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Which Kpop Girl Group Can You Fit In?

· Music
Which one these popular Kpop idol group that best suits you? Is it SNSD, KARA, f(x), or T-Ara ? C'mon and find out the results here!

Do you know the lyrics

· Music
Take this quiz to see how well you know songs form 2013 and 2014

Which one direction member will fall i...

· Music
Which one direction member will fall in love with you at first sight.
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Seven Minutes in Walking Dead Heaven *...

· TV
Sorry it took so long! But here it is! :) Carl, Daryl, Rick & Glenn!

Who's your Sons of Anarchy Husband?

· TV
Who's your bad boy? Could it be Jax? Tig? Maybe it's Juice or Chibs, Take this quiz to find out!

What Do The Hetalia Characters Think o...

· TV
Read the title. This is for everyone. I felt bad for the fanboys of Hetalia. Here welcome to all fans. Have a Pepsi before taking it's long! ^oAo^
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Can You Survive Slenderman?

· Scary
Are You Strong Enough To Escape From The Slenderman?

Creepypasta Institute part 14~

· Scary
True to his word, Toby has managed to ask a few people for some help to train you. Although, a person who you were pretty sure wouldn't even be interested, strangely ...

Creepypasta Institute part 10~

· Scary
You weren't getting off the hook after your previous actions. The Slenderman now has his suspicions and your only ally is Frost and possibly the mysterious Ben. Can y...
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What warrior cat clan do you belong to?

· Animals
Do you belong to wind clan, shadow clan, thunder clan or river clan?

Your guardian animal

· Animals
Everyone in the world is protected by someone or something. Some people believe they are angels but some believe they are spirits in form of animals. Have you ever wonder...

What's your animal soul?

· Animals
If your soul were to be an animal which one would it be? Lots of results (Over 20) and accurate answers.
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Fantasy & Mythology

What Supernatural Creature are you?

For both guys and gals. Not just vamps and wolves - you can find rare races in here, too! Detailed results. Totally honest and based solely on your personality. =)

Your Percy Jackson Love Life

What is your life like in the world of Percy Jackson? Includes your boyfriend, bestfriends, future, past, and a lot more ;) Long-ish results!

Your Vampire Boyfriend!

Haha a lot of girls fantasize over having a vampire for a boyfriend, so let's see what he'd be like. :) Have fun, sorry if you don't enjoy!
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Cars & Vehicles

Welcome to the mansion part 2

You were saved from a kidnapper by some stange people... You werent even sure if they were people... The door swings open to reveal ?

Marked (WWYFF) (Pt. 12)

Sorry I'm so late. I used to be ahead of which part I was posting, but now I'm not, so they might be just a little slower in future. Hopefully still within a week, though...

Whats up people show part4

So what do you think about a ride on a boat dont get seasick
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School & Academics

Hetalia World Academy Part 2

Is [y/n] going to like the W Academy?

Is college right for you?

Forget what people are trying to tell you. College is not for everyone. Find out if you should even bother.
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Does Jack Frost like you, love you, or...

· Movies
Find out if you are meant for Jack, just friends, disliked, or thought of as a sister.

What horror movie would you survive?

· Movies
Would you survive Halloween, Friday the 13th, or Nightmare On Elm Street? Choose Wisely.

Jack or Pitch

· Movies
How will you react when Pitch Black kidnaps you? Will jack save you? Will you stay with Pitch? Find out!
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Just For Fun

Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios!

If you ever became part of the CP club, Which CP can be your BF? *Not Best Friend BTW* Includes Jeff, BEN, EJ, Masky, Hoodie, Ticci Toby, and Laughing Jack!

What Cool Wallpaper Matches You?

Want to find a wallpaper theme for your device that matches your inner-self? This is my first quiz i have ever made. I hope you guys like it.

Which deadly sin are you.

There are seven choice you can get. Warth, Sloth, Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Envy, and Pride. This is first quiz so no hateful remarks. If you don't like what you got ret...
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· Sports
Independent or a Settle Down Doubles Tennis Type?
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Love & Friendship

Seven minutes in heaven creepypasta st...

LOOK UP! I DON'T SEE WHY WE NEED A DESCRIPTION! XD any way, the results include~BEN, Jeff,Ticci Toby and Eyeless Jack! ;) enjoy my pretties!

Your Boyfriend + story

Hope you like it :) All pics from

Would Phil Lester Date You?

I did 'Would Dan Howell Date You?' so now, it's time for Phil! Wanna try?
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Celebrities & Fame

What Viner Boy Is For You?

Vine, vine, vine ♥ YASSS This is my first quiz and it's late, so i'm tired:P Love yahs tho♥

Your Youtube Bestfriend!

The title says it all, Hope you enjoyed and please don't hate if you don't get the answer that you wanted. Heart, Comment and Follow me if you enjoyed!
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Can You Relate? :) ~Part 5~

· Humor
How many of these Awkward and funny moments have happened to you? take the quiz to find Out! :D

Your 1D Life

· Humor
How would your life with one direction end or start?

Toilet Secrets

· Humor
Everyone has dirty little secrets. How about the ones hidden in the bathroom while you're on the toilet? Come on, now. You're just DYING to know what your TOILET ...
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Which Greaser Is Perfect For You?

· Books
*accurate results*

Your Harry Potter life! (Girls only)

· Books
This is my first quiz. There are four results and each include house, friends, boyfriend, ect. Enjoy!

Will you go to Camp Half Blood or Camp...

· Books
This will tell if you're Greek or Roman.
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Beauty & Vanity

What's your perfect hair color?

Same as title! ENJOYYYY

What piercing best suits you?(mostly f...

Find out what clues add up to what piercing suits you and why! great and descriptive!

What Piercing Should You Have?

Just a simple lil thing, determining what piercing you should havebased off of your personality c:
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Video Games

What Eeveelution are you?

Are you calm like a Glaceon or hyper as a Jolteon? Find out!

Would Strega Accept you?

P3. Only 2 answers.. I made tying impossible. *maniacal laughter.*

What Video Game Character are you?

Are you an Assassin, a soldier, a prince, a jedi, or something other? Take this quick quiz to find out which Video Game Character you are
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Food & Drinks

Which Faygo Flavor are you?

This quiz has NOTHING to do with ICP! Take it cause Faygo is freaking delicious~

All You Need Is FOOD!

Yeah dude, it's about food. So what? Just, take the quiz. I said, can you please take the quiz. Not pushing you just asking. I Love You.

What kind of FOOD are you?

This quiz was made by my little sis! With help from me. :)
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Career & Goals

Your life in the future

Long results sorry, FOR GIRLS ONLY SORRY

What will your job/career be in some y...

It doesn't matter if you work at McDonald's right now...This quiz will tell you where you will be later.

How Old Do You Act?

Are you bugged because everyone treats you like a baby? Either you're more grown-up than they think... or they can see signs of immaturity you can't. Take this quiz and f...
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Which one of Sakamaki brothers suit yo...

Diabolik Lovers quiz - find out which one would like you! I hope you enjoy it!

Black Butler: Seven Minutes in Heaven ...

Ever wondered what would happen if you worked in the Phantomhive household? What would you do? Who would be your match? Ciel or Sebastian? Love or Lust? Quiz for girls ...
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What M.O.S. fits you? (Based on the Ma...

For you people who play to much C.o.D M.O.S. means what will you do in the military.

Kuroko No Basket Character Quiz!~

Has Generation of Miracles characters and a few Seirin Players. Credit to Wikia.

What's Your Blue Exorcist Life?

Who are you in Blue Exorcist? What meister are you? Ect. Ect. ****Long Results!*****
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Boys like or dislike

😊 i got bored guys so this was just for fun

Akatsuki's Kitten part 7

· TV
Sorry for the wait. Rated H for Hidan.

Who's your GOT7 boyfriend?

· Music
Are you curious who's your GOT7 boyfriend? Take this quizz and you'll see

What do you want from your relantionsh...

You will find out what's that you ask for in your relationship..otherwise it can't be a relationship due to your decisions.!

Which TMNT Girl Would You Be

Hey guys! I decided to do something a bit different. It's a personality quiz for girls who want to know which of my TMNT fan fiction character you would be. I hope yo...

Qual personagem de MLP seria sua amiga?

Esse é um quiz pra ver qual MLP sua amiga seria :)

Supernatural Royalty Part 8 ~Final~

Supernatural Royalty Part 8 ~Final~ One Direction Fanfic -Your kidnapped, what will happen?

What do boys see in you - personality

Based on your personality, Don't be embarrassed of your look or personality ever because there is always someone who finds it beautiful take my last quiz : Are you be...

What boys see in you

Hope you enjoy the quiz ♥

Chat with Killua

My first quiz, hope you like it!

What is your daemon?

· Animals
Based on the trilogy 'His dark materials' by Philip Pullman and the film 'The Golden Compass'


· TV
Which Chibi nation are you going to live with?

Would you live #1

· Scary
This is a quiz to see whether or not you would survive the Creepypastas, soo... WOULD YOU?

What's your best feature?

It's all in the title beautiful♥

Why can't you get a girl and/or ke...

Take the quiz to see why you can't get a girl.

Who would you love best among my headc...

· TV
Headcanon-based characters. Not historically, nor socially credible - obviously. Expect sadness.

Does yo crush like you

I don't even know m8

Which Anime Should You Watch Part 2

Having trouble finding an anime to watch? Look no further! This quiz recommends anime specified by your likings! There 's another quiz just like this if you want to c...

Ranger's Apprentice Life (Boys)

So I've never really seen much of quizzes for specifically boys, so I decided to make one. So here, you can see what your life will be like in the Araluen Kingdom. Wi...

Truth or Dare w/ us! Christmas Style!

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL TIME! THANK YOU ALL 4 40 FOLLOWERS! I LOVE YOU ALL DANK CHUS! idea just popped into my head and i wanted something with comedy so i was just like why no...

What type of Uke/Seme are you?

CAUTION! This quiz is pretty intense and probably not best for young viewers. Take at your own risk!

What Kind of Lolita Should You Wear?

Many options! \(^ω^\)

What do I think of you?

For Girl's Only, Just Do see if I could be their "online friend"! Have fun girls! Gumi: Yes! Have Fun my singers!

Babysitting The (Little) Big Four

It's Christmas Eve, the jolliest time of the year! But due to an accidental wish made by Rapunzel; her, Merida, Hiccup & Jack Frost had temporarily shrunken to ki...

Which Hogwarts House Do You Belong In?

Find out which of the four Hogwarts houses you would be in and a a general personality description!

What Compass Point Matches Your Person...

What direction matches your personality? Take this quiz to find out your cardinal direction.

What Five Nights at Freddy's (1 an...

· Scary
Have you ever wondered what Five Nights at Freddy's animatronic you are? You haven't? Oh well.

What Type Of Anime Character are you?

Take this quiz to see what you are! *not to be taken seriously!*

What Is My Spirit Animal?

· Animals
Yea... I'm kind of running out of ideas...

Who is your dream boyy

Description says it all

What type of outfit explains you?

Just take the quiz sweetie :)

What element are you?

Find out what element you are. An Avatar: The Last Airbender inspired quiz:)

What Does Spain think of you?

Is it Love, or complete disdain between you?

Your TMNT dad!

I haven't seen ANY of these! So I decided to make my own, and I urge you to make one too! I hope you like it! Find out who your turtle dad is!

Could we work out?

Let's pretend we were boyfriend and girlfriend, okay? Would we work out?

What Rank Am I In a Wolf Pack?

· Animals
What rank are you in a wolf pack? Take this quiz to find out!

What God Tier Class are you?

(Don't take it seriously) This is from Homestuck, the webcomic from Andrew Hussie on mspaintadventures. This will go with the Aspect quiz that I will soon put up. Thi...

Which Fairy Tail Character Would You Be?

If you lived in teh Fairy Tail world... who are you most like?

What Is My Warrior Name and What Do I ...

· Animals
Try this quiz if you want to know what your warrior name is and what you look like! It also says what clan too! Enjoy! :)

What Date a Live Spirit are you?

Title says all! See what kind of Spirit you are, from a little sister with double personalities, to a yandere that can control time! These are only characters from season...

Good Girlfriend Material?

Determine if you have what it takes to be a good girlfriend when the time comes!

What does Donatello think about you?

This is just for fun. 3rd quiz for me. Hope you like it. not exactly about love Donnie like you would expect really funny.

Whos your Hogwarts Boyfriend

This is a quiz to find your Hogwarts boyfriend, and a brief background on him and you guys. Some are from the books and some are made up. Enjoy! xoxo -Kenna

What creepypasta are you most like?

· Scary
Includes Jeff the killer, BEN drowned, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack, Hoodie, and Slenderman.

What 5 Nights at Freddy's Characte...

This quiz will determine what animatronic character you are most like! The animatronic you will receive will be from FNAF 1 or FNAF 2! Enjoy!

What do the FNAF crew think of you!

You just got job as security guard!What will they think of you,will you survive,or will you die on the first night!

Fnaf What Color Would your Fnaf Cupcak...

What color would your fnaf cupcake be Find out now!

Qué Puchi Girl serías?

¡Puchi Girls es el grupo de moda! Representando a Adory Entertainment, se han hecho un hueco en el mundo del kpop coruñés. Conoce con este test, a cuál de las tan sie...

Which Creepypasta OC are you?

· Scary
Images aren't mine.

Which one of my O.C's are you?

· Scary
These are all of my OC's, and its based on creepypasta.

Your Five nights at freddy's 2 life

Ever wondered what would you be in this house of nightmares...Lets find out... Includes story

Your second life (Teen Life)

This is a quiz about what your second life would be. Answer questions honestly and read over results. Have fun!

Can you guess the song/artist? #2

· Music
This is 2nd quiz of my song/artists quiz. Again, only if you have an odd taste in music. This will NOT be as easy as the first one. I own none of these pictures. Have fu...

Which Triforce Do You Weild? ~Legend O...

Basically the title X3 I know a lot of people wanted to do this, but I kinda wanted to do my own X3 May have some RP in it. You have been warned. ~I do not own any pic...

Do you know your anime?

Basically a quiz on how much you know about anime.

Which host is your love?

This is a ohshc quiz including haruhi. I love ouran so i decided to create a quiz on it so hope you guys like it.

What kind of FABULOUS are you?

It's been a while since I've made a quiz. I decided to make another one. This is the first thing that popped in my mind when I thought of ideas.

Would Mello like you?

Most likely not. Don't try to bribe him with guns and chocolate, either.

Creepypasta school Part 9

The second course will begin today. You survived the first one, lucky you. But now you have to sursive the second one too.

How similar are we 0+0

Just want to see how similar we are. Boy or girl can take the quiz, I don't mind. :D

Animals in a new view part 2 (IF YOU G...

Ok I FINALLY DID IT! kinda burnt out though so it may not be as good

Meet the big four plus *drum roll*meee...

· Movies
Ever wanted to meet the big four? well, here they are!

How perverted are you?

A quiz to see if you're as perverted as we are ^~^

What are you too me

Are you my enemy, friend, or lover This is truly what I will thank about you choose

Future Daughter

Includes teenage pictures, baby pictures and toddler pictures and life story! Btw this is my first quiz i hope you like it cx

Witch character from "Bloodshed Ti...

Who are you in my upcoming story, 'Warriors: Bloodshed times'? Are you Antstar, Hollowstorm, Snow or Sparrowstar?

Are you A True Otaku? 2

· TV
Follow, heart, and comment! This is part two of my first Otaku Quiz, I hope everyone likes it!

Which Daisuki Club Gen.2 OC are you?

I KNOW THERES A GENERATION 1 AND 3 -.-* i chose generation 2 because those characters are my favorite.
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