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Celebrity Boyfriend Long Results

You meet one of the five guys. He becomes close to you because of your choice. He becomes famouse because... After high school he... How did you met him... And others. Bo...

Who's your perfect pop-star boyfriend?

Take this quiz to find out who your perfect pop-star boyfriend is, out of the more popular artists! (I do realize that some of these artists aren't particularly pop-...

Who's your celebrity Brother?

You have a celebrity brother, now take this quiz to find out who!

Celebrity Boyfriend + Very Long Story ...

· Music
One Direction, Austin Mahone, Justin Bieber, ECT. Which will you get?

Which Celebrity guys is made for you?

See which hottie is made for you!

Would Austin Mahone fall for you?

· Music
If Austin sees you across the room, would you catch his attention? Let's find out shall we?

Can You Finish The Lyrics?

· Music
Are You A Music Lover? Yes? Then You'll Knock This Out The Park! :D No? Then I Wish You Luck LOL :)

Who's your famous boyfriend? (with sto...

Only for girls ;) Austin Mahone? Justin Bieber? Harry Styles? Cody Simpson? take the Quiz and find out;)

The Janoskians- Break up to Make up

Read this to find out how you break up and then make up with your Janoskian boyfriend

Sleepover with Austin Mahone

· Music
I know you want to. C:
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High School Survivor 18

Perrie Edwards, George (as James Franco), One Direction, R5, Sophia Smith, Eleanor Calder, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Maia Mitchell, Miley Cyrus, Laura Marano, Cameron Ra...

High School Problems 24

Who will you choose and what are you and justin going to do after school?

Your Conversation With Austin Mahoneღ

#Mahomies! Would you wanna talk to Austin Mahone? Do you wanna see how he feels about you? Let's talk to Austin and see what he thinks of you......ღ

High School Survivor 17

(Zoe as Bridgit Mendler) R5, One Direction, Sophia Smith, Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Eleanor Calder, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Austin Mahone, Cameron Ra...

Austin Mahone Lyrics

· Music
Do you really know austin mahones songs? ;)

Life In The Fame Lane five

Super sorry for the late publishing.

Amusement park with Austin Mahone

What happens on your date at the amusement park...take the quiz to find out!

Which Celebrity are you Like?

Title Says It All ^^. What famous celebrity acts like you? It has both male and female celebs

High School Problems 22

Your going on a date with hayes and you have school tomorrow.

What love story you get?

You can end up with some guy u get and no one will be alone....maybe. ^^ please do this and leave comment then i know what i should do better next time

High School Problems 21

You have a date with hayes...lets go.

The One Austin vs. Alex vs. Justin vs....

Austin and Y/N are getting pretty serious in their relationship. Alex has started dating Arianna and is no longer Y/N friend. He's also no longer Austin's friend....
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