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Your Horror Story

· Scary
Based on the one and only Creepy-Pasta WARNING: yeah, um, it's scary bro

Which Five Nights at Freddy's Char...

· Scary
My first non-creepypasta quiz, yet I still manage to keep it within the horror genre. Don't expect much from me, as there is a lot about the game that is in speculati...

What's Your Weapon?

· Scary
Find out which weapon suits you best!

20 Minutes In Heaven With The CreepyPa...

· Scary
Look up. ^.^ Oh, and sorry for barely any pics, my laptop doesnt wanna work. D: Yeah, yeah. I know i suck. Shhhhhhhhh.

Could You Be a Killer?

· Scary
All in the title I guess

What Creepypasta character are you?

Hey before you do this quiz you should probably go on creepy pasta wiki... Some stuff is kinda creepy, but not really.

Which pasta boy is into you?

Let's see which of these pastas admire you! and which one you'll have a happy ending with!

Your Creepypasta Life

· Scary
Includes how you kill, your weapon, who's your BFF, your potential boyfriend, your story and stuff. Results include Jeff, Slender, Hoodie, Laughing Jack, Eyeless Jack...

Does Jeff the Killer Like You?

· Scary
What's the best psychotic murder ever's opinion on you?

Are you a Sociopath?

· Scary
Again all in the title.
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Creepypasta Boyfriend

If you like ccreepypasta boys and want to know who you like the most or would most likely go out with, take this quiz and find out. *Smiles sweetly* However, STAY AWAY FR...

Which of my OCs are you?

So I'm doing this again, only this is for my top 4 OCs! Shall we start? Also, it's Creepypasta OCs

Meet Sparky and Smile! RP (me and the ...

You go to the park, and what do you find there? Or should I say, who do you meet there? PD: RolePlay + I "comment" on... almost all the quiz, just ignore me, i...

Followed Home #5

· Scary
Last time you felt blood fall, you heard the sound of a blade piercing flesh, but you didn't know who's blood. You don't know who is about to die, why don'...

Creepypasta Party ~Spin the bottle #3

After the game of dares and meeting a new face two more knock at the door. But who? Sorry about bad description. Again. Cover image and images in the quiz don't belo...

Perfect Match (creepypasta guys)

· Scary
Find your creepypasta match xP

Creepypasta Institute part 18~

· Scary
The very first assessment task is looming over you... What is the said task? And will you make it through?

Creeypasta Original Characters

· Scary
Which of my Creepypasta Original Characters are you? Long results include name, closest friends, boyfriend, personality, appearance, clothes, quote, hobbies, dislikes, sp...

What creepypasta would you be best fri...

Yea yea i got board ok? jeez and no hate please! and yea and HI! lol XD

The Trackers #6

· Scary
Shilo and you go to question the alleged killer of a young oy named James.

Proxy Training Day 12!

· Scary
This is the 12th quiz in a series I'm doing! You're training to become a proxy! Try to survive. ^u^
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