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How many zombies would you kill before...

Would you die from the start or live it through till the end?

What Will You Be When You Die?

· TV
Wonder What will Happen When You Die? Would you go to heaven and become an angel? go to hell and become a demon? become reincarnated in something other than a human? or w...

What's Your Weapon?

· Scary
Find out which weapon suits you best!

Will you survive 2012?

Quiz to see if you will survive the "supposed" 2012 apocalypse.

Would I like you? (Foxy Edition)

Hi, I'm Foxy. I'm obviously not a people person-I mean, people fox? Anyways, you're probably gonna die. THANKS TO Freddy Fazbear, the Quotev account. I c...

Whats your role in a horror movie?

· Movies
^^^^ first to die, main character, villain?

Would you survive in Sword Art Online?

In Sword Art Online you are trapped in an MMO and if you die in there you die in real life. Do you think you would survive? Take this quiz to find out.

How will you die?

It's all in the title

How you will die

· Scary
Ever wondered how you will die? This is the best way to find out!

How will you die?

Find out how you will die!

What Ghost(s) Would You Meet?

· Scary
Attention: These cases put on the results are REAL cases. They're added with a fictional story that gives you a bit of a written experience. Since it's close to O...
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I'm Back... Did You Forget Me?: Ca...

You died. Castiel Died. What will happen next?

Fallen Death Part one [A new begining]

My first Quiz and no you won't die at the end so don't worry.

Which Of Our Cp OC's are you?

L.G: All are welcome~ ;) Shattered Lies: Just Don't Lie, I'm not very fond of those~ Kitty Kat: ;) Me-ow~ haha Screaming Cries: Enjoy! Rainbow Die: hehehehe d...

WWYFF Elementals #4

Recap: You met some guys. The girl you tried to help Is dead and you asked Conner how he knows how she died. The big question is "What happened to the girl?" If...

Could you survive in the purge?

Could you? Find out by taking this quiz

What should you do before you die?

This is a quiz basically saying what you should you do before you die. i did no research, this is all based on your answers.

Undead Part Five

What happens when a apocolypse breaks out, and you have to make some tough decisions. Will you survive find love, or will you die, and be forever alone...take this story ...

Survival, Nightmare Series. Part 1.

· Scary
Gettin' stuck in a nightmare is pretty crappy and uncool but the fact is, you gotta survive and live or just give up and die. Will the choices you make help you get o...

StarClan Or Dark Forest?

· Books
When a Warrior Cat dies, they will either go to StarClan, the Dark Forest, or nowhere, sometimes. So where do you fit in? PLEASE TAKE THIS QUIZ HONESTLY!

Which Dangan Ronpa character are you m...

I had this one AMAZING Idea in English today,"What Dangan Ronpa character are you most like?" This lil' quiz here goes out to my friend Diego! ♥ Hope y...

Why do you struggle at accomplishing g...

Hey, lovely quiz takers. This is for people who have trouble with bunch of unfinished projects, failed diets, leaving everything for tomorrow and procrastinating in gener...

What Happened to You After Armageddon?

The end has come! You have the chance to live or to die. Are you a fearless leader or a heartless hunter? Are you average survivor or a decomposing corpse? As always hope...
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