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Which music fandom do you belong to?~F...

One Direction(Directioners),Btr(Rushers),Union j(jcats),Justin B.(Beliebers),or Austin Mahone (Mahomies). It says it all in the title! The only reason I did these fandom...

True belieber?

Find out just how true of a beliber you really are

Who's your celebrity boyfriend?

Justin Bieber? One of the boys from One Direction? Austin Mahone? Someone you least expected?

Would Justin Bieber fall in love with ...

After answering a few questions you'll find the answer to the question all girls want the answer to.

Conversation with Justin Bieber!

· Music
I've seen all the "Conversation with" for the One Direction boys. Yay! I do like those quizzes! But I haven't seen a Justin Bieber one. Where the Beliebers at? :) Anyway,...

Which Fandom Should You Really Be In?

· Music
Directioner, 5SOSFam, Mixer, Smiler, Swiftie, or Belieber? Are you really in the fandom you should be in? Use this Sugarscape quiz to find out! - Fandom? This is all abou...

What fandom are you in?

Second quiz yay but all in the tittle

Are you a real Belieber?

Find out if you're a real Belieber here where we test your knowledge about Justin Bieber. It's not amazing, I know, but it's my first time making a quiz and if...

A Belieber's test!

· Music
Are you a belieber? test yourself :))

Chat with Bieber

· Music
Wanted to always have a chat with the biebs? Well here he is! Have fun (:

Which type of fangirl are you?

This is my first Personality quiz. Lets see how it goes...
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Are you A TRUE Belieber?

Take this small quiz to test whether or not you have the right to call yourself a belieber!

What fandom is perfect for you?

If you still haven't found your self, you're interests and the place you belong In, taking this quiz might just help you get you started and finding the first way...

Are we friends?:3

All in the title sweetheart^^^^^^

Justin Bieber

20 questions based on pop star sensation Justin Bieber. Are you a Belieber? Just a fan? Or an average person? Copyright ©2014 by Taking Adventures

Are you A True Belieber?

Find out here if your a true BELIEBER!

What's your personality?

This quiz will determine your personality based on which celebrities you like best. Enjoy! :P

The Justin Bieber Quiz

Think you are a true belieber? Put it to the test!

What Does Justin Bieber Think Of You

· Music
Find out what the biebs thinks about YOU in this quiz!

Would you and I be great friends?

ALL IN DA TITLE ! Girls only since i have a lot of guy friends lol
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