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Creepypasta lovers!~

· Scary
You have the choices out of Jeff, Liu, BEN, Ticci Toby, The twins, EJ, LJ, and last but not least Jane the killer +Sally (for bi or les also if you don't like that th...

Which one of my creepypasta oc's a...

· Scary
Another creepypasta oc quiz! Please comment/favorite/follow and i'll do the same for you! ^U^ Thanks, Crimson. BOY AND GIRL RESULTS! WARNING: DARK AND VIOLENT THE...

Creepypasta boyfriends

This is my first so give me some sympathy please ♥ :3 have fun! with Jeff the killer, homicidal Liu, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack, Masky or Hoodie

Which of my Creepypasta Oc's are y...

This includes, Annabell Blue, Terra Ash, Nichole Watches, and Skylar Sea

Creepypasta boyfriend

Ok well its your Creepypasta Boyfriend, if you dont like your result, just take the quiz again, oh It also includes what the other pastas think of you ( includes:Ticci To...

Does homicidal Liu like you?

Read title^^^^^ for girls only but if boys wanna take it go right ahead im not going to try and stop you at all

What the creepypastas' think of you.

See what Eyeless jack, Slender man, Homicidal Liu, Jeff the Killer, Jane the Killer, Sally, Hoodie, Masky, BEN, Devin the Survivor (my oc) and Smiley think of you.

Which Creepypasta are you?

· Scary
Hi it's Creepypasta123 again! The results include Jeff the Killer, BEN DROWNED, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack, Slenderman, and Homicidal Liu (because there aren't e...

The Psycho Killer RP 1: meet your team

· Scary
Time to meet your seniors and friends

Which Creepypasta are you Most Like ?

Includes Laughing Jack, Slenderman, Glitchy Red, Lost Silver, BEN, Dark Link, Homicidal Liu, Eyeless Jack, The Puppeteer, Bloody Painter, And the Proxys Toby, Hoodie, and...

Which Creepypasta are you?

· Scary
If you were a Creepypasta, which one would you be?

Which CreepyPasta's Twin Would You...

Okay... Uh... The results will include Slenderman, BEN Drowned (Nina the Killer's sibling) , Hoodie (My sibling too), Masky, Jeff (Jayla's Sibling...), Liu (aka J...
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The Outsiders (Pt. 4)

· Scary
Prison wall, closing in...

The Outsiders (Pt. 3)

· Scary
Well well... Something interesting just happened, didn't it? And, you witnessed it all... So, now what?

The Academy [Creepypasta RP] Pt.1

(Written in 1st POV) One could say I'm an extremely lucky person - being born to an extremely wealthy family. One could also say I was terribly bored of my seemingly ...

The Outsiders (Pt. 2)

· Scary
You've met some of them, now it's time to find out why you're here. And, to make yourself at home.... Here's the quiz before this one: The Outsiders (Pt....

The Outsiders (Pt. 1)

· Scary
You recently moved across town. The reasoning of your parent(s): cheaper rent. However, you begin to have your own suspicions... (Mostly for gals, but if ya guys wanna ta...

Hey, you... [Part three]

· Scary
Meet the creepypastas! ...Or at least most of them. This is a part one of meeting them o v < (My laptop erases the answers I typed and the questions I make, so I&#...

Summer with the Creepypastas Part 1

Way too lazy to write, but whatever quiz for people who love Creepypastas.I LOVE YOU BROCHACHOS!-Jena

What creepypasta are you?

· Scary
I have always wanted to be or know what creepypasta I am. Have you? Take this quiz and enjoy! I would love for you to comment, and if you want to follow please do.

Which pasta has deep feelings for you

· Scary
Who likes you Jeff l.j or mabey you and homicidal liu are perfect for each other but mabey you and BEN r just ment to b btw i take no credit what'soever for the pict...

Seven Minutes in Heaven: Creepypasta...

Forced into a closet for seven minutes with possibly the guy (Psycho) of your dreams.. Includes Jeff, Ej, LJ, Lost Silver, Zalgo, and BEN! (For everyone, but in a girls p...

What do Liu and Jeff think about you? :D

HOMICIDAL LIU AND JEFF THA KILLA! :DDDD liu needs more things on him :| hes awesome!

7 minutes in Heaven *Creepy Pasta style

· Scary
Sorry this quiz is for the girls but i will make another for boys ;) this quiz includes, Jeff the Killer, Ben drowned, Homicidal Liu, Eyeless Jack and Masky
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