doesn't solve anything!

Are you a tomboy or a girly girl?

Do you think you are a tomboy or girly girl or are you both? Take my quiz to find out. Please leave nice comments or follow me and I will follow back!

Would you survive the Texas Chainsaw M...

· Scary
Find out if you would survive him. if you dare! hehe

Your fatal flaw!

Find out the one thing holding you back in your life!

Should I make a Harry Styles Zombie Ap...

This is a quiz to see if the majority wouldn't mind a Harry Styles Zombie Apocalypse Fanfic, starring you as the Protagonist alongside him >> Take it and see if...

Hunting Down The Creepypasta Part 2

· Scary
Y/n's family was murdered by the Creepypasta. Y/n has sworn revenge. Y/n plans to kill the Creepypasta, all that she/he can. She/he has already taken Laughing Jack do...

Do you really like him?

Are you into him? Do you have a crush? Unsure about a boyfriend? Take this quiz!

A Story With A Heart Eater (Hiccup X Y...

Hi my Dirty Penguins! So, this series is about you falling in love with Hiccup at a boarding school and there's a Heart Eater and, well, I don't wanna give it all...

Who are you

This is my first quiz sorry if it sucks

Are you going to survive in AOT world?

If your in Attack on titan, are you gonna survive or die.

Can You survive on night wis Insanity ...

Your trapped, will you survive my onslaught of questions? find out! In this quiz!

What Kind of Bender are you?

Anyone who has watched Avatar: The Last Airbender or its successor The Legend of Korra has wondered: If I were a bender, what element would I command? Well, this personal...

Case 2: Creepypasta

· Scary
You and your partner have gone to the sight of the disappearance. However, something unexpected has happened. Looks like you experienced the first bit of the "curse&#...

Fairy Blood or Demon Blood?

· Books
Many years ago Demons and Fairies had a war. Do you have Demon or Fairy genes? (Sorry if its confusing or the descriptions bad) This is made by the girl who (makes most t...

What Black Butler are you Mostly Like?

· TV
Le title says it ALLLL :3

What Animal are you Supposed to Be?

Ever wondered what animal you'd be? Well it's time to find out.

Picnic with Hetalia

Ever wondered what it would be like to go on a picnic with the guys of Hetalia?

What fairy are you?

Are you a good fairy that helps people, or that fairy alwase getting into trouble?

Your Perfect Outfit! 3 (With HairStyle...

Includes Really Cute Clothes And Hopefully Accurate Results!

Which Vocaloid Song Is Your Battle The...

· Music
Like the title says, this quiz will tell you which Vocaloid song is your theme when you are in battle. Keep in mind this is my first quiz, so no hate please.

Which One of My OC's are you?

If you take this quiz, you will find out who are you mostly like in my story, The Fallen Angel. Well then, come on, find out! ~Skye Fawn

Morning! (Part 6)

Hey guys this it part six dudettes! You're still getting comfortable in the Lair and it is morning and it was going to be a pretty long day what do you do? I hope you...

What would you look like in gravity fa...

I made another quiz like this. Its called what would you look like in MLP. Its pretty much the same thing just these answers are longer. ;) the point of this quiz is to s...

Who In The Fantastic Foursome are you ...

Name says all. (I'm sorry if phrases used in answers seem a little redundant, I'm not as educated on PJ and Chris as I am with Dan and Phil)

What's your spirit realm?

Something fun lol like if you think the pictures are perf. just perf.

What's your anime life?

· TV
Find out your anime life. If you will have true love, true friends and true family, as well as looks.

What Nicki Minaj style do you fit?

Nicki Minaj has lots of different styles this will show which one suits you best. Good luck!

The Last Queen #31

A cold November night, after one year of living in the streets, you come across five strange guys. They are so perfect, it is almost unreal. This fatal encounter will mar...

Horror boyfriend

· Scary
Long results! Age of results- 17-20. Want to see who you'd be pared with in a horror couple situation then this is that quiz. My own characters are used, no horror mo...

Our 2nd Life Tour Part 1

You get to go on tour with Our 2nd Life. Connor is a not in this quiz.

What style suits you the most?

Are more of a emo, pastel goth, regular goth, scene, lolita or girly girl?

5 Seconds of Summer - Roleplay 3

I got so many requests to make a new part that I decided to do one. I hope you'll like it :)

Why are you still single?

Yes yes g on and click the thing and quickly notice how when u read the g you said go.....I'm just THAT good

Which one of the Slender brothers is m...

· Scary
This is a quizz to see which one of the slender brothers is made for you, Slenderman, Offenderman, Trenderman or Splendorman? Let's see! This is my first quizz though...

What kind of dragon are you?

Wanna see what kind of dragon you would be? This is my first quiz, don't hate plz

I'll guess your favorite color!

Probably not… but try!

7 Minutes in Heaven with creepy pasta

· Scary
The title says it all

Who would be your Sherlock boyfriend?

Kind of in the titel, but: out of Sherlock, John, Lastrade, Mycroft and Jim, whom would you be best matched with?

A Day with America

Okay... for a entire day..... you get to spend it with America! Have fun :D America: I'm the hero! Me: Shut uuuuuppppp XD America: :3

Short like Strawberry ShortCakes [TF R...

Note: This kind of a romance story and it's soft mind you, maybe a little spicy, but all around soft. I stayed up all night and after my final finished this all up fo...

Which God are you?

In Death Keeper, the Periodics are all named after elements. Which Periodic from this amazing clan are you?

Which One Of My Characters are you?

· TV
THERE WILL BE SOME RP! Find out what girl anime character you are. Please Comment Follow Like And favorite if you want me to make this into an RP!

Which part of the Emo Holy Trinity are...

· Music
The Emo Holy Trinity is made up of My Chemical Romance, Panic! At the Disco, and Fall Out Boy. I AM SO SORRY IF I OFFEND YOU. THIS IS MEANT TO BE A JOKE.

Who Type OF Character Would You Be If ...

See What Character You'd be and what type of anime you'd be in:D

Can you guess that Song 2

· Music
More songs to guess!

Are you a Jeremy Brett? Or a Peter Cus...

Both actors are known for their amazing performances in Sherlock Holmes episodes. However, which impression are you most like?

Do you know the lyrics

· Music
Take this quiz to see how well you know songs form 2013 and 2014

What elemental warrior are you?

This is a male quiz

True Destiny - Part 6

In this quiz you will find out what the loud crash was. If you are not careful someone will end up getting hurt

Your Assassin story

As an assassin you need a personal mentor, but you can't just have any mentor, he or she has to appeal to your own personality. So, find out who your mentor is, an we...

Can you relate?

· Humor
Can you relate to these funny pics?

What Would My OC's Think of You?

Basically what the title says... What my OC's think of you. Seems nice, right? Also, the results aren't going to be like: They love you, they hate you, etc. It&#...

Who is your Gravity Falls BFF? girls o...

Who is your Gravity Falls BFF? Mabel, Dipper, Bill, or Wendy? Find out here!

5sos And I *Part 1*

You are best friends with 5sos and decide to spend the holidays with them, but what happens when you find out they all have crushes on you and you begin to have feelings ...

What character side are you?

What's character on yourself?

Elsword - Which Elsword Male Character...

Special for female Elsword players xD

What Kind of Notebook-er are you?

Love filling in journals, sketchbooks, notebooks, diaries and scrapbooks? Well, here's the quiz for you!
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