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House Guests: Avengers WWFFY Chapter 4

· Movies
I'm sad tonight, let's have House Guests

Your Camp Half Blood Life *Longish res...

· Movies
(This is set in the first book/movie and they're all 10-14 years old) Your godly parent, friends, what they think of you, your hobbies, boyfriend, crush, first quest e...

Which animal Disney character are you?...

· Movies
Which Disney masterpiece can you relate to the most? :D
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Your Inner Wolf

· Animals
If you were a wolf, where would you stand in the pack? (my new and improved wolf pack position quiz)

Build-a boy

· Animals
No!not build a bear silly gooses:)...take me!=)

Orignal or Copy Cat?

· Animals
Are you being you or are you trying to be someone else? just for fun quiz
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Food & Drinks

The food quiz!

Try my new food quiz its awesome!

What type of drinker are you?

Are you one of those people no one wants to be around wehn they drink?
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Career & Goals

What will your baby look like?

This is a quiz to tell you information about how your babies will be. (None will be ugly)


Your future job, house, where you'll live, how many kids you'll have. *WARNING* Results aren't accurate. (:

What's your future job?

Has very helpful information at results
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Love & Friendship

Who would your Hetalia best friend be?

Take this quiz to see which of these awesome countries would be your best friend!

Truth or dare vine version

this is a quiz to test you ability with all da baes
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Spend the day with: Leo Valdez

· Books
A beautiful (and 'GSUIGDKJDSG') day with the most attractive and humorous fictional character on the planet. Don't die.

What the Harry Potter crew think of you?

· Books
Girls only sorry boys! It includes your boyf, bff, house, best spell and a little more! ;) Enjoy yourself <3
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Fantasy & Mythology

Your Life at Camp Half Blood (Girls On...

Your life at camp half blood, sorry girls only. Find out what cabin you are in, your friends, boyfriends, crushes and who has a crush on you. Oh yeah and this is my first...

What color are your angel wings?

Fallen angel or not, you still deserve a set of beautiful wings (at least by the law of folklore). *Contains more realistic wing types, like blue means blue jay and suc...

What mythological creature are you?(Gi...

Are you a deadly demon? A fierce angel? A seductive mermaid? Or something else?
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Celebrities & Fame

Who in 5sos is the one for you

Well we all know 5sos aren't really the sharpest knifes in the box when it comes to being normal xD (But who am i to judge sitting on qoutev like... yah) So in this ...

IM5 Love Life

Meet him, date him, break up, and make up! Got this idea from a few quizzes I'd taken, hope you enjoy! *LONG RESULTS!*
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Does he like you back? (amazingphil)

· Humor
Fate is a funny thing...especially when it comes to crushing on your guy bff. So what happens when your bff, amazingphil's, roommate Dan tells you he has a crush on you. ...

Do you know what a milkbra is?

· Humor
(You pervy little pandas, it's nothing dirty)

Which of my evil twin sisters are you?

· Humor
Hahahaha this quiz is gonna be a hit, i can tell. Which of my eveil sisters are you? They are identical twins, but almost nothing alike... Figure out which one you are!
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1D fight and break up

· Music
Read this and find out how you and your 1D boyfriend break up and then make up ♥

Your Fight With Your 1D Bf

· Music
I really wantde to make one ^.^ enjoy!
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What anime should you watch?

· TV
(Added 2 new animes) Basically what it says in the heading, after answering some questions, hopefully you'll have a good anime suggestion to your liking. These are ju...

What Will You Look Like Anime?

· TV
Scene, Emo, Preppy(<.<), Tomboy, Nerd, Computer Geek,Skater, Or Rocker?

What anime should you watch?

· TV
I believe the title is self-explanatory. Enjoy! ^.^
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Video Games

Who is your Team Crafted Boyfriend? (W...

Which guy from team crafted would date you? The options are TheBajanCanadian, ASFJerome, SkyDoesMinecraft, and Deadlox. Stories included! More to come soon.

What's your Legend of Zelda: Twili...

The items available are: Dual Clawshot; Ball and Chain; Bow and Arrows; Iron Boots; Slingshot; Gale Boomerang; Dominion Rod; Zora Armor.
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Your Emo Boy!

· Sports
You got Lucas and Ashen... They are both sweet. But one has a secret and one is a football player... good luck... i hope you get the one you want...

Your perfect sport.

· Sports
What would your perfect sport be? Volleyball, Dance or Swimming?

Which quote you need ?

· Sports
Title says it all
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Cars & Vehicles

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School & Academics

How to study better.

Trouble with studying? Do this test and check what kind of study person you are.

Dream prom dress

So guys have you ever thought about your dream prom dress? Do you talk about it with your friends? Well from today you won't have to as WE will pick your dream prom...

What Do Your Eyes Really Mean?

Sorry guys I haven't' made a quiz in over a month or two. I have been pushed on school work and homework I barely have time to get on. I promised a quiz, so here ...
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What Cute Halloween Creature are you? :)

♥ Who doesn't love adorable Halloween Creatures? :D But The Question is, which one are You? ♥ xx

What's your animal spirit?

Nothing unique just decided to do my own version of it, would like to see your animal spirit? Just try the quiz and if not happy with the results, comment what animal you...

What are you at school?

What are you at school? Are you a popular or a nerd, why don't you take this quiz to find out!
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The Proxy Trials #7

· Scary
You’ve survived the first Trial, and you get a day of rest before the next one. You’re told not to overexert yourself, so this is a great opportunity to ask a few mor...

The Proxy Trials #8

· Scary
The day has come for the second Trial to begin, this one apparently to test your resilience. You might not know precisely how, but hopefully you'll make it through th...

The Proxy Trials #10

· Scary
It's the day of the third Trial, and you're meant to meet the mentors out on the front lawn. After that, you're left on your own to complete the challenge...b...
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Just For Fun

Your Twilight Life

You life in Twilight! Includes:name, birthday, personality, boyfriend, and other stuff.

Whos your Vixx Boyfriend?

Find out which Vixx member would date you :) plus there will be a cute scenario for each member at the end xx

Black Butler - would you get along wit...

For all you Grell lovers out there ^.^
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Beauty & Vanity

What's Your Fall Fashion Must Have?

5 really cute fashion picks for fall/winter! Which one would flatter you the most? It's really fun I promise:)

What type of makeup describes you best?

Ever wondered what type of makeup are you if you are one?Find out here!Hope you like it 😊
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FairyTail - Who will you be with? [For...

Who will you be with? - Sorry only 5 answers.

Você sabe demonstrar interesse?

Saiba se você sabe demonstrar interesse quando está apaixonado.
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Mythical High School (Girls only) part7

You have discovered your power of awesomeness and now i'm back as well :)

Creepypasta... WOULD YOU RATHER? 3

Ello~ Mina doing this one! *himedere personality switches on* now bow to me~ (JK XD)

Could you survive in All God's Vil...

Fatal Frame 2 quiz, it's a scary game with ghosties and your only means of self-defense is a camera. All God's Village is where you and your twin sister are trapp...

Which element are you?

Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. Which one are you?

Would Quicksilver Like You?

Well would he? Find out by taking this quiz! (Based on Quicksilver from DOFP)

If you would fall into a game world. W...

All the pictures I have posted, I do not own them. But please take my first quiz, I hope you have fun knowing what class you are.

What HXH Nen Type are you?

Take this quiz to find out your type of nen

Elf-Queen of Gildeon: A WWYFF Part 5

Recap: Jared is now your Forsworn, able to sense your feelings. And a giant portal opened in the living room, which is really going to mess with Lucas' décor.

Your WWE Diva life

Just like the title! ^_^

7 Minutes In Heaven With Anime Boys!

One closet, 7 minutes, 7 boys, 2 girls.

What Is You're Inner Immortal?

· Scary
Hello everybody! It's around the Halloween time of year, and I thought I should do a special little quiz for it! Hope you enjoy!

Schizophrenia, will you survive? Part 2

· Scary
This just continues on from the first one.I made it as I went along so There might be C.P. characters in it there might not. We'll see.

Which Five Nights at Freddy's Char...

Hellr, lovelies! Welcome to my first Five Nights at Freddy's quiz! This quiz shall tell you which of these fabulous animatronics will fall for you. Results include Fr...

Who's your Creepypasta Brother?

· Scary
Whos your creepypasta brother? Find out now! Wow just noticed i sounded like one of those commercial guys haha!

Pinkie Pie & her cupcakes

· TV
This is based off that "My little pony Cupcakes" thing, which I strongly suggest you do a little research before you begin if you haven't heard about it yet. ...

Can you win Peter Pan's heart? (On...

· TV
Well can you? (Lol my friend and I kinda made it umm... just take the quiz ^.^)

Fallen Death Part one [A new begining]

My first Quiz and no you won't die at the end so don't worry.

What Disney Heroine are you?

· Movies
My first quiz! Hope you like!

Hetalia~Are you the one~?

I hope you all like this one with longer results and everything~! I put all my efforts on them~! Enjoy it ok~!

Which Slender-bro are you?

Read the title! And it's my first one, so don't hate for the crappiness! And comment please? *puppy dog eyes*

Which TransFormer is your SparkMate?

· Movies
Autobots have started dating ~which bot will end up being most like your spark mate?

Random Role-play part 2

It has a few days since the river incident, and things keep getting weirder. Not to mention your sister is driving you crazy.

Who are you in your friend group, out ...

Are you Italy, Germany, or Japan? FIND OUT HERE!

Are you Friendly?

Title explains it all.

What HungerGames character do you rela...

· Movies
Sacrificial? Kind and loving? Loving yet longing? Silent but deadly? Cute yet strong? Find out here.

Who Was Meant For You

Part One. This is my first quiz so have fun! Sorry guys, this is for girls only!

Missing from Reality (Part 6)

They've explained mostly everything about why you were kidnapped and who they were. Maybe things can get back to normal?

Which Band Is Mostly Like You?~

Find out which band personality, is mostly like you C=! (Also to check them out x) )

Do you love cry or does cry love you?

Well. Does he? *sup guy comes out of nowhere* sup? And this is my first quiz

What role would you play in my story?

I was just sitting around so I thought I'd make something like this. The story is still in progress and won't be up for a while.

Could you survive MY MIND? (Part 3)

· Scary
Yep this is part 3 of the series! Go take the first two if you haven't already!

What animal are most like?

· Animals
What animal are YOU most like?

Who Is You're Killing Partner?

Since this is my first quiz there will only be 5 results; BEN, Masky, Hoodie, Jeff, and E.J. Please don't kill me for any typos or results you don't like. XP

Which concert band instrument should y...

Which band instrument should you play or would be best for you?

What Singer are you like?

Out of a couple bands or solo singers, which one is the most similar based on your personality.

Does He Love You?

Does he love you, find out?

What Lakeclan cat are you?

· Animals
^^^^^title! duh! p.s. only for girls

Can I make you laugh or even smile?

· Humor

Do you know Frozen? *SUPER HARD*

· Movies
This quiz will be sure to test your knowledge on Disney's Frozen all the way down to the last snowflake.

1hr in heaven with creepy pastas 3_ 3

This is my first quiz hope you enjoy it contains Jeff The Killer, Laughing Jack, BEN Drowned, and Slendermen ;). OH and the title explains everything heehee also non of t...

Black Butler Truth or Dare

Hi loveys, Its truth or dare with black butler c:

Who is YOUR Best Match from The Walkin...

· TV
This little quiz is based off of some basic personality matching courtesy of the Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ typological approach to personality test. If you...

Sugar or Spice :)

Are you Sugar or Spice?

What/who are you? (For Anyone)

Personality Quiz(My second quiz published) so please dont make fun if it's bad XD

What CP would keep you safe?

This is a quiz to see what CP keep you safe. Girls only. Sowweh guys. ;-;

Could you and I be twins?

Could you be my twin, friend, or complete stranger? Take this quiz to find out. Girls only!

The Proxy Trials #16

· Scary
It's the sixth Trial, and you are left to complete a task that you know has been set by Slenderman. Now with no ally, and only a few Trials from potentially being the...

Seven minutes in hetalia!

· TV
Ran out of ideas so i'm going to do an hetalia version of seven minutes in heaven, ENJOY!~

What flower are you out of the main 6

Are you a rose, lily, daisy, bluebell, buttercup or a dandelion

What boy is right for you?

So if your confused about what boy is really right for you or what type if boy you feel like you should be right for you hopefully this'll help :) ik the pics really ...

What Chuck Character are you?

· TV
I believe the title says it all! :D

Your daughter

What your daughter is going to be named and what she looks like!

Which sleeping position are you?

Ooh, what could your sleeping postion be? I've read enough bogus stuff about the meanings of each type of position, I chose 6 of the most common. Might not be accurat...

What colour hair would suit you

It is my first quiz so I hope you like it, I put a lot of work into it. ;)

Your own The Originals OC's

· TV
Find out, which OC you are in The Originals.

Who's your Sons of Anarchy Husband?

· TV
Who's your bad boy? Could it be Jax? Tig? Maybe it's Juice or Chibs, Take this quiz to find out!

Which youtuber are you? 0-0 (Or Act Mo...

It says it allll in the title! Enjoy, you lil biscuit! HaHa.

What Broomstick would you have?

WEEEELL.. Lets fiiind out! (BTW! This is quiz is based off of the Brooms in Harry Potter! XD just F.Y.I!)

Fantasia School 2

Part 2 So Yeah!

What is your Personality!

Find out if you are that girl/boy sitting in the corner of the room, the popular girl/boy that everyone loves or the know-it-all! And much more by taking this quiz!

Who is your CreepyPasta Stalker?

It Says It All In Le Title XDXD

Are we good friends?

Basically, this quiz is to see if you are my type of friend.

Which One Of These Emo Girls are you?

These 5 girls is one of you.You just have to discover it!Take the quiz to find out!Girls Only!

What kind of sorcerer are you?

Find out if you are good or evil! Maybe a bit of both.

Your Future Family

Read the title ^^ kind of self explanatory ;P

First Creepy Encounters ~Part 4~

Booyakasha its here

What's your talent?

Everyone has a talent, but sometimes we really don't notice what's it. Wanna know?

What Does Link Think Of YOU?

Ever wondered what the Hero Of Time thinks of you? Well now you can find out. Just click this quiz and after some questions BING BANG THANK YOU MA'AM, your answer wil...

What is your elemental power

This quiz represents your elemental power E.G Fire, Earth, water, wind, lightning and snow.

Which of my characters would you be? L...

Hey~ So this is just a quiz for fun! The characters I'm going to use our my top two OC's (at the moment.) One is from Batman and the other is from TMNT 2K3! Both ...

5 Seconds Of Summer Lyrics Quiz!

· Music the title.. For anyone :D keep in mind its my first quiz!
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