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Create Your Mythical Boyfriend

Create a mythical boyfriend with story included! i do not own any photos! for girls,gays, and bi's

Create a mythical boyfriend

Create your own mythical boyfriend + story. Everyone can take this quiz! Peaceskies!

My Mythical Boyfriend

Who is your fated lover? The sarcastic, flirtatious vampire? The protective, warm werewolf? The party-loving, sexy warlock? Or the sweet, loyal ghost? (Long results)

Create a mythical boyfriend LONG RESULTS

Will you get a dark angel, vampire, water elemental, or earth elemental? Pretty long results, this was so much fun to make, I LOVE FANTASY. JUST FOR FUN.

Your Dream Mythical Boyfriend

LONG DETAILED RESULTS. For boys and girls :) Angel, Fallen Angel, Vampire, Werewolf. It took me a couple of days to write this and it's my first quiz so enjoy :)

Create A Mythical Boyfriend

Includes: Nekos (Cat/Person), Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Demons, Wizards, and Demigods.

Who's Your Mythical Boyfriend? Long Re...

See who your magical mythical boyfriend is and how you too met! Backgrouns Story included x Now Finished x

Create a boyfriend.

Yet another create a boyfriend but I was bored and thought I'd give you guys something to do! This is for girls and guys people! I was going to give you a story with the ...

Create your Mythical Boyfriend!~

· Scary
Read the title~ Characters: Demon, Angel, Ghost, and Elf

Create Your Mythical Boyfriend *Long R...

The title describes most. There are Demons, Vampires, and Werewolves. You and your boyfriends personalities might be opposite, just a warning. Enjoy! (This is also my fir...

Create A Boyfriend+Story= Mythical Boy...

If you get the nature god you have a long story. not being biased, but I can't drag this story on any longer, because some fans are VERY anxious! :D I love you anxious fa...
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Your mythical boy

There are a lot of these already on here but I figured why not? *also can be for gays, whatever you want :D No hate here.

Create a Boyfriend (Science-Fiction/Fa...

Because there needs to be more mythical CAB quizzes that don't center around vampires or werewolves or whatnot. 4 results, each with a long story complete with good gramm...

Create Your Mythical Boyfriend *Long R...

Part Two of my first quiz. New creatures :D- aka the creatures whose scenarios got deleted -__-

Your Mythical Boyfriend

Hello Lovelies.! ♥ So This Is A Mythical Boyfriend Quiz ^^ Like , Vampire ,Demon , Ghost , Etc. ^^ This Is My First Quiz , So Bare With Me If Its Bad ^^ This Is For Eve...

Create your mythical boyfriend! (comes...

· Scary
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Create a Boyfriend

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