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How many zombies would you kill before...

Would you die from the start or live it through till the end?

What Will You Be When You Die?

· TV
Wonder What will Happen When You Die? Would you go to heaven and become an angel? go to hell and become a demon? become reincarnated in something other than a human? or w...

What's Your Weapon?

· Scary
Find out which weapon suits you best!

Will you survive 2012?

Quiz to see if you will survive the "supposed" 2012 apocalypse.

Your halloween-styled death!

· Scary
This quiz is a random quiz of how you might die in a horror movie for halloween.

Whats your role in a horror movie?

· Movies
^^^^ first to die, main character, villain?

Are you Okay?

Any person can take if you wish.

How will you die?

It's all in the title

Would I like you? (Foxy Edition)

Hi, I'm Foxy. I'm obviously not a people person-I mean, people fox? Anyways, you're probably gonna die. THANKS TO Freddy Fazbear, the Quotev account. I c...

How will you die?

Find out how you will die!

When/how/if you die in a horror movie

· Scary
You know you wanna! ':)
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My Psychos Part 5

· Scary
If you don't take this you'll die. Nah, but yeah do take this quiz. Your my all if you do, well all of you are my all. I'm hungry apples

Boyfriend Quiz (Supernatural Beings)

Anubis and Wilson have two very different personalities... and views. Anubis is a half angel, half demon. His father disowned him and his best friend is a witch who he sa...

I have no clue what's going to hap...

· Animals
Like the title says, something might happen, something might not. :3

You have to stay strong.

If you are depressed. Going through hard times. Or being bullied. I made this for you.. x I love you. IF YOUR LOOKING FOR A REASON NOT TO DIE TONIGHT THIS IS IT.

Nothing Is Impossible: Dean Winchester...

· TV
This takes place when (STOP READING IF YOU HAVNT GONE PAST SEASON 2 OR ELSE THERE IS SPOILERS!) Sam dies from when the yellow eyed demon sent all of his "Special kids...

What Character are you in my Book?

· Books
I made a book (really 3) and i made this quiz. Just for curiosity. The book is about 12 classmates who are in an unfamiliar room. In the first room (called "the red r...

I'm Back... Did You Forget Me?: Ca...

You died. Castiel Died. What will happen next?

Fallen Death Part one [A new begining]

My first Quiz and no you won't die at the end so don't worry.

Which Of Our Cp OC's are you?

L.G: All are welcome~ ;) Shattered Lies: Just Don't Lie, I'm not very fond of those~ Kitty Kat: ;) Me-ow~ haha Screaming Cries: Enjoy! Rainbow Die: hehehehe d...

WWYFF Elementals #4

Recap: You met some guys. The girl you tried to help Is dead and you asked Conner how he knows how she died. The big question is "What happened to the girl?" If...

Could you survive in the purge?

Could you? Find out by taking this quiz

What should you do before you die?

This is a quiz basically saying what you should you do before you die. i did no research, this is all based on your answers.
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