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What Goddess are you?

· TV
This was originally my first quiz ever but then i became lazy and made others~ blah~ i used some real /sorta mixed in with everything/ Greek myths sorta in away

What supernatural are you?

^ Title says it all, sorry I didn't put much effort. I did this out of boredom. =^.^=

What Kind of Girl are you?

I bet I can guess what kind of girl you are if you take this quiz? (You should take it because it's not like those's other lame personality quizzes! ) Plus, you should ta...

What website is perfect for you?

We all know and love quotev as a website, but there is also a website as good as quotev perfect for us. Did you ever wanted to find that website? Well now you can by taki...

What is your color?

I was just bored and i thought of making a quiz and here it is now.I am very sorry if you don't like it,its my first one.Well,anyways i hope you enjoy and good luck e...

Creepypasta: Seven Minutes In Heaven

Something I made out of boredom. Hope you like it.

What Kind Of Girl are you?

Are you the Creative one, the Smart one, the Athletic one, the Popular girl, the Hipster, the Tomboy, the Bookworm/Fangirl, the Punk, the Quiet one, the Scene Girl, or th...

Whats secretly killing you inside?

Anyone can take this quiz^.^ I just made this outof boredom.

What state of matter does your boredom...

Read the bloody title m8 Plus im not here to provide detailed solutions and what not, this quiz is only to classify you and the descriptions are most likely very inaccur...

Jack Frost x You and Rapunzel...PART 3!

You're trying to figure out why jack is ignoring you...and it's hurting you pretty bad...and why is Rapunzel acting so nice?

What Hetalia Countries Think Of You

=_= boredom took over... Girls only. If your a dude, and you feel like acting like a dudette, feel free to take the quiz ;D This quiz is mainly a rp warning XD

Zombie apocalyspe wwyff part 4

The guys part 4. I dont own photos. Also I'm bored out of my nothings new.
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The boredom quiz

It's really random, so take it if you're bored.:-P

Who are you from Mystery Skulls Ghost?

Who are you? Are you Vivi, Arthur,Lewis, or Mystery?

Zombie apocalyspe wwyff part 3

Part 3 guys and I don't own photos. So let's see how getting you the gas station goes.

Young Justice life quiz

· TV
Boredom with watching YJ.

The boredom quiz

· Books
I see you joined the club? Well try to follow this but yeah good luck.

Zombie apocalyspe wwyff part 2

Well it has begun but the question of who exactly this guy is. Alright part to the first quiz obviously. DONT OWN PHOTOS

Your Lovely Death Story

WARNING: These deaths will have detail to put some disturbing images into your head. If you are not able to hand blood/gore then I suggest you do not take this quiz. The ...

Which Soul watches you

Read. Mostly for females, sorry

Zombie apocalyspe wwyff

So as usual boredom leads to quiz making. So its the zombie apocalypse take the quiz to find out more. Also for girls mostly but if your a guy and wanna take it go for it...

What my (imaginary) friends think of you

My friends will ask questions to see if you are Cat Gang worthy or not. Don't blame me if Lillianne kicks you out. (She's the leader of this roughhousing group) N...

Do I See You Fit to be my Master/Mistr...

((BOREDOME OKAY? and the fact that lucy is still masterlessssss))

Which of My Six OC's Would You Be?

I have quite a few OC's. So, I made this quiz purely out of boredom and because I wanted to see it any of your personalities matched up with the six characters I'...
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