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Who's Your One Direction boyfriend? *S...

· Music
All the questions are about YOU and YOUR personality, be honest while answering. :) The questions are not obvious so sorry if you don't get the boy that you wanted! *shor...

Which Fullmetal Alchemist character ar...

· Music
Well which one are you? :) Be honest with all answers to get the most accurate results.

Truth or Dare With Niall Horan!

· Music
Anybody willing to take Niall on? ^.^
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Howarts Life

· Books
Includes Boyfriend, Wand, House, Patronus, Wedding, Children, Job!

Which Book Should You Read?

· Books
Which book should you read from my favorite books?
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Creepypasta Institute part 14~

· Scary
True to his word, Toby has managed to ask a few people for some help to train you. Although, a person who you were pretty sure wouldn't even be interested, strangely ...

The Proxy Trials #12

· Scary
The fourth Trial...with seven of you left, and only six able to get through the day, everyone is understandably tense. The fact that you've received no instructions i...

Snapped (Part 4)

· Scary
Seems like you start 'training' today. What does it hold it for you? More importantly, what is it?
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Career & Goals


This is mash! What will you be? how many kids will you have? any pets? Welp take this quiz to find out! ♥

Your future

What will your family be like what sort of car do you have what sort of house will you live in. FIND OUT NOW click here!

What college is best for you

Find out what college i think would be best for your personality
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What Does The Teen Titans Think Of You...

· Movies
Who are you? What powers do you have? What does the teen titans think of you? Are you good or bad? Find out after taking this quiz!

Have a Conversation with Draco Malfoy

· Movies
Title peeps Does he love, like or hate you!

What the avengers think of you(who wou...

· Movies
You have been a S.H.I.E.L.D agent for 1 month now. Nick Fury has asked all of the Avengers what they thought of you to help him decide who will be your mentor. See what t...
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Just For Fun

Soul Eater: How does Kid React to you?...

You play "7[8, because Kid is complaining] Minutes In Heaven!" You are with Kid, how will he act towards you?

Emo boyfriend

Find out which emo boy is for you

Which anime character are you? (girls)

From all the girls in the anime, which one are you most like? Take it as a fun quiz! I apologize if its not good enough!
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Fantasy & Mythology

What Supernatural Power Is For You?

Ever wanted a power? Take this quiz and find out yours. ©All Rights Reserved.

The Last Queen #12

A cold November night, after one year of living in the streets, you come across five strange guys. They are so perfect, it is almost unreal. This fatal encounter will mar...

Who's Your Mythical Boyfriend? Long Re...

See who your magical mythical boyfriend is and how you too met! Backgrouns Story included x Now Finished x
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School & Academics

What's Your Back-To-School Fashion Sta...

The new school year is coming just around the corner! New teachers, new classmates, and new clothes. But what should you get that really shows who you are and your person...

What Is Your School Stereotype

Ever wonder where you belong? Or just curious to see if where you belong is the right spot for you? Take this quiz to see if you are up with the jocks and preps or down w...

Your St Trinians life!

Ever considered what your life at St Trinians school for girls would be like, and which group you'd fit in with? Find out here!
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Food & Drinks

What type of drinker are you?

Are you one of those people no one wants to be around wehn they drink?

The food quiz!

Try my new food quiz its awesome!
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Beauty & Vanity

The Real: What will your husband be li...

Real questions, deep answers. None of this "He wears make up and his name is Carl!" stuff. Not that any of that is bad, haha. Oh, and forgive the pictures; we t...

Create a boyfriend

Title pretty much explains it. Hope you like it♥

How gorgeous are you?:*

No description needed ;)
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Video Games

Which Mass Effect race are you?

Results include: asari, turian, quarian, krogan, drell, and salarian. No human because you're already human.

Who is your Minecraft Youtuber boyfrie...

Who is your minecraft boyfriend? Sky, Deadlox, or TrueMU? Find out in this quiz! ~Cloud :3

What Lost PKMN are you?

What abandoned pokemon are you? Find out here! Includes Snake the Ekans, Raid the Raichu, Shade the half Eevee half Umbreon, Sight the Cyndaquil with eyes and Bone the mu...
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Love & Friendship

What Anime/Manga Boy would fall in lov...

With this quiz you will know who of the famous anime/manga boys would fall in love with you :3 Good Luck ^^

Celebrity Boyfriend Long Results

You meet one of the five guys. He becomes close to you because of your choice. He becomes famouse because... After high school he... How did you met him... And others. Bo...

Your Magcon Boyfriend + Semi-Long Resu...

Find out which one of the Magcon boys is perfect for you + how you meet, how he asks you out, & your first date.
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Celebrities & Fame

Who is your 5sos boyfriend?

Ashton, Michael, Calum or Luke? Longish results

I'm In MagCon (part 2)

You are a part of MagCon. You and the guys will become best friends but what if you become more than friends. You will go on dates, have your first kiss and a lot more. T...
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Are you derp?

· Humor
This is my first quiz, so don't be mad if its bad! lol that rhymes.

Name the YouTuber! *Updated*

· Humor

Convo with 1D (PART 5)

· Humor
Part 5 my friends ;)
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Which Naruto character are you?

Aha! Another 'which are you' quiz! Am I boring you all yet? Anyways, my friends, who would you be do you think? Naruto himself? Or maybe Hinata? Sasuke? Shikama...

What Song are you?

I know I've already made one, but who cares?
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Your level of self esteem

How do you view yourself?

What is The Last Name of the Person Yo...

Take the Quiz if you want to Find out! (;
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Your Teen Wolf Life!

· TV
Directed for girls... Includes family, name, what you are, boyfriend, best friend, how you met, your past, age, etc! ♥

Your life in Teen wolf

· TV
VERY LONG RESULTS Ever wanna know who your other half is from teen wolf? includes a story, first date and kiss, break-up to make-up and future

What do the anime characters think of ...

· TV
Exactly what the title says! This contains characters from: Black Butler, Soul Eater, Hetalia, Death Note, Ouran HSHC and High School Of The Dead.
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Cars & Vehicles

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What Animal are you?

· Animals
Find what spirit animal you are. (I do not own these pictures)

What is your warrior cat name?

· Animals
Find your warrior cat name, life, skills, and more! For both toms and She-cats!

Why do guys like you?

· Animals
Gurlzz only
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New »

Which QUOTE is for you?

Quotes are of different types. Love, Life, Friendship, Fun, Inspirational, etc. Let's see which quote will relate to you. I hope you'll like it.

How interesting is your OC?

This quiz covers up fan fiction OC-s. I'll tell you what I know from my own experiences and what I've read.

How Well do you know your herbs? (Warr...

· Animals
Do you really know all there is to being a medicine cat? Are you a true medicine cat? Take this quiz to find out! *HARD*

How awesome are you?

How awesome are you? Wait...don't tell me, just take the quiz and find out.

Camping with 5sos: Part One

We're camping with 5sos! What could possibly go wrong?

Let Down Part 2, The Great Escape (Son...

Welcome to part 2 of Let Down. I will be introducing my BF, Remie Wyte aka. Remie the Fox, for the very first time!

Creepy Pasta: Meeting? Part 1

· Humor
[Finally remade it.] Y/N gets invited to her best friend's house, the thing is, what if its filled with killers?

What Classic Video Game System are you?

We all remember the classics, but according to history, which are you most similar to?

Creepypasta sleepover

What will happen at the sleepover when all of you decide on a game called, 7 minutes in heaven?

What mix of anime animal are you? (3 t...

Hello this is my first quiz there are 3 types of animals you can get, a dog, cat or fox!

What animal is so you? the title :) First quiz everrrr hope u like

Which Character From My Story are you?

· Books
I'm writing a story, and if you'd like to know which character you'd be, that this quiz!

What spirit lives inside your soul (fa...

What Spirit Lives Inside your Soul? take this quiz to find out the stories for the results are completely fiction

Your Future Life Partner

Take this qiuzz to find out how your future life partner would be like

Five Nights at Freddys: Who Likes You ...

Who might be crushing on you in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria?

Which Dress Suits You The Best.

This quiz might help you to know your outfit according to your personality....!

Are you a true country girl?

This is my first quiz! Go easy on me!

What does my 2p! think of You?

· Scary
What'll happen when I leave you in a room with my evil twin, Carrie? This is more for boys, but my 2p! doesn't give a ding about gender as long as she can get som...

Can I Trick You?

Go through many different riddles and questions to see if I can trick you.

What Fairy Tail Character are you Most...

Basically i am bored in class and thought making this quiz would be fun This is my first quiz so its probably gonna suck All Characters belong to Hiro Mashima

What kind of candy are you?

Hope you like your results! ♥

Who Will be there for you? (2p!Hetalia)

WARNING: The feels may get to you. When you and your boyfriend have a falling out, which one of the 2p boys will be there for you? ♥ Enojy~!

Your fantasy boyfriend

I really wanted to make this, even tho im not into this kind of stuff.

Randomness quiz

I show you a series of drawings, you answer truthfully

Create a boyfriend

Create the perfect boyfriend

How Weird are you?

Is being weird good or bad? Do you know how weird you are? Is green a color? Find this all out NOW when you take the "How Weird Are You?" quiz!

My New Life 6

I decided to make a 6! Yay!

What thunderclan cat are you?

· Animals
(girls only) and my made-up cats (may be in a story i make)

Do you know your ballet moves?

· Sports
This quiz will test you on your knowledge about ballet moves.

A Sleepover

You spend a night over at the Phantomhives.

I'm Certain *Part 4*

A bit of drama ;)

Which Vocaloid are you?

Yay its my first quiz! Please no flames! This is a personality quiz to find out which vocaloid you are most like, I also included links for my favorite song by you vocalo...

Meeting One Direction!

One Direction spots you in the crowd at their show and asks you to come up onstage! How would you react? ;)

Your days as a pasta 7

Well you are in zalgos palace and you got caught soooooo now you're just waiting for a small light of hope. Btw i own no pictures

The New Girl WWFFY/WWYFF 3

^^ What the title says.

5SOS High School RP Part 3

5 Seconds Of Summer High School Role Play Quiz Part 3

Who would be you Naruto Shippuden Boyf...

· TV
Originally this quiz was going to be on Quizilla on my page Darkrose284, but it was giving me issues so here I am! ~~~ LadyLizzyBlue: Hey everyone it’s me lizzy here...

What kind of person will be your futur...

Hello this is my first quiz. Please remember that this is a quiz and I'm sure you will not like the answers. Also even boys can do this quiz. And don't just go al...

Who is Your BIGBANG Boyfriend?

I honestly have no idea why you're looking at this when the title says it all. You can either get Daesung, Taeyang, G-Dragon, TOP, or Seungri.

What branch of the military best suits...

A test to see which branch of the military you are best associated with!

Who will u be with?

· Scary
So if you like creepypasta and roleplay you will love this awesome quiz :D

Which of us would you best get along w...

Who would you get along best with Orkishoes, Rain, or Mist? (sorry for the random cover pic, couldnt find anything else ;-;) FOR LADS AND GIRLS!

What type of Dragon are you?

· Animals
The name says it all

Welcome to Slender Mansion! - 1

You've been invited to move into the Slender Mansion as the newest creepypasta! This will decide which of my OC characters you are for my next quizzes as well as gree...

Name That Song! (5sos)

· Music
Name the Lyrics of these 5sos songs

Which Creepypasta are you?

· Scary
Hi it's Creepypasta123 again! The results include Jeff the Killer, BEN DROWNED, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack, Slenderman, and Homicidal Liu (because there aren't e...

Your Harry Potter Life

· Books
What would your life be like if you went to Hogwarts?

Which one of my clans are you in?

Valley Clan Sharp Clan Paradise Clan Or Clay Clan? Which one will you join?

What would you be from Black Butler?

What creature are you? Are you human, demon, angel, or a grim reaper?

Adventure's in a Galaxy Far Far Aw...

Set in The Old Republic time line and the games description of planets. You a Sith run into me Aranar a Mandalorian. What will happen? Only time will tell. You better hop...

Your Creepypasta Life

The title says all! Look I was bored okay? Btw the pic is just something random.

What's your animal soul?

· Animals
If your soul were to be an animal which one would it be? Lots of results (Over 20) and accurate answers.

Whats you inner wild beast?

What beast are you? Release your inner animal spirit with this test!

What monster are you?

· Scary
Another Halloween quiz.

Your true spirit animal

· Animals
Ever wanted to find out your inner spirit animal? Take this quiz to find out which animal spirit you are.

What's your homestuck god tier cla...

Which is your class? Find out with this quiz. Please not that although this may be one of the most accurate quizzes, your result may not line up with your personality com...

What does America and Canada think of ...

· Animals
Wolf: See what Amer- America: ME THE HERO AND MY SIDEKICK CANADA! Wolf: -think of you Canada: and...nothing is wolf's.

The Assassins Contract - A WWYFF Part 5

Recap: your face was on a wanted poster, Edward lived and Robert came back. What will happen to Lucian?

How Much Do You Know About Five Nights...

I suppose the title says it all, eh?

Is He Boyfriend Material?

Do you have a crush on someone? Are you wondering if they would be a good partner? Well, LET'S FIND OUT TOGETHER!

What Kind of Condiment are you?

Hey there ladies and gents. Here's another one of my quizes, What Type of Condiment are You? Are you BBQ, Ketchup, Mustard, or Mayo? Or maybe even something else? Tak...

Can you guess these songs?

· Music
Can you guess the songs of some of my favorite bands? Let's find out!

What is your personality like?

Find out what you are like as a person.

Your supernatural life!

Ok lets try something a bit different...well not so different :P

What colour describes your personality

What colour describes your personality the best. Green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, red, white, grey and black

What you should wear

A clothing guide to an everyday look based on your personality!
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