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Which Boy From 5SOS is Perfect For You?

5SOS= 5 Seconds of Summer. They were the opening band for One Direction's Take Me Home Tour and are going to be the opening band for One Direction's Midnight Memo...

What do people see you as?

How do people see you?

Who's Crushing On You?

Find out what boy is crushing on you. Includes One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer ~somewhat long answers~

Personality Quiz+Which boy you are lik...

Title explains everything!Sorry if it's bad it is my first time making a quiz!This quiz tells you your personality,which boy you are like,which artist you should list...

Your 5SOS Romance. [Long Results]

{long, detailed results} Each boy has result is in the form of a one shot and I hope to God you enjoy it. All about love, which we all adore.These are all detailed and or...

Luke Hemmings Sees You As A .......?

Do you want to know what Luke Hemmings would see you as? Would he see you as a girlfriend, a best friend, a sister, or a competitor. Do these 10 questions and find out :D

Who's your perfect pop-star boyfriend?

Take this quiz to find out who your perfect pop-star boyfriend is, out of the more popular artists! (I do realize that some of these artists aren't particularly pop-...

What is Your Love Song?

· Music
Find out, based on your personality, what your perfect love song would be.

Supernatural 5sos

The vampire, the Werewolf, the ghost and the Angel. Which of the 5sos would you get. Would you get Michael Clifford or Ashton Irwin or Luke Hemmings or Calum Hood.

Your 5 Seconds of Summer Life! LONG RE...

Includes your boy, how you met, your first date, your first kiss, your fight and makeup, his proposal, your wedding, and your future!

5sos Hang out!

Come hang out with these 4 awesome Boy's! Your result will include Someone who has a crush on you ♥ , The Pick up line he uses on you, Your Best friend, Twin, and S...
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Meet 5sos #4

Yaii part 4, thank you guys ♥

5SOS Boyfriend! :o

Find out which hottie from the band 5 seconds of summer is meant for you :* ♥

Meet the wonderful 5sos

Wink wink you know you want to take this quiz.

Which "Floor 68" boy is your m...

Duke, Chace, Jeffrey, Thunder, Jasiah or Archard.. Which boy will sweep you off your feet?

Which "Floor 68" girl are you ?

Heidi, Sady, Mystery, Carolina, Cihangir, or Sky.. Take the quizz to know which one are you

5SOS Are Bionics // au (part 3)

You have to say goodbye to your love ones. (Based on Disney XD's Lab Rats.)

Meet 5sos #3

OMG I can't belive you asked for part 3, love you so much guys ♥

Which "Vanity Teen" girl are y...

Audrey, Stevie, Brutney, and Keily, which one are you ? Take the quiz to find out !

You meet 5sos. What they think about y...

So, the first ever quiz I made was You meet 5sos. What they think about you. and the response from that was brilliant, I thank you all for all the lovely comments and fo...

Kidnapped by Punk 5SOS *Part 1*

Won't tell u what'll happen :p

Meet 5sos #2

You asked for another, here you go :) Hope you like it
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