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Who's your hetalia family?

· TV
Let's see who your Hetalia Family is! You can either be a sibling or child of a country. BTW random pictures throgh out the whole thing.

Hetalia Boyfriend 5

· Humor
Same as my others. New Characters.

Hetalia Life quiz!

· TV
This will include some of the less used characters in theses kinds of quizzes. Examples: Greece, Latvia, Lithuania ect. Plus if you want a story leave a comment, I'm sick...

Would You Fit in With the Baltics?

This includes Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, and the Baltics.

Hetalia cafe RP~

I'm sorry if it's so mainstream but I'm trying my best! Warning: Sexy Boys. yay~

Which Baltic Guy Loves You?

Same as the other 3 quizzes, but with 7 different results. This includes: Romania, Austria, Poland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Estonia and Latvia.

Sad Hetalia Love Story (Long Results)

· TV
Well, I was feeling sad, and I had to write or draw something, so I did this quiz. If I'm as good as I hope I am, you'll feel tears coming on...

Which hetalia character do you relate ...

· TV
This is just part two to the first one. (tons more character promise)

What would Estonia think of you?

Eesti needs more love! Basically just a quiz to give you a basic idea on Estonia's opinion of you! :) No art used is mine, nor is Hetalia, so credit to owners!

Who is your Baltics Boyfriend (long re...

Find out if you are dating Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia.

What do the Hetalia characters think o...

It's basically a Hetalia quiz. With Hetalia characters(WHICH I DO NOT OWN!). Where you see their opinion of you. Also this is my first quiz so please no rude comments! *W...
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Are you FAB? Eres FAB?

Do you think you are fab like Magnus? here you can know if you are completely *FAB* (Cassandra Clare debería darnos crédito por esto)

An interview with the Baltics

[ UPDATE: I added more story to Toris's result and added pictures to the questions. :) ] 23 question RP(ish?) quiz. Directed towards girls, but guys can take it if th...

Who is your fem baltic girlfriend?

MAH FIRST QUIZ BROSKIS! The NYOTALIA (GIRLS, NO DUDES) Baltic Trio are your possible results.(latvia,estonia,lithuania) Have fun my broskis!

Qual seu destino?

Eu realmente estou criando outro quiz de shingeki ( admito sou muito viciada mesmo) tem inspiração em outro quiz então vamos fazer o quiz!

Whose your Valentine!(Others...)

Alaska: It has Austria (Roderich Edelstein),Switzerland(Vash Zwingli),Latvia(Ravis Galante),Estonia(Eduard von Bock),Lithuania(Toris Laurinaitis),Greece(Heracles Karpusi)...

QuÉ personaje de corazÓn rosa eres?

· TV
Corazón Rosa es una historieta que estoy elaborando, aunque todabía en borrador, muy pronto verán la info y pics en mi facebook. Sus personajes ya tienen bien definida...

What Hetalia Character are you? (100 F...

Includes: Italy, Gemany, Japan, America, England, France, Russia, China, Canada, Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Poland, Prussia, Switzerland, Estonia, Latv...

What does the Central and Eastern part...

This is just for fun. I put the two together, because there was a little bit in each. the list: Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. I couldn't find ...

Que miembro de Taka sos

· TV
KArin, Sasuke, Juugo y Suigetsu. ¿quien eres de estos 4?

Who would be your Baltic Boyfriend?

· TV
Like the Baltic States from Hetalia? Who would date you? (I used pics from the internet cause I was too lazy to draw my own at the moment. :/)