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Make a boyfriend. If you don't like your result suck it up and move on. Just Enjoy :) Comes with story at the end btw

Your Perfect Boyfriend

Sorry if you dont like your result! Sorry that the results are a bit short! ♥

Build A Boyfriend! + Long Story and Pe...

Hello there! If you haven't took my "Create a Boyfriend" quiz then PLEASE DONT BECAUSE IT SUCKED! Enjoy this quiz :)

Create Your Own Boyfriend - PICTURE RE...

Take my quiz to find out your future: Husband Wedding Dress Proposal Ring Wedding Place Your Kids + Names! Pets Your House AND MORE! If you have taken my oth...

Your Boyfriend + story

Hope you like it :) All pics from

Create a boyfriend

Lots of options instead of building a bear build a boyfriend! Does he have superpowers? Is he hot? Is he rich? Is he the nicest person ever? Is he all of the above!

Create Your Own Boyfriend - PICTURE RE...

UNLIKE, the past 4 quizzes, the boys in this quiz are either youtubers or famous artists. Sorry if these guys aren't people who you like or whatnot. TAKE THIS QUIZ TO FIN...

Your Very Own 1D Life

· Music
My One-Direction-Boyfriend-Building company promises satisfactory results that include pictures and stories for your pleasure. Customer complaints will be automatically d...

Build-A-Boyfriend (:

There are so many of these and i really like them and i had some really good ideas soo i decided to make one (:

Create Your Own Boyfriend - PICTURE RE...

Just like my other quizzes, this is a CREATE YOUR OWN BOYFRIEND quiz (MASH/Picture Result). The results do not have a written story, all the results are in pictures :) T...
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Who's your TMNT boyfriend? part 27

What happens after you jump from the building with your husband and James.

Build a Boyfriend workshop!

Title says it all! ^^^^

Build A Boyfriend Work Shop

If you don't have a boyfriend, no worries just take this quiz to get one shipped to you by tomorrow night (just kidding). This quiz is for everyone; gay or straight, ...

Build a BF! :)

Naw too lazy


Lets see who your cutie is shall we? OH by the way this is my first quiz like this so please leave me comments and ideas please. some of these are based off of real peopl...


Answer these questions and build yourself your perfect boyfriend😍 with a story📔. I'm still editing this quiz so not all the results have completed stories yet...


Build your own boyfriend!


This is my first quiz . . .

Build your boyfriend + long results an...

Your perfect boyfriend and date !

Your Boyfriend

Girls and guys can take this quiz (as long as you're attracted to guys).
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