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Just For Fun

A day with Black Butler RP

Hangout with Alois,Claude, Sebastian, And Ciel in this fun filled day. And see what happens when night falls c;

A Sleepover

You spend a night over at the Phantomhives.

What's your stereotype?

What out what stereotype you are! Like the title says! Need I say more?
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Who's your boyfriend in the Korean gro...

· Music
Take this quiz to find out which one of these cuties is your match!

What Song is for You?

· Music
Figure out what song and type of music is for you c:

Your 5SOS Boyfriend

· Music
Which 5SOS member will you end up with? (Short imagines.)
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Fantasy & Mythology

Which Demon Follows You?

There are 7 Deadly Sins, and each is governed by a demon of Hell. This quiz is partially to find out your worst sin but will also inform you of which demon you'll answer ...

What power do you have? *With a Story*

Title says all....but powers are not elemental! so Enjoy!

Who is your narnian lover

^read the title^ This is my first so please leave kind comment with advice and heart PLEASE!
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Cars & Vehicles

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Ouran Highschool Host Club, BF and per...

I worked all night on this so please good comments and enjoy! Also first quiz!

What Type of Camp Counselor are you?

What type of camp counselor are you? What activities would you run?

Which 2p!Hetalia Guy Likes You?

~First quiz,yay~ You were introdeuced to the Hetalia characters, about a month ago. But now that you've gotten to know them, you finally meet their legendary Secon...
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Where are you On The Hemospectrum?

Since I have found very little hemospectrum quizzes with questions that actually belong in a hemospectrum quiz, I'm making my own.

Homestuck speices test.

There weren't any around so I took the personal burden of making it myself. This test includes the 6 main species found in homestuck (excluding the consorts) You are clos...

Which Middle Earth Race do you belong ...

If you're a Tolkien fan, this quiz will grant you the nifty knowledge of which Middle-Earth race you would belong to if you existed in the world that J. R. R. Tolkien has...
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7 Minutes in Heaven-Hogwarts Style

· Books
Okay so I've always likes these, so I figured I should make one sometime. This is my first quiz, so any responses are appreciated. Intended for girls, but everyone...

What supernatural being are you?

· Books
Find out what supernatural creature you would be form choices of angels, shape shifters, mermaids, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, wizards, and fairies. NEW RESULTS COMING ...

Which Dork Diaries Character Would You...

· Books
Boys AND girls. But there is only one big male role in the series. Anyway, you result could be Nikki, MacKenzie, Brandon, Brianna, Chloe and Zoey, or Jessica. Hope you en...
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Do you know about teen wolf

· TV
Are you fan of teen wolf,if you are then take my quiz because i'm sure I am a huge fan of teen wolf

How big of a Doctor Who fan are you pe...

· TV
....READ THE TITLE PEEPS! If that's not enough info for you than take the quiz.

What is your hunter x Hunter Nen type?

· TV
Ever watched Hunter x Hunter? If so, then I don't need to explain.
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Maze Runner Boyfriend

· Movies
Find out who would be your boyfriend in the Maze Runner :) Includes very long results. Enjoy! xx (If you haven't read all the books, don't worry, it has no spoile...

Which Disney Princess are you?

· Movies
Snow White, Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, Jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida and Ariel. Who are you?

Your Frozen Character and Song

· Movies
A character and song from Disney's hit movie Frozen to match your unique personality.
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Video Games

Minecraft life

Includes skin, job, name, age, and how you die (girls only)

Which Corpse Party Character are you?

Find out which of the main characters you are by putting yourself through hypothetical situations.

Which Triforce do you wield?

Pretty much all said Do you hold Courage, Wisdom, or Power? (yes... another one of these. x'D)
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School & Academics

How Similar Are We?

Are we alike, or are we exact opposites? Long and detailed. Interesting fact: these are all situations I go through at school or have gone through before.

You dont deserve this

If you're one of them people who the bullys seem to attack or you dont feel like you have anyone there for you take this quiz, ill try to make things better beautiful...

Back To School Backpack Quiz

So when you get back to school, you need a new backpack (maybe). so heres a little inspiration in the results. Thanks for taking! ♥ +polyvore school outfit
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Love & Friendship

Truth or Dare with 5SOS!

You're hanging with 5sos and they decided to play Truth or dare . So what are you going to do?

Who is your secret lover?

Find out what kind of guy loves u secretly

Your Future Son

This is a quiz that could tell you what your future son will be like. Will he be a cutie, sporty, nerdy, weirdo? Find out here on this quiz
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Celebrities & Fame

Life with 5sos!

Read the title...Sorry guys, girls only. *results that come with lots of pictures!

What does 1D think of you?

Exactly as the title says

Your One Direction happy ending! *long...

Whats your life with one direction life like: Meet, fight, makeup, wedding, kids! :) Enjoy loves xxx -Kelly Styles
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What Kind Of Person are you At School?

· Humor
(all answers are a little offensive. In no way are the answers realistic. Don't feel bad. Quiz is just for fun)

Percy Jackson Life

· Humor
Ever wondered what it would be like to live in the world of Percy Jackson? I have! And I guarantee that you won't be let down with your long, accurate results. (WARNING: ...

Your 1D Life

· Humor
How would your life with one direction end or start?
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The Proxy Trials #14

· Scary
It's the fifth Trial, and whilst you might be less nervous than you used to be, you can't afford to fall behind...not when the penalty is death. You'll requir...

Are you one of Slender Man's Proxies?

· Scary
The Slender Man, a being known for abducting and killing children, has enforcers called Proxies. Could you be one of them?

What Ghost(s) Would You Meet?

· Scary
Attention: These cases put on the results are REAL cases. They're added with a fictional story that gives you a bit of a written experience. Since it's close to O...
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Beauty & Vanity

What kind of girl do guys see you as?

What do guys see in you? Though they should all see beauty and grace, take the quiz to find out. Please and thank you!

What Outfit Is best For You!

Just read the title.

What should you be for Halloween?

That time of year has come again! It's pretty much impossible to figure out what to be, so this will -hopefully- help you.
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What's your Chinese zodiac animal+ SUP...

· Animals
Ever wondered what your chinese zodiac animal is? Or do you already know it and just want to know what this animal tells about you? Then don't wait any longer, and just ...

What is your spirit animal?

· Animals
Want to know what YOUR spirit animal is take this quiz!

What Is Your Soul?

· Animals
(FOLLOW ME please?) What is your soul made of? what is you? what is the power dwelling withen yourr soulll?
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Food & Drinks

Which Restaurant Are You?

A fun and simple quiz to discover which InterContinental or Crowne Plaza Dubai Festival City restaurant best matches with your personality!

What kind of Cupcake are you?

If you were a cupcake what kind/flavor would you be?

Which Cookie are you? (With Recipes!)

This is a fun personality quiz that I hope you will enjoy! I have been inspired to pick out the cookie results/answers by food blogs and also get the recipes from those b...
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Career & Goals

What's your future job?

Hi! In this new quiz of mine it will show your future job! Have fun!

What Should Your Job Be?

See what you could do for a career. Just suggestions for what you wanna do with your life. Nothing's forever, you know.

What your future going to be

^ ^ ^{pretty much says it all!}^ ^ ^
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New »

True friends?

How much can you trust your friends? Are you surrounded by loyal people, or secret haters waiting for the moment to strike until they can put you down? For boys and girls...

Who's jealous of you?

Sometimes we feel that someone is jealous of us...who's it?

What type of girl are you? (lots of re...

It is what it sounds like. :)

Elf-Queen of Gildeon: A WWYFF Part 6

Hello all! I won’t be able to post again this weekend, due to living the glamourous life of a full-time live-in caregiver. ;) Doctors’ appointments for Grandpa, here ...

A day out with Austin Mahone

You have won a chance to meet the one and only teen heartthrob Austin mahone , what would you do?what would you say?What would you tell him about yourself?How would you r...

Guess Your Music Taste

· Music
I'm going to try and guess your music taste... comment if i got it right or wrong (:

Which Cutie Mark Crusader pony are you?

Lets seeeeeeeeeeeeeee? shall we? x3

Can You Handle A Little Girl?

· Scary
If you don't click on this quiz...then I'm PRETTY sure you can't *smirks*

Your anime life in OHSHC

· TV
So i have improved a bit and i wanted to do this in a long time a go but i had a lot of homework and slow internet so yeah oh btw i start opening up so yeah!

Which of my horror OC's are you?

These are female OC's, but you are welcome to take this quiz if your a guy, it's just who you're most like. If you steal these I will personally kill you. I m...

What Type of Boy Matches You Best?

Find out what boy would be a perfect boyfriend for you. Have fun!

TMNT Who Would Fall Hard For You? (5)

So yeah, its been about what? Three weeks since I had published my last quiz. To start off I apologize for the delay but a writers worst enemy visited me, that's rig...

Which cousin of mine are you

If you know me my life is basicly surrounded by them

Which My Little Pony character are you?

Are you one of the Main 6? Celestia or Luna? Or someone else? Find out here on this quiz by Sparkle Marbles! (Me)

Which of my Creepypasta Oc's are y...

This includes, Annabell Blue, Terra Ash, Nichole Watches, and Skylar Sea

Which song should you listen to?

· Music
This is basically Fangirl central.. It has The Janoskians, Shawn Mendes, One Direction, The Vamps and 5 Seconds of Summer!

Which of My OCs are you Most Like?

Literally look at the title! IT'S OT THAT HARD!

Your mythical lover

This quiz is just like most love quizs, sorry if there is any spelling mistakes and please give me feed back.

Who's your transfomer gaurdian?

Who will be your autobot guardian?

Hunger games life

Long results.

How long are you able to stand me?

It's in the title, so, yea. And maybe I add just a bit of creepypasta... Just a bit. If you don't know/ don't like creepypasta, don't worry, it won't ...

Are you Okay?

Any person can take if you wish.

Another Quiz for you about Yugioh part 6

· Books
I took off mahad because the story has changed. ......... don't own pictures part 6

What Oc are you?

This is a quiz to see what one of my oc's you are! Hope you enjoy the quiz ♥

Carefree or Hotheaded?

So tell me, do you even care or are you as hot as a rock?

Which Vocaloid are you? (made up chara...

The ideas of the characters are all mine, the pictures were just grabbed from the Internet... I don't know all the vocaloids, so if the pictures are already a voca...

Do you know your Youtube Gamers?

Heyy my first ever quiz :3 Please leave comments, like, favourite and Im sorry if I left any of your favourites out :(.

Would you get along with the Saiken Si...

It's a story, I'm going to make it if you guys want me to. It would be with Brother Conflict and Uta No Prince Sama. Comment, Follow, and Like please. Tell me if ...

Does BEN Drowned Like You?

Does he love you or Does he not?

Your Past Life 2

This is the part two of the quiz! still related to the first version,this is the second version. well anyway enjoy xx

Your Monster Lover

Aren't you curious? Who will fate bring your way, or more like what? Take quiz and discover who your (made by me) monster lover is.

Which Proxy Likes You The Most~

~Includes Masky, Hoodie, Ticci Toby, and my OC WolfBites~ This is just a quiz I made because I'm 12 and get bored easily and I love the Proxy's. *this is mainly f...

What major are you?

Are you vocal, visual, band, keyboard, dance, theatre, communications, or digital media? FIND OUT NOW! 😝

Your Fairytale Life

Includes your story, pet, dress, and more! Warning: Not all of the stories in the results have happy endings.

Would you survive a robbery?

Lol I didn't know what to put as a picture. This is my first quiz, btw! :) If you're bored, take it. If you're not bored, still take it and I'll give you ...

What are you hiding in your heart?

Hii, I'm new at this. This quiz will show your true identity...

What type of girl are you?

Are you emo? Hispter? or even ratchet I'm here to tell you your personality! *please note this is my first quiz I ever created so please no hate ♥

Zombie apocalyspe wwyff

So as usual boredom leads to quiz making. So its the zombie apocalypse take the quiz to find out more. Also for girls mostly but if your a guy and wanna take it go for it...

Yugioh ruling knowledge quiz

Just a simple quiz about rulings in yugioh

Our Crew [WWYFF/WWFFY] #2

You are walking to media with Cheyenne and Kristyn, who will you meet ?

Nothing Is Impossible:Dean Winchester~...

Your on a werewolf hunt and you black out. You saves you?

What costume suits you?

Halloween, costume party, just for fun take it. please. it awesome.

Your 5SOS Murderer

You know the boys soooo well, but this one day you make ___?___ so mad he ends up.......MURDERING YOU! Who would most likely be your murderer out of the 4?

Are your lips good for kissing?

Being a good kisser doesn't all depend on your skill, your lips play a obvious major factor. Take my quiz to determine if your lips are good for kissing ;)

New//5SOS RP/Quiz

Idk if its a roleplay or quiz tbh.... Go on the trip if a lifetime with your best friend and the beautiful boys of 5SOS!

CreepyPasta School part 3

Part 3 is out! I'm really busy so I can't make quizzes fast! Sorry!

What's your life in Soul Eater?

· TV
Are you a weapon or meister? Who would your partner be? What would your personality be?Take the quiz to find out!

Which black butler servant are you mos...

Includes Sebastian, Mey-Rin, Bard and Finny!

Are you ready for Age of Ultron?

· Movies
Are you ready to see Age of Ultron? Review your Marvel knowledge of the Avengers!

Who is Zeflar?

The three Z's are putting you to a test!

Dream Guy :3

Find out who is perfect for you ♥

What Baby Animal are you?

· Animals
In this quiz you can see which baby animal you are out of some select favorites.

Who is your tvd boyfriend?

· TV
Find out who would steal your heart and be your bf if you existed in the vampire diaries......

Let play a game

· Scary
Can you survive a death game

Which girl would you love?

Hey, the title mainly says it all, but I am a charecter in this quiz. so... enjoy?~

Who is your tmnt boyfriend?

Ya know ya wanna knowwwwwww XD

What is your temperment?

Find out if you are an anger generator or a solver. This is my first quiz, so no harsh words! No hating!

What prom dress are you!

Are you tomboy or girly! let's find out!

Camping with 5sos: Part Five

You and Cameron are friends, we're at a beach house and you love one of the boys... but who?

How Well Do You Know Five Night's ...

How well do you know Five Nights at Freddy's? I'm so obsessed I had to make this ^_^ I'll add more questions later.

How Well Do You Know Five Night's ...

How well do you know Five Nights at Freddy's? I'm so obsessed I had to make this ^_^ I'll add more questions later.

How Did I End Up Here? (WWYFF Mythical...

Who would you fall for? The angel, the demon, the vampire, or the shapeshifter? Feel free to comment! ~ MistressOfDestruction ♥

What character are you like in Diverge...

· Movies
This is my second quiz I am making. This quiz is obviously about divergent. I made this in like two hours, so it might suck.

Meeting the big four! part 1

Let's see what the big four thinks of you!

One night with a Hero

Has, Loki, Thor, Dr. Banner, Capt. America, Wolverine, Hawkeye and more. Note: It may get a little dirty, but I think you girls can take it! If you are a huge *cough* cra...
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