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What's your One Direction life?

You met One Direction! But what's your life? LET'S FIND OUT!

The one direction love game show part 3

You have met the guy who's affections you have won and now you are about to go on a date with him. What will happen in the date? Will it go well? Will your guy want t...

Supernatural One Direction - 1D are De...

Harry has just told you some very disturbing news from the Fates, which causes you to become very afraid and distressed. You go to confront Zeus, only to run into Liam in...

The one direction love game show

You have decided to go on a gameshow to try and find your true love, little did you know that the five guys who will be also competing on the show in the hope of finding ...

Kidnnapped by One Direction Part 1 of 2

When 1D kidnaps you will you surive or die. This is survival of the Directioners. *****GIRLS ONLY*****

Which 1D member fell for you at first ...

Take this Quiz and find out who your 1D match is.

1D Romance part 4

Welcome back lovlyies💞 hope ya enjoy and comment for ideas of what could happen next bye✌

Your 1D Christmas!

Take the quiz to find out who you'll be spending Christmas with. -Based off the 'Night Changes" video except I changed Liam's a bit- Please tell me what...

One Direction Christmas Surprise

You get to spend your Christmas with your favorite 1D member but what surprise will come along with it?

Do you know your 1D songs? #2 (Four Ed...

· Music
Do you know the One Direction songs off the new album Four?

Make it Rain 1D 2K14 (long results)

Another personality quiz for you Directioners
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