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What ghost walks by your side?

Long results with some sad stories. Some people have cried. You have been warned. P.s. omfg, calm down people, I made all of these ghosts up. This is just for fun, not ...

What ghost is in love with you?

· Scary
Wanna know what ghost loves you?

What Ghost/Killer is watching you righ...

· Scary
Find out what is in your walls staring at you thro the vent or perhaps outside your window or under your bed or...right next to you (a lot of ppl asked me were i got all ...

What Will You Be When You Die?

· TV
Wonder What will Happen When You Die? Would you go to heaven and become an angel? go to hell and become a demon? become reincarnated in something other than a human? or w...

Your Sixth Sense?

I made this quiz about 2 years ago, and it's still quite popular today. Apparently it's very accurate, though you'll have to take it and see for yourself c;

Your Horror Story

· Scary
Based on the one and only Creepy-Pasta WARNING: yeah, um, it's scary bro

Supernatural 5sos

The vampire, the Werewolf, the ghost and the Angel. Which of the 5sos would you get. Would you get Michael Clifford or Ashton Irwin or Luke Hemmings or Calum Hood.

Supernatural 1D *3

· Scary
Lets get to know these boys a little more shall we? Welcome to a nightmare.

What type of ghost/spirit would you be?

· Scary
If you were a ghost/entity/demon, how would you be described? On a scale of 1-5 stars, how scary would you be? (this quiz is still in production)

Supernatural 1D *2

· Scary
The second in the supernatural 1D story quiz, and things are about to get scary. Welcome to a nightmare.

What Ghost Is Following You?(GIRLS ONLY)

· Music
Find Out What Ghost Is Following You And Why.
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Supernatural 1D *5

· Scary
Lets get fancy. Welcome to a nightmare.

Could you survive Haunted Hailey?

· Scary
Just have TRUTHFUL answers

Are you the Right One for Danny?

· TV
Are You the right one for Danny Fenton/Phantom? What does he think about You? Let's find out about it thanks to this quiz!

Which Slasher Killer is Your Lover?

· Scary
Slasher movie killers are not as mindless as you think. They are complex, interesting people and they just happen to be looking for a special someone as well. In this qui...

Your mythical boyfriend! PT 4

Hiya! Next part of my tiny series~! Who are you going to make blush this time?

Whos your emo monster?

· Scary
Just a random quiz i wanted to make XD. Results include a vampire,wolf,demon,angel,dark angel, and a ghost. Girls only!

What Is Your Sixth Sense?

Basically this quiz tells you what your sixth sense is. So go on ahead and see what it is.

What ghost watches you

My girls are, Blossom, Skylar,Cynthia, and Sicilia

What Creature are you?

· Scary
What are you a angel vampire zombie ghost reeper? find out here ! Sorry if it is not accurate or not what you wanted !

One More Time (Supernatural 1D) V

To recap: you find out about your powers and you started training. After finding out your new ability, you get into a little trouble with your... "parents."

Abandon Ship

One day, you receive a peculiar note from an anonymous person named R, begging for your help. A ferry ticket is enclosed, and curious, you decide to investigate. However,...
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