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Can I Guess Your Zodiac Sign?

This may or may not be true... But I can try to predict it. ^.^ PLEASE ANSWER HONESTLY FOR BEST RESULTS! (The title has been changed from "your true zodiac sign" to this....

Prospit or Derse?

When you sleep, where does your dreamself then wake? Is it to the golden halls shared by prospitarians, or is it the darkened violet towers of derse that you see? Why not...

Which Homestuck Troll are you?

Which of the twelve, crazy trolls are you? Be honest answering or else it won't be right.

What is the Colour of Your Blood? (Hom...

(ie Where Are You on the Hemospectrum?) The trolls of Alternia and Beforus have various castes based on the colour of a troll's blood -- if you were a troll, where wo...

Which Homestuck Troll are you?

I would suggest picking a troll before you start, choose the obvious answers and try to aim for that troll!

What God Tier class are you? (Girls)

This goes with: What God Tier aspect are you? Put the two together to get your God Tier title. This is the half for girls. If you want to find out what your title mean...


Find out who's in yours~ Also includes 'what the characters think of you'. . . . . .one-shots coming soon

What God Tier aspect are you?

This goes with: What God Tier class are you? (Girls) or What God Tier class are you? (Boys) Put the two parts together to get your title. If you want to know what your ...

Who's your m4t3spr1t?

W3ll, 1f you h4v3 to look 1n th3 d3scr1pt1on to s33 wh4t th1s qu1z 4bout, you're just 4s sm4rt 4s vr1sk4, so not v3ry! h3h3h3 >:]

What do the homestuck characters think...

Who would be in your quadrants, and what everyone thinks of you! (be patient with me, this is my first quiz!)

Homestuck Quadrant Quiz

Which male Homestuck troll would be your matesprit? Why does he like you? What do the other characters think of you? Find out with this simple quiz!

What do the male trolls from homestuck...

^^^ Girls only. And the title says it all. If you can't read, than why are you here?
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What's Your Fandom?

Find out what your true fandom is. Travel with the greatest minds of all times, and new friends, and foes.

What Fantroll are you ?

ALL OF THE FANTROLLS HERE ARE NOT MINE ~ but most are and this is created to be fun and just random~~

Beta Kids/Trolls] Who's Your Mates...

Find out your Beta Kid/Troll Matesprit! +Story

Which homestuck alpha kid are you?

Easy! Just answer the questions as homestly as you can and ill try to give you accurate results on which alpha kid fits your personality best ^u^

Which Homestuck Beta kid are you?

Are you Rose, Jade, Dave or John?

How much do you know about Mituna?

How much do you really know about Mituna Captor? These questions will probably be pretty easy. Unless you don't read homestuck. Then you will probably sit there like ...

Would you go grim dark?

All genders, homestuck, Please rate!

What Troll are you Most Like?

This isn't a "Guess your zodiac" quiz. So if you don't get your patron troll, forgive me. Or not. Your choice. This quiz DOES in fact have swearing in it ...

What does karkail think of you, yea you!

1st quizzy, i was bored. JUST DO IT - markiplier

Music Scenarios

· Music
So I wanted to make a whole bunch of scenarios for these songs that I like, fun
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