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What Goddess are you?

· TV
This was originally my first quiz ever but then i became lazy and made others~ blah~ i used some real /sorta mixed in with everything/ Greek myths sorta in away

What Kind of Girl are you?

I bet I can guess what kind of girl you are if you take this quiz? (You should take it because it's not like those's other lame personality quizzes! ) Plus, you should ta...

Creepypasta: Seven Minutes In Heaven

Something I made out of boredom. Hope you like it.

What does my OC think of you?

She doesn't have bio yet but eh, whatever. (Black Butler OC)

Whats secretly killing you inside?

Anyone can take this quiz^.^ I just made this outof boredom.

Resident Evil Life

This is for all the Resident Evil lovers out there! :3 Honestly, I just made this out of boredom so, don't get mad at me! Dx Sorry but this is preferably females again :...

Jack Frost x You and Rapunzel...PART 3!

You're trying to figure out why jack is ignoring you...and it's hurting you pretty bad...and why is Rapunzel acting so nice?

What Hetalia Countries Think Of You

=_= boredom took over... Girls only. If your a dude, and you feel like acting like a dudette, feel free to take the quiz ;D This quiz is mainly a rp warning XD

How do you tell people how your feeling?

· Sports
Just a quiz i made out of boredom and dont yell at me for results ok this is a dumb quiz its not accurate and doesnt describe everyone!

Which 07-Ghost character are you?

· TV of my FAVORITE animes! :) so this quiz is out of my boredom!

Who is your LoL sister?

Boredom does everything,this is my first quiz i hope you will like it :3

The Original's House Party!

You've been invited to the original's house party (so has half the town) what shenanigans are you going to get up to. Find out here... Boredom takes it's toll on me ...
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What stereotype are you?

SIDE NOTE! I do not label people.This was out of pure boredom and whatever result you get should not define you.You guys are beautiful just the way you are.

What type of HOBBY is for you?

Want to bust some boredom this summer? take this quiz for a few suggestions on what to do.

Are you Good At Lying?

Yet again this quiz came out of boredom. How good are you at lying?

Do You Interest Me~?

I just did this out of boredom. My insane side did this quiz. So let's see if my Insane side likes you~!

How Weird of a Person are you?

This is my second quiz. Written on the same night as four other things, so...if it sucks...sorry! But, you know. Ducks. Blame them!

Your Creepypasta Boyfriend

I've had people asking for Ben and Liu, so they're in this one now. Slenderman's not in this because I find that kinda strange. I did this out of boredom so I...

Your Life as a Creepypasta

· Scary
This is the result of boredom. Has long results.

Which One Of My Characters Would Fall ...

Hallo! This is just another random quiz I made out of extreme boredom. That's why I needed a boredom buster. And since I love to make characters so much, I decided to...

What Emotion are you?

Which of the many emotions and feelings do you tend to experience often? Which rules supreme in your life and tends to control or influence your behavior?

What Should You Do This Summer?

Summer: no school, hot weather, and sometimes nothing to do! Find out what boredom buster you should try this summer!
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