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Which Attack on Titan Character are you?

· Books
Do you want to know which character in Attack On Titans are you similar with? Or who you will be in the world of "Attack on Titan" (10 available characters) Enjoy! Commen...

Your Hogwarts Life! LOOONNGG RESULTS!

· Books
Includes Boyfriend, House, Wand, Personality, Friends, Enemies, Favorite teachers and subjects, Past, Life though Hogwarts, Future, Family, Opinions of you, E.T.C, E.T.C....

What Camp Half-Blood cabin do you belo...

· Books
Which one of the 12 major gods' and goddess' cabins would you fit in? In other words, who is your godly parent? A Princess Umbrella quiz.
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Your personal horror story

· Scary
What will your horror story be?

What game is right for you?

· Scary
Find a good video game to play! :D
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School & Academics

Would you date a teacher?

Title says it. Where you met, kids, hometown, where he preposed (if he did), and if you got caught. NOTE: THESE ARE NOT REAL PEOPLE. I MADE THEM UP. ALL OUT OF MY HEA...

What Type of Writing Item are you?

I know this quiz sounds bizarre-ish, but don't worry. I hopefully got a few things down that make sense, so have fun!

Anime Academy For The Rich,Smart and B...

Welcome to my Academy,We have tons of anime characters here all from different animes.Today this will be Ouran's class session! so enjoy.
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Which 2014 song is your theme song?

· Music
A new year, a beginning and song for your life and year! :)

1D is Stalking You!

· Music
Ok, so pretend that you're famous, and one direction are regular boys and happen to be your biggest fans! Meet them at a meet and greet to see how they wpuld react to see...

7 Minutes In Heaven With One Direction...

· Music
But here's the catch: pass my test, get a short story with your favorite one direction member. fail my test, suffer the consequence of not imagining 7 minutes in heaven w...
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What Do The Ouran High School Host Clu...

· TV
As the title says :3 This is intended for those who like males and I do use the pronoun "her" in my results!

D. Gray Man Boyfriend: Main Exorcists

· TV
Results include Allen Walker, Yu Kanda, Lavi and Arystar Krory.

Do you know these Anime Characters/Tit...

· TV
It will range from Popular to not so popular I guess? Not really xD *Pictures Included*
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Just For Fun

Stuck In A Plane RP *Black Butler*(Rea...

You are given a strange invitation to a party that takes place on a luxury jet. The invitation simply states, 'Wear formal attire. Dinner and drinks will be available...
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Fantasy & Mythology

The Last Queen #4

A cold November night, after one year of living in the streets, you come across five strange guys. They are so perfect, it is almost unreal. This fatal encounter will mar...

The Last Queen #28

A cold November night, after one year of living in the streets, you come across five strange guys. They are so perfect, it is almost unreal. This fatal encounter will mar...

Your Camp Half Blood Life

Well You've read our title pretty much just that and this is our very first quiz so we would appreciate it if you don't go all hater on us.
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What Sport Should You Try?

· Sports
This is my first quiz, and so enjoy!

Girly, Tomboy or in between?

· Sports
Tomboy, girly, or in between?
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Food & Drinks

Which Starbucks Drink are you?

For Starbucks loverss♡hehe i am a starbucks lover myself;) soo... have fun! :)
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Love & Friendship

Create a relationship (+breakup,makeup)

Includes First meet, first kiss, breakup, makeup. Didn't mean to use stereotypes, but they may be included, Sorry! One of the results has some touchy subjects in it so do...

Hogwarts Love Life

First quiz, don't judge. Sorry, but this is for girls. Hogwarts guys include Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Fred or George Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Oliver Wood, and Cedric ...

Create a Boyfriend ~Long Results

Create your own boyfriend ~ includes how you met etc.
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Which viner is for you?

For Girls Only (results are all boys)

What kagune would you have as a ghoul?

It's simple. Take the quiz to see what kagune you would possess as a ghoul. For those of you who don't know, a kagune is a ghoul's predatory organ that helps ...
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Your life in narnia

· Movies
Well your life and what people think of you

Rise Of The Guardians 7 min in heaven

· Movies
7min in heaven with ROTG

How Johnny Depp character is for you?

· Movies
Love you Johnny Depp? Do this test, if you want know, how Johnny Depp character could fell in love with you. + Please koment it! Please! Please! :3
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Beauty & Vanity


A picture of your gorgeous guy and story included inside. ♥ Cute, long results. For anyone who wants to take it.

What Victoria Secret Model are you?

Find out here, what VS Model you could be!

Create your perfect boyfriend + short ...

For the girls who just want to fantasize. Dadicated to a beautiful soul- мιѕgυιđєđ għσѕтѕ
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What would chu look like as a warrior ...

· Animals
Ever wondered? :3 Pictures came from a Deviantart design-a-cat thing ^u^ But I designed them.

What breed of horse should you own?

· Animals
Unsure what equine breed is right for you? Well, take this quiz and then you will know!

What species of Tiger are you?

· Animals
Find out what species of Tiger you would be...
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Who is Your YouTuber Twin?

Who is your YouTuber twin? Is it LDShadowlady, Tobuscus, Zoella, or Tyler Oakley?

Do we act alike deep inside?

I just wanna know if there are people out there that relate to me deep within ourselves or if I just need help .__.

Which female Character are you from my...

See which member you would be in the Villains, Queenie, Kitty, Ivy, or Jokes.
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Video Games

Resident Evil Life

This is for all the Resident Evil lovers out there! :3 Honestly, I just made this out of boredom so, don't get mad at me! Dx Sorry but this is preferably females again :...

Which Achievement Hunter are you? Mine...

LLLLLLLLLLLET's take a personality quiz. Which Achievement Hunter are you most like from the minecraft lets plays? This is based on minecraft though not nessicarily real ...
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Cars & Vehicles

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Career & Goals

I can predict your future

Will you make new friends or lose some of them ?Will you have a new boyfriend ? Don't you want to know your future ?GOOD AND BAD NEWS HERE !

What's your Future? (Long results!)

What's your future? It's pretty much like a M.A.S.H quiz. Girls only though. Sorry! This is my first quiz, so don't judge if it's bad. Thanks!

Future family #6:

Haha dont get too annoyed with these :) I'm trying to see how many I can make :D and they are fun to take and make... Sooo um yeah :) Includes: description, pictu...
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Celebrities & Fame

Who's your 5sos boyfriend ?

Look at the title ! (:

I'm A Viner? (Part 8)

Don't throw that rock again. Okay, so update of last time: You got in a fight with your boy. Think you'll make up in this quiz? Think again. This quiz is gonna ha...
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Are you a Phan?

· Humor
Do you know your stuff about these two British YouTubers? Take the quiz to find out :) By the way, this is my first quiz so please don't tell me how stupid it is, I alre...

Your 1D man! *Long results*

· Humor
Nobody reads this, but if you do take this quiz it has moving pictures XD

The Impossible Quiz 2

· Humor
This is just like the first quiz, but you get the pleasure of listening to the troll song while taking it if you wish. I added an optical illusion into this one. Enjoy! ^...
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What hairstyle should you try?

What hairstyle should you try? Sorry for girls only. Find out with this quiz! I hope you enjoy it!

What Future Diary Character are you?

Im doing this Quiz Out Of Fun.I loved The Mirai Nikki /Future Diary Anime. By Far Its the most Epic I've seen. My favorite character Sadly was Killed. I may do a Fan ...

Which 1D lad do you get to call yours?

Soooo this quizz is about which 1D lad is yours for keeps :)

The Sorting Hat

Well, well, look at what we have here. Someone new to Hogwarts! I wonder where I should sort you... Before I place you, I might ask a few questions. This won't take l...

Which Character from Ravenwood Academy...

10 different results! Ravenwood Academy is my own story. No spoilers. :)

British Stereotypes

So I'm kinda getting fed up of all these British stereotypes. Plus I was bored.... so I made this quiz to set the facts straight!

Your bedroom style

All in tha title^^^^^

The best AOT ship for you.

Find out your ship! Hey listen to this, Coach Keis likes to eat cheese next to the geese in peace.-Me

What song should you listen too?

· Music
The result includes tracks by One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, New Politics, G.R.L and Ed Sheeran :) Enjoy!

What is love like for you?

Love hits us all in different ways. How does it affect you? PS: No pictures included. Sorry kid.

What Sasquatch thinks of you?

Find out what Sassy thinks of you! Will you be friends or...something more?

Kidnapped by my worst nightmare prt 4 ...

All in the tiltle my lovlies! :D


Well it's pretty simple it's like all of the other quizzes I make, except OHSHC!

7 Minutes In Heaven South Park

Pretty much exactly what it says, with Kenny, Kyle, Cartman, Stan, Craig, Tweek, Token, and even Butters.

What type of guy will you date?

It's in the title! Find out what guy you'll date either in the future or now ;) Long results (how you meet, first date/kiss)Yo

Which one of my FNAF OCs are you?

I know, this is a stupid idea, but I'm doing it anyways! X3 Sorry, no boys allowed, unless you want to be a girl!

How Much Do You Love Candy?

Alright fellow candy lovers! Time to see what you got! Have fun

How well do you know these lyrics?

· Music
Lyrics from many different bands and artists

Who is your maze runner boyfriend

The title literally says it all

Black Butler \part 2/

Continuing with Black Butler~

You and your TMNT boy's theme song!

Lets say you have a boyfriend from TMNT, what would your theme relationship's song be? Find out~

Kingdom Hearts Secret Santa

Everyone loves getting and giving gifts right? Well, take this quiz to find out who you KH secret Santa will be! Who knows you may even have a 'special' moment wi...

RP night one FNAF

This is an rp of fnaf and um yeah i was tired when i made this sorry.

Creepypasta Boyfriend

If you like ccreepypasta boys and want to know who you like the most or would most likely go out with, take this quiz and find out. *Smiles sweetly* However, STAY AWAY FR...

Hetalia Love

This is my first quiz. This containing Alfred, Arthur, Allen, & Oliver. My next quiz will have other characters.

Would You Rather? (Black Butler)

Are you rational, or just plain insanity?

OC Quiz

See which of my OCs are you. The fandoms include Supernatural, Homestuck, Black Butler, Soul Eater, Fairy Tail, ETC. Results include story, relationships and more. This i...

What Human FNAF Guys would you hangout...

I needed to make a quiz after reading so much of Rebornicas stuff. It's a lil randomness so forgives if it's crap.

Kingdom Hearts, do you know it?

It's a quiz to test how well you know the video game series Kingdom Hearts. This is my first quiz so I hope it isn't too bad.... Sorry if it is though....

Your Pretty Little Liars Mate

· TV
BOYS and GIRLS can take this! What kind of boy or girl do you go for... I Don't Own Any Of The Pictures

Your Future with 5SOS

If you love 5 Seconds of Summer and wanna know what your future will be like with them just take this quiz.

The Harshly Honest FNaF Personality Test

See the harshly honest truth.

What movie should you be in?

· Movies
I hope you like it. love you.

1p/2p Hetalia: What they think of you

· TV
I'm sorry if this isn't good. First quiz. Hope you like it. Just like the title says. We own nothing, but the idea! Also there might be some cussing. You have bee...

Sleepover With the Big Four-Christmas ...

Welcome to the last part of Sleepover With the Big Four!Sorry it came in late,due to my stupidity I ate too much chocolate and got sick.That's what I get for not payi...

Short like Strawberry ShortCakes [TF R...

Note: I added Metroplex. He's there to power the base and kind of important since he's going to talk to you about certain subject throughout the story. Sunstreake...

What Kind of Psycopath are you?

-Or will you get the 'unespected results' instead? :c many results ! Just for fun~

Which Member of BVB Would You Date/ Be...

For fans of Black Veil Brides (obviously).

Will Jack Frost Like You?

Will the Guardian of Mischief/Joy like you? Take this quiz to find out.

Your Fairy Tail Lover ((Girls only! So...

This is just including the basic Fairy Tail men with two or three exceptions 'cause you know who doesn't love our boys from the Sabertooth Guild?

Your Black Butler life

Read the title includes ciel, sebastian, alois, and claude + it may seem like i like alois, he's really annoying! this is my first quiz so...

Which Unicorn are you?

Haiiii, peoplez, this is my 1st quiz, and its gonna be SOOO awesome! im obsessed with unicorns...

Chains of Hope Part 10, The Nightmares...

You've got a date with Sonic but why isn't it the title? Because of that dream you had the night before. And this is Dark Laura's first quiz.

Who is your teenwolf boyfriend?

· TV
Take this quiz to determine your teen wolf boyfriend! (Stiles, Scott, Derek, Jackson, and More)

Which Creepy Pasta Character Is watchi...

In this quiz we shall simply find out which Creepy Pasta character stalks you and longs to be with you.

Will Homicidal Liu Like You?

Will my best male friend, Liu fall for you? Take this quiz to find out!

Are you Shy?

If you might be shy then take this quiz to find out. I'm shy so I would know.

What fictional character are you?

· Movies
Oh Hello again dear *Curls up next to you* Back again. Oh I see your contemplating whether or not to take my quiz. Don't worry dear I would just like to see what char...

How Well Do You Know The Maze Runner?

· Books
Only the first book... Might make a quiz for the others tho... Based on the book

What is your theme song?

· Music
^^^description says it all *my first quiz sorry if it sucks*

Which Girl is Most like you? (2)

So far my first one has 707 takers so I thought I should make another one! :)

Talk w/ Draco

· Movies
:p Anyone wanna have small talk with this bad boy favorite of Slytherin? #DracoisDABae

Your Theme Song

Your theme song if can't under stan what their saying i put the lyrics with theme ..

Which of my OCs are you?

So I'm doing this again, only this is for my top 4 OCs! Shall we start? Also, it's Creepypasta OCs

In Different Worlds (Akatsuki WWFFY) ~...

This is the start of an Akatsuki themed WWFFY series I will be working on. :3 the results include all members (besides Konan). She'll still be part of the series, tho...

Which Super Smash Bro are you?

I have characters from Mario, to Link, to Jigglypuff so come click this quiz to see who you are!

What is your Destiny?

Find out what your meant to do.

How well do you know percy jackson?


What Does America think of you?

Has "love" interests.. but dudes are still welcome to take it. ^^

Which anime should you try?

This info is coming from an Otaku, just to be reassuring.

Faction Quiz

What faction do you belong in? Are you Erudite? Amity? Abnegation? Dauntless? Candor?

Your Future Children!

Le title dit everything :3 semi-long results, so please don't murder me :)
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