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A collection of short horror stories by Epicurse

14 pages · Horror
What are you afraid of? Whatever it is, it is likely that you will find it in here.

I love you Ciel X Reader fan fic by Ciellover

34 pages · Romance · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
Your a famous piano player. Ciel's turning 20 and apparently needs a personal piano player for his party so you agree but in return you now live at the phantomhive manor. When Elizabeth leaves the picture will ciel and you take a chance.

Star Eyes by SymphonyoftheARTS

5 pages · Romance · Science Fiction
Hallo! So, this story is just a little experiment on my sci-fi story creating skills please leave me LOADS of comments so i can improve! thanksssss

The maze runner ( newt x reader ) by hanne

15 pages · Romance · Mystery
What will you do if you were put in a maze? you were one of the first ones that was put in the maze. How will you react and what will you do if you meet a certain blond boy? read to find out ;)

I'm Not Crazy But I'm Not Sane by Wιηтєя Sησω Fσяєνєя Lαѕтιηg

3 pages
When Erica and Morgan get sucked into a portal after meeting a supposed fictional character of the series Supernatural. They get stuck in arms disaster. Depending on Dean and his brother to get them home safety. Will make it, or find something worth staying for?

His Touch is Foreign to Me by V.P Duskey

107 pages · Romance · Humor
Zoey and her family take in a foreign exchange student from England named Oliver. They find themselves stuck as room mates and constantly spending time with each other. Oliver's a bad boy though and doesn't want anything to do with her. Zoey doesn't mind though because she hates him and ...

Prince Adrian and The Ice Queen by Amaya

7 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Chise Hett's tendency to easily points out other people's fault is feared and hated by her classmates and cause them to call her The Ice Queen. Adrian Tooru is a man with a playboy personality and manages to make all girls go head over heels for him and is nicknamed 'Prince Adrian'. ...

He Never Hurt Me *Ashton Irwin* by Halloween Jamie

34 pages
They kidnapped me. This gang. There's four of them and they all seem to hate me except for one. His name is Ashton. He never talks to me, he never hurts me. He is the one who sneaks me food, more than I get anyway. Why is he in this gang if he doesn't hurt anyone? (5SOS ARE famous)

Light & Dark [Jeff the killer x Reader Insert] by Lily

29 pages · Horror · Romance
Love is a meeting of two souls, fully accepting the dark and the light within each other, bound by the courage to grow through struggle into bliss. Will you be able to see the light in the serial killer, you have heard through most of your life? Would you really accept your fate and the darkness th...

Mythologia s .E.N.D. by Dαυgнтєя σƒ Eνιℓ

9 pages · Adventure · Science Fiction
'Mythologia' might be a newcomer international gamers group, but they are not one to be looked down on. Young they might be, they were not one to underestimate when it came to what they were passionate about. Games. They were a group of heartbroken teens who found refuge on the other sid...

Trails to You by V.I

5 pages · Adventure · Fantasy
Lizzy has a normal crush on Justin. Justin has a crush on Lizzy and has a big secret that will change Lizzy's life forever.

Celestial. Marauders era. (ON HOLD.) by Lotte Malfoy

22 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
"If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Only then would you realize how special you are to me."

Messed up. Tate Langdon (ON HOLD.) by Lotte Malfoy

15 pages · Romance · Mystery
"Ever since I met you, no one else has been worth thinking about."

The Monster's Son by allietheepic7

23 pages · Fan Fiction
Danny was never the Fenton's son. Now that his family is dead, he has to explore the new family he never knew, which consists of humans, ghosts, and things in between. And lets not forget the monster of a father.

Everybody Loves Me... by The Shy Night Crawler

8 pages · Horror
Deathe is an emo girl that lost her family and the last words she ever heard them say is "Everybody loves you." She goes insane every time someone says they hate her and decides she can't let anyone hate her...what could possibly happen when people say they hate this emo girl? A lot of t...

Collision by Abby Haas

Harry Styles, famous singer and drug dealer. Alexis Montivera, daring teenager. When the two paths collide, it leads to a tale of love, lust, and tragedy.

The way the wolves walked (unfinished) by the dogs will be waiting

51 pages · Realistic · Adventure
The northern packs are threatened of the establishment of a cult of wild and misguided wolves. Led by riddles, visions and a gloomy prophecy one pack in particular is at the heart of it all - tormented, tortured and bleeding at the alter of all evil they much fight back. But motives are unclear and ...

Truth. (Teen wolf) by TeamStilinskiHaleMcCall

97 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
*sequel to 'war'* ''It's all over.'' That's what Ashley thought two months ago after the death of the siren and the nogitsune along with her brother and best friend but she had never been so wrong. With murderous new enemy's showing up in Beacon Hills whilst tryin...
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