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Which male alternative band is perfect...

· Music
Includes only a few all guy alternative bands, the purpose of this quiz is to expose you to new music, or rediscover bands you already love! Fangirls plz, control you...

Truth Or Dare With One Direction

· Music
The boys have cordially invited you to a boring album release party, until they decide to play a good game of Truth or Dare! Did I mention? One guy has their eye on you! ...

Truth or Dare With Niall Horan!

· Music
Anybody willing to take Niall on? ^.^
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Who Asks You To The Yule Ball?

· Books
Simple...who you go to the Yule Ball, how they ask you, and your dress.

Your Demigod Life

· Books
See who your name is, Demigod boyfriend, parent, powers, and more! Girls only ♥ Also there is another quiz like this you can take by me!

Vampire Knight Love Match

· Books
In this Quiz lets see who you will end up in the end and how your future ends. Will It be Kaname Kuran, Zero Kiryu, Ichijo Takuma, Shiki Senri, Hanabusa Aido, or Akatsuki...
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What would your anime hair color be?

· TV
What color hair would you have?

Are you Amethyst, Pearl, or Garnet?

· TV
3 members of the crystal gems, from Steven Universe
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The Proxy Trials #1

· Scary
In a world where the Creepypasta are real, every 5 years a select few humans are chosen to take part in the Proxy Trials. How will you do when you are selected?

Which Haunted Place Should You Live In?

· Scary
Creepy, Haunted, Paranormal places.
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Just For Fun

What Does Nyo! Denmark Think Of You?

Velkommen to this quiz! I'm Denmark! It's nice to meet you! Let's begin this quiz, shall we? ^^

Life with EXO! OMG! (Part 2)

EXO short HANGOVER! :)

Your OC in Shingeki no Kyojin

Who would YOU be? What the characters think of you? Long results people I'm sorry. But hey, I hope it's worth it!
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The Magical Fishing Game

· Sports
There are five magical fishes with unique gifts for you. Which one will you catch?

What roller derby name fits you?

· Sports
"what roller derby name fits you?' a fun and kick ASS quiz. you should try it and see what roller derby name you get! ;)
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School & Academics

Average day (akatsuki rp and what they...

Yay! My first quiz! Please write if you think of any improvements. Anyway, you're a normal person in the normal person world cleaning the school. It's short cause...

Are you A Nerd?

Title Explains It All.

Are You Popular?

{Girls Quiz Only} Are you popular? Life's a challenge to the top! Find out if you're all-that in one quiz on Facebook. 100% Accuracy! Stay true to the quiz and it'll stay...
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Love & Friendship

What Is Secretly Killing You Inside?

Title says all. The unanswered questions in your life... Long results! Sorry if you don't like your result. Copyright © 2011

Truth Or Dare with Magcon Boys

With Nash, Cameron, Matthew, Taylor and Hayes.
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The Impossible Quiz 2

· Humor
This is just like the first quiz, but you get the pleasure of listening to the troll song while taking it if you wish. I added an optical illusion into this one. Enjoy! ^...

Whats your inner beauty

· Humor
Well what is it you dont know do you well then take this quiz GRILS ONLY

What's your Quote?

· Humor
Some of my favorite quotes -- which one of them fits you the best? Which one of them will perhaps even become your inspiration? Take the quiz to find out.
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Prospit or Derse?

When you sleep, where does your dreamself then wake? Is it to the golden halls shared by prospitarians, or is it the darkened violet towers of derse that you see? Why not...

Your Homestuck/SBURB Life

My first quiz! //congratulates self This is just for fun though; I created the god tier shtuff myself. Homestuck (c) Andrew Hussie.

Your Hidden Personailty

I know most of the other quizes suck at grammar and are mostly 'shy' or 'emo' or 'nerdy'. Pin me? Yeah right, I would kick your crotch before you ...
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Beauty & Vanity

Your Vampire Story

How it happened, what you look like... The basics!

How Fake are you?

You are beautiful-every girl is beautiful whether its inside or out. :D dont be offended by the questions-the results are the good part (lots of questions btw) Be*you*t...
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Cars & Vehicles

What are you hiding?

What are you hiding deep in side you? lol hi plz comment and follow

What car are you?

Guys finally a quiz for you
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Who Would You Be In My Disney-School P.8

· Movies
Just for fun, I'm makin' all your outfits. Like summer, spring, autumn, winter, parties, night wear ect. Enjoy!

A Day(Week?) With The Big Four + Elsa

· Movies
Hope you have fun with them! And I really hope nothing terrible happens... (Not sure if I'm really hoping or not. Also, ____ means your name.) /Pictures not mine!/ ...

Who would you be in my Disney-School?

· Movies
Ok, I don't 'own' Disney-School. I'm 2 young.... :3 Anyways, who would you be: includes your name, what people label you as, and who is your bff. Enjoy! N...
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What Type of Wolf are you?

· Animals
Your picture, name, gender, rank, likes, dislikes, home, mate, personality and your past as a wolf!

Which guy from Fruits Basket belongs w...

· Animals
Have you ever wondered which Sohma would or should belong with you? Well then, find out here! Although she does not have a Quotev (Y-E-T), I would like to give partial cr...

Which of my Warrior OCs are you?

· Animals
At one point I was going to write my own warrior story, but it never happened. So I made this instead! Oh, and I do not own any pictures.
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Food & Drinks

What kind of Cupcake are you?

If you were a cupcake what kind/flavor would you be?

What special soda are you?

This quizz will tell you your unique qualities and what makes you what type of soda.
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Career & Goals

Future family #10:

Another one becuz i'm lame. includes: description, job, house, pets, husband, children, grandchildren, etc..

What should you be when you grow up?

I was thinking to myself lately, what did I want to be when I grow up? And I would say to myself there is to much for me to count on what I want to do, I want to be and e...

How will your life turnout :D

Job, Partner, pets, house!
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Fantasy & Mythology

Which supernatural creature loves you

As title says. i do no own any pics

Vampire Or Werewolf?

I prefer Werewolves, but I'd like to see who you get at the end and who is your true lover/soul mate........

What Faction Do You Belong Too?

One choice, can transform you. Are you ready to make the right one? Find out your faction. Use your knowledge and skill to make it through the test. Learn about your fact...
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Video Games

Which League of Legends character are ...

Hello there, summoner! To play in the League of Legends, you need to form a mental link with a champion and work with them in the Fields of Justice! Of course, your commu...

What Role Would You Play In Danganronpa?

A quiz to see whether you'd be a killer or a victim.

Which Sonic the Hedgehog character are...

Find out which female Sonic the Hedgehog character you are more compatible with!
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Celebrities & Fame

Who is your 5sos bae ?

Will it be ashton iriwn , Michael clifford , calum hood or luke hemmings ? Find out . Short storys included 100+ words

Who's Your Fashion Sister?

Find out which celebrity you dress like.
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What color should you paint your room?...

You are going to find out what color refelxs you best and what color you need most of.
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Sleeping with Sirens Songs

· Music
Lets see if you know the songs of Sleeping with Sirens

House Guests: Avengers WWFFY Chapter 2

· Movies
Originally this was Chapter 3 on Quizilla (I put 1+2 together in one Quiz here)! Since they are closing their doors forever tonight, I thought it was time to keep uploadi...

What pet should you have?

· Animals
Well it tells about what pet suits you or you should have, my first quiz so no hate comments please, and sorry for any mistakes

Who are you?

Warning: Not for the overly sensitive. I am a blunt, brusque man who will not spare your feelings the slightest bit. Also, please acquire a vocabulary that is adequate fo...

Elsword - Which Class Would You Be? (A...

Are you the calm and intelligent Elemental Master, the rebellious and devilish Void Princess, or the pretty and happy Dimension Witch?

What is this i don't even? a.k.a a...

So I've seen Proxy quizzes but, you know what why not make one of my own. So here it is. The mentor's will be either: Jeff, Slendy. Ben or E.J. Warning! THIS IS...

Try Me WWFFY (Part 15)

Answer time! Let's get some confrontation and bloody fights!

Which boy in the anime Free! are you c...

· TV
I'm new to this so please be easy with me and you can call me Li -chan I don't like my first name so please call me Li -chan. Plus can i ask you a question should...

Wait what!

Hello so i guess its time for a quiz i hope you like it and please follow ladies only sorry lads

5sos Partytime! Part 4

Okay, so i wasnt actually gonna write this but i got the cutest private comment so i will, im just abit sad :(

Which of m OCs watch over you?

Says it in the title totally not stalker like!

Your novel heroines? (Read description)

· Books
Okay, so out of these, I'm writing a novel, coming soon, and these are the best female characters out of the book

What color lantern

· TV
Results are orange, pink, red, green, or blue.

Hetalia Academy Part 1

· TV
It will get better............. i think P.S. it's a rp

Who is for you? THE tmnt test

Which teenage mutant ninja turtle is for you.....?

Psycho-Pass: What is your most likely ...

Hey Guys! I know I have a Psycho-Pass phase at the moment and I also thought of this quiz during school so. . . yeah owo

How Does Alucard See You?

Does Alucard see you as a lover, enemy, or master? Find out! (Includes what the Hellsing members think of you.)

Ouran Highschool Host Club Life

This is a quiz to find out who your Ohshc boyfriend is and how you met. This is for girls but guys can take it too, I don't care. :D Warning: answers do not include h...

Which charater from black butler would...

Fight! go on and try to get the best answer possible ( the best answer you think)

Carefully Ruined Chapter Four

Eh, took me sooo long. And I still haven't updated on stories! DX Someone just shoot me...

What Are People's First Impression...

When you're just walking around on a normal day-to-day basis, what do people secretly think of you?

What is your supernatural ability?

This quiz will tell you what your supernatural ability would be if you had one, what your aura is and what you symbolise❤️❤️❤️ Sorry boys but girls only for ...

Who are you in Hetalia?

Moi! In this quiz you will found which Hetalia character's personality fits you more. I hope you enjoy it.

Do you know your songs?

Find out if you know your songs or just read the title

Trust Yourself For This 'Thing'...

[This may make you laugh... a lot...)TRUST YOUR GUT! [Totally random quiz=^.^=] Trust yourself for this.

What type of Horse are you?

Please read title thanks!

Are they crushing on me?

Hey.. this is my first quiz so I hope it's not to crappy..

What Black Butler Character are you?

Just a fun little quiz, heart, comment, and follow~! ^^

What Medicine Cat are you?

· Books
Hello. A quiz I made on the main Medicine Cats of Thunderclan. So I hope you like it. *images not mine and Warriors belong to all the Erin Hunters*

Do You Have Any Emotional Problems?

This quiz will help you determine if you have a problem. If you disagree you can try re-taking or commenting below. I hope you enjoy! If you have a result that indicates...

What faction are you?

What faction do you belong to?

What kind of style?

Find out what you are!

Which Wolf Pride character are you?

· Books
Results include Racheal, Cassie, Mary, and Miranda

Which character in Free! style five ar...

It is pretty much all in the title. :)

Supernatural Sidekick

· TV
Who would you work best with out of the characters in Supernatural?

Do you know creepypastas?

· Scary
The title says it all.

Which FNAF character are you?

I know there's like twenty of these, but it's a monday night and I'm bored

Your Soul Song

· Music
This is a quiz about what your "soul song." The song titles can vary from Replay to Knives and Pens. This is a unisex quiz so anyone can take it :) Please enjoy...

Dawn Of Your Life -Part 8-

· Scary
Awesome already onto part 8! So I wonder if your gonna go back to where this all started. Hmm lets find out

What are you?

Have you ever wondered about what you are outside your human form? Well now you can find out with this simple, easy quiz!

Which TMNT 2012 Character Will Fall fo...

Wanna find out? Then take the quiz you TMNT lovers! (This contains both male and female characters.) [note: I'll be editing it tomorrow = better results and more ques...

Who's your Magcon BoyFriend (YesI ...

Title says it all :) There is Matt,Cam,Hayes,and Nash

Which off character are you most like?

This is my first time at making a quiz please dont hurt me *hides under sheets* the results may or may not be accurate i just did this for fun... This test has: Zachaire...

What kind of bender are you?

About ATLA, LoK world. Are you a waterbender, firebender, airbender or earthbender? Or maybe you are non-bender? Find out in this quiz

NCIS Quiz: Which character are you?

· TV
Take the quiz and find out if you are serious like Gibbs, energetic like Abby, brainy like McGee, annoying like Tony, or mysterious like Ziva.

Who Is Your Fullmetal Alchemist Boyfri...

· TV
It explains it in the Title♥ For girls, but if you have a different preference, I'm not judging!♥

A day with~The Kirkland Brothers

· TV
So, today is a day with my BROTHERS! Explanation later. So, I will be with you of course~

Are you deppresed part 2

Immmmm bbbbaaaaccccckkkkkk!

What CreepyPasta are you? (Girl Version)

· Scary
In this quiz, it is the same as the last one, but... it's for all the lovely ladies out there. Hope you get the girl you wanna be.

Haunted with 1D part 2

If you want to read part 2, make you go read part 1 FIRST, please :D it's right there on my profile, thank ya ♥

Who are you from Narnia

If you like the Narnia books or movies you should take this quiz

A conversation with Finland :D

I'll provide the Finland, and you provide the perspective

Can You Escape/Survive Cheshire? (made...

· Scary
This is a quiz for Creepypasta fans or fans of horror and such I give credit to the artist who drew this lovely kitty killer girl, her name is Cheshire Chainsaw Massacre ...

Do you know "Courage the cowardly ...

· TV
"Courage the cowardly dog" was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid... And it still is. (Eustace rocks, by the way...)

Would we get along?

:D Heres my new quiz to see if any of you guys think like me!

Your 1D Imagine Part 7! :D

Same description to all my other Imagines... Take the first 6 parts before taking this one so you can get the result you want and understand the storyline better :) Enj...

Are you crazy?

Warning: contains extreme levels of ice cream, bananas and craziness!

Which DRAMAtical Murder character are ...

No direct questions. See which DMMd character ends up with your personality. Answer honestly and good luck. ;)

What's your ideal occupation?

Have ever wondered about what your passion really is? What is it that fits you the most? Take this quiz to find your perfect fit.. P.S: Guys this is my first quiz. I tr...

What do Mayu Suzumoto think of you?

I'm just new here so not hate me please...

Name the pokémon!

In this quiz I will show you a picture of a pokemon or I will describe one! Can you guess them all? Find out to know! (easy)

What kind of animal are you?

Ever wonder what kind of animal you are? Well now you can figure it out! Just take the quiz and your answers await!

How Well Do You Know Fantasy?

Test your knowledge on an abundance of fantasy people and creatures. Quiz includes subjects that are both common and obscure. High difficulty.

Are you cool enough to hang with the c...

Hey peeps, the crew crew is a like a little crew me and my 2 bestest-friends made up :3 so find out if you are cool enough to hang out with us! and if you get a result th...

Transformers Prime WWYFF 1 "Discov...

I do so Enjoy WWYFF's so i decided to make a transformers prime one I hope you will support me into making it. :) Takes place after New Recruit.

Your Harry Potter life!

· Books
It is a little different than other Harry Potter quizzez that i have done by other publishers.This is my first Harry Potter quiz.Hope you will like it! :DThe results will...

Can You Guess That Avril Lavigne Song?

· Music
I love Avril Lavigne and her music, so why not?

Which bird relates with your personali...

Birds have different personalities just like humans. So go ahead and take this quiz to find which bird suits your personality.

When the sky falls - part 2

In the world that was turning grey, (name) was stuck defending herself - but her thoughts aren't necessarily focussed on fear. Yes, (name) is afraid, but she's al...

Elsword - Which Class Would You Be? (E...

Are you the charming and serious Lord Knight, the cool and outgoing Rune Slayer, or the enchanting and dark Infinity Sword?
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