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What Type of Guy Do You Attract?

Each category has a guy from One Direction and the ICONic Boyz. Some have a guy from Emblem3 and Big Time Rush. Hope you like it!

Which ICONic Boy was made for you?

· Music
Only the ICONic Boyz from ABDC Season 6. Which will you get? Mikey "Spikey Mikey" Fusco, Nick "Nicholicious" Mara, Madison "MadBoy" Alamia, ...

Your life at ICON. (An ICONic Boyz life)

· Music
Which ICONic Boy? Your first date, what you wear and your future! :D

11 Minutes in Heavan with the ICONic B...

What happen when and your favorite ICONic boy is in a dark room all alone for eleven minutes and the only sound you can hear is his breathing *All the ABDC Boyz*

Which ICONic Boy is for YOU ?

· Music
The title says it all ! (jason, nick mara, chris, madison, mikey, or nick rubiano!)

11 Minutes in Heaven with the ICONic B...

You asked for it so I bring you THE HUNGER GAMES! I'm kidding it's just part two.

Your Iconic Boyz Boyfriend With A Story!

· Music
Which Iconic Boyz will be your boyfriend in the future? Read && Find out! ;D

Who are You( ICONiacz only mmmkay?)?

· Music
Find out which girl you are, how the boyz know you, and what they think!

To Be One/Nick Mara/Vinny Castronovo

Which boy will be your perfect boyfriend?

What's your crushes creative way of sa...

· Music
Your lover is ready to tell you how how feels, and he is thinking how he can do it uniquely. Boys, even though this is a girls only quiz you might want to take it for som...

Conversation with Iconic Boyz

· Humor
Who would fall for you?

Who's Your ICONic Boy Love?

· Music
Find out which one of the awesome boys who competed on ABDC season 6, loves you!...
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Which two 2B1 guys fight for you?

So which ones fight for you? find out here

What will happen when you meet To Be O...

Who will like you out of To Be One/ Nick Mara/ Vinny Casrtonovo?

Which Character In My Story are you?

· Music
Ever Wonder Which Winx Girl In My Story Is You? Now,You Can Know.Find Out Who You Are.You'll Even Know Your True Inner Winx.

Which ICONic Boy is Perfect for You?

· Music
Mikey, Nick, Madison, Jason, Louis or Thomas?

4 Words to Describe You From The ICONi...

· Music
Miss Independent, Miss Smarty Pants, Miss Sugar Spice And All Things Nice and Miss Chill. 4 words to describe you from 4 different ICONic Boyz in each category. Which one...

Are you a true iconiac?

· Music
Take this quiz to see if your a TRUE ICONic boyz fan!

How well do you know the ICONic Boyz?

· Music
Are you a true ICONiac or what? then lets find out. my quiz is pretty long! :) Including Vinny Castronovo

What kind of ICONiac are you?

· Music
This includes ALL 16 boyz *^*once your a crew your a family*^* ( GRANDerz are always included)

What do The ICONic Boyz Think of You?

· Music
Find out what the ICONic Boyz think of you with an Imagine (:
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