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Who's Crushing On You?

Find out what boy is crushing on you. Includes One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer ~somewhat long answers~

What do people see you as?

How do people see you?

Who is your 5SOS boyfriend?

So, who member from 5SOS would love to go out with you? Go through this quiz and find out who your prince charming would be.

Personality Quiz+Which boy you are lik...

Title explains everything!Sorry if it's bad it is my first time making a quiz!This quiz tells you your personality,which boy you are like,which artist you should list...

Your Future!

· Scary
Includes your future profession, kids/partner, mental state, financial state and cause of death! Sorry if I get It totally wrong, but 9 times out of 10 this quiz is incre...

Luke Hemmings Sees You As A .......?

Do you want to know what Luke Hemmings would see you as? Would he see you as a girlfriend, a best friend, a sister, or a competitor. Do these 10 questions and find out :D

What is Your Love Song?

· Music
Find out, based on your personality, what your perfect love song would be.

Your 5sos Boyfriend

· Music
Just like my Youtube Boyfriend quizzes- in honor of 5SOS's new music video "Good Girls", (which is coming later tonight) this quiz will determine who your 5SO...

Who's your perfect pop-star boyfriend?

Take this quiz to find out who your perfect pop-star boyfriend is, out of the more popular artists! (I do realize that some of these artists aren't particularly pop-...

Who Do I Ship You With?

Which one of the 5sauce guys are perfect for you?

Your 5 Seconds of Summer Life! LONG RE...

Includes your boy, how you met, your first date, your first kiss, your fight and makeup, his proposal, your wedding, and your future!
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Who are you in 5sos? GIRL VERSION!

Take this quiz to find out who you are in 5sos (: girls only woop woop! (:

5 Seconds of Summer - Roleplay 3

I got so many requests to make a new part that I decided to do one. I hope you'll like it :)

5sos And I *Part 1*

You are best friends with 5sos and decide to spend the holidays with them, but what happens when you find out they all have crushes on you and you begin to have feelings ...

What should you listen to?

· Music
A few artists that I listen to.

Who's your 5sos boyfriend ?

Look at the title ! (:

Your 5SOS Boy

Comes with a short story of how you two meet and how he asked you out!

What He likes About You! *5sos Quiz*

Who's is your 5sos boyfriend? Well stop reading this stupid description and find out! Click the button bruh!

Which member from 5SOS is perfect for ...

Ever wondered whether you'd be suited for Luke, Ashton, Michael or Calum? Take the quiz and find out!

How well do you know 5sos?

· Music
Good luck ;-) See if you are a part of the fam, a lad, or a squirrel The questions get harder as it goes on

Which 5sos member is your match?

I'm just the match maker, I don't do the descriptions...
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