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Who is your Youtube Boyfriend #2! by Miss Horan


Which Magcon Boy do you match up with? by franstasticfiction

Based on your answers, you'll be matched up with a boy from the Magcon family (the original magcon family)! If you get someone you weren't expecting based on your honest answers, maybe it's a sign you're meant to be with them instead;) Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Jack Gilinsky, Jack...

What do people see you as? by Jas

How do people see you?

The ULTIMATE Pewdiepie Bro Quiz by Kae Evans

Let's see how well you really know pewdiepie

What Anime Girl Stereotype are you? by Ruth B

Which of 16 popular anime girl stereotypes are you? Take this detailed quiz to find out!

Which Boy From 5SOS is Perfect For You?

5SOS= 5 Seconds of Summer. They were the opening band for One Direction's Take Me Home Tour and are going to be the opening band for One Direction's Midnight Memories Tour. If you don't know who these perfect boys are, then you will be really confused during this quiz. love youu

Your 5SOS Romance. [Long Results] by kai

{long, detailed results} Each boy has result is in the form of a one shot and I hope to God you enjoy it. All about love, which we all adore.These are all detailed and original! Comment, heart, follow, but most of all, enjoy!

What kind of guys do you attract by yoυr qυeen cнanтell

Im sure we all wanna know what kind of guys are drawn to us. Take this quiz to find out. Updated any grammar errors and mistakes

Realistic Create A boyfriend (VERY LONG RESULTS+PICS)

FOR GIRLS AND BOYS! Create your own boyfriend, very long results :) thanks so much for taking! Includes when you first met and first date and kiss! If theres no pics it's just because my computer hates me. This took me a week to make! Thanks Again!

What Type of Girl are you?

Are you emo, scene, girly-girl, tom-boy? Will lets find out! ♥ Includes Outfits c: I apologise in advance if i got you totally wrong.

What type of guys are attracted to you? by uosןıʍ ʎǝuʇɹuoɔ

Do you attract Jocks? Sweat Hearts? Geeks? Players? Bad Boys? Click to find out♡

The boy version of you!

This is for girls only because of course.. There can't be a boy version of a boy.. Unless I'm mistaken. If so, go ahead and take it anyway haha. Pieceskies♥

Which Celebriy Acts Exactly Like You? :) by Tiger

Which of these Amazing 9 Celebrities are You? ♥♥

Which Creepypasta Lurks in Your Soul? by The Winged Kestrel

· Scary
We all have things hidden within our soul, inner represenations of ourselves. We have soul animals and elements. Everything inside our soul speaks about who we are as a person and what lurks in your soul makes you special. Just as we have these good things lurking in our soul, there are things that ...

Which Divergent Faction are you Suited To?

If you were living in the city, what result would you be given in your faction test?


Rejected : One Lover, One Mate by RachelRose

210 pages · Adventure · Romance
Crystal Rose Snow wasn't the prettiest girl in the kingdom. She was considered fat, ugly, unwanted. She was born into royalty but that doesn't necessarily suggest that she was raised royalty. Her parents disowned her the minute she was born. And not only did her parents disowned, but her one...

It Started With A Dance. by camryn101

225 pages · Romance · Humor
Katrina Chance is a girly, feisty, innocent girl. Now, here's Christian Duke.The school's badboy. He's reckless, and a little on the rebellious side. No, actually far off the deep end. When the two polar opposites are forced to dance together at their town's annual ball, what will ha...

You Were Pregnant? [Completed]

371 pages ~ Completed · One Direction · Fan Fiction · Romance
He left me a messy note and then left me for Taylor Swift when I was a month pregnant. He didn't know. Heck, I didn't even know. I didn't want to ruin his relationship so I kept it a secret. Now I see Liam after 3 years and he's shocked. What happens when he convinces me to visit the...

The Baby Project

233 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Romance
Janelle is the least popular kid in school. Dylan is the most popular kid in school and is also the jock/bully of the school. Janelle and Dylan are paired up for the baby project and things head out for the worst. Will things change between them?

Disconnected |Luke Hemmings|

205 pages · Fan Fiction · Realistic
You see we were best friends, since age four. But one night he thought he ended a call and well, he didn't. Heard every word. Everything became, well, Disconnected.

I Love You. // Nash Grier by jen hOLa

158 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
Ava Franta, sister of Connor Franta, is one of the best viners and YouTubers. She is invited to Magcon Florida, and it is a whole new adventure for her. What will happen if she falls in love with the gorgeous blue-eyed boy, Nash Grier? *Previously was a Cameron Dallas fanfic*

Two Bodies, One Soul *Sequel to My brothers' best friend* by Vivian

100 pages · Romance
"Forever and always?" Chris cross-examined. I stared at those emerald greens that I loved so much. All my surroundings disappeared and the only one that I could see, the only one that mattered was Chris. "You and me, forever. I wouldn't want it any other way." I smiled.

Into The Nothing (Ticci Toby) by Shauna

279 pages · Horror · Romance
A baby girl of only a few weeks old is dropped off at Riverton Asylum. Strange things happen if she is taken away from here resulting in her growing up inside the walls full of insane patients. She never speaks, only hums. Her name is River, nothing else just River. What happens when her "guardi...

Chains (Eyeless Jack x Reader) by ValentinesDayGreen

195 pages · Horror · Romance
You're a nice, normal girl who's lived in the mountains with your legal guardian Buddy for most of your life. You don't leave home much and don't really know anyone, but you're pretty content with your life. Then Buddy comes home fatally wounded and tries to kill you. Sitti...

My Best Friend's Sister (Louis Tomlinson) by Mrs. Horan

120 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance · One Direction
I hated my brother. He was always better at everything. I was always the second choice, the second best. Who would want Alex Styles when you could have the Harry Styles? Apparently, Louis Tomlinson.

Lovely Maid - Zayn Malik by dιяєcтισηєя4єνєя

609 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction
Almost 2 years after her home was invaded and burned down, Zayla finds a position as a Maid in the Malik Castle. Zayla is desperately trying to get food on the table for her young 3 year-old sister, her only family left. Prince Zayn Malik, who is still currently in search of a relationship, meets Za...

My brothers' best friend by Vivian

219 pages ~ Completed · Romance
"One day you'll love me." He whispered in my ear. "You mean nothing to me. I'll make sure that I never fall in love with you" I barked back. He grinned. "We'll see about that."