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Which popular boy loves you?

Justin Bieber, Alex Evans, Danny Worsnop, Taylor Lautner, Craig Mabbit, Christofer Drew, Andy Biersack, Oliver Sykes, Austin Carlile or Jeydon Wale. Nasty comments will b...

What should your theme song be?

· Music
^ read the title^ . . . and it's for everyone! :) oh and no pop music . . .

What band member is in love with you?

· Music
^^^^^^Read the title my friends ^^^^^ For girls and gay/bisexual guys

Who's your band boyfriend?

See which guy falls for you;) WARNING: Some results may be triggering ~long-ish results~

Do You Know Any Of These Lyrics?:3

· Music
Hey there!:D Okay so a lot of these bands are really random or just lyrics I like:3 Most of them are bands like Sleeping with Sirens and Black Veil Brides anything like t...

Can You Finish The Lyrics?

· Music
Are You A Music Lover? Yes? Then You'll Knock This Out The Park! :D No? Then I Wish You Luck LOL :)

What vocalist do I ship you with?

· Music
Do I ship you with Austin Carlile, Andy Biersack, Vic Fuentes, Oli Sykes, or Kellin Quinn? With stories!

Depression Quiz

This is just a quiz to see if you have the symptoms. I am not a doctor so I would not know if you really do have depression. If you are concerned and think that you may b...

What should you be for Halloween?

· Music
Tweens-Teens only! No hate if you get something you dont like pweaze! Part 1 of my Halloween Quiz series

Your Black Veil Brides Family

Who is your brother, bestfriend, boyfriend, enemy/frenemy or who you do everything with, out of the black veil brides boys

Who will be your future band member -O...

· Music
Find out who you're future band member boyfriend will be. -metal/rock/electro-rock bands- Youtubers. c: MINI 'IMAGINE' STORY INCLUDED WITH RESULTS.

Who from BVB are you more like?

· Music
-Official Quiz- Are you more like Ashley,CC,Jinx,Jake, or the beloved Andy?
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Do you love Pierce The Veil?

· Music
So you think you know ptv, take this quiz and find out if you really do c:

Band loversssssss

· Music
Who would you be Best Friends with and who in the band would love you?

Let's play: how well would we bond...

· Music
The title is really long -_-

What black veil brides song are you?

· Music
These songs can be your answer, Fallen Angels, Youth and Whiskey, Devils Choir, Ressurect the sun, or In The End. ^_^

Who is your black veil brides boyfriend?

· Music
Who is your bvb boyfriend? with story

Talk with Black Veil Brides part 2

Its fun take it now please

Which Member Of Black Veil Brides Will...

Which Member Of Black Veil Brides Is Going To Fall In Love With You?

Which male alternative band is perfect...

· Music
Includes only a few all guy alternative bands, the purpose of this quiz is to expose you to new music, or rediscover bands you already love! Fangirls plz, control you...

Saviour Pt.1 (BVB RP LS)

This is a bvb roleplay love story! Check this out to see what your life will be like with them!

Are you My Twin 2.0

The Really! UPDATED version of if you're my twin!

Black Veil Brides Lyric Quiz

· Music
Think you know all the words to BVB's songs? Test your knowledge. Simple and short.

Let's Play: Who would your Warped ...

Out of the many bands on warped, who is your baby daddy and what does he think? Involves PTV FIR BVB OM&M SWS MIW TAA
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