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Does Jeff the Killer Like You?

· Scary
What's the best psychotic murder ever's opinion on you?

Living With The Creepypastas (Part 24)

· Scary
So it took me forever to upload this, and I am very sorry about that

Creepypasta lovers!~

· Scary
You have the choices out of Jeff, Liu, BEN, Ticci Toby, The twins, EJ, LJ, and last but not least Jane the killer +Sally (for bi or les also if you don't like that th...

TRUTH OR DARE with the pastas

You walked into the woods. You sat by a tree, that turned out to be Slenderman. He was nice so he took you to the Slender Mantion. Females only, sorry. Side note, firs...

What Creepypasta are you?

Well, who are you? This quiz includes Jeff the Killer, Slenderman, BEN Drowned, Sally, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack, Smile Dog, The Rake, Jane the Killer, Hoody, Masky, an...

Do the proxy twins like you?

All in the title bro :3 All pictures belong to their rightful owners lol heres the Ocs and some of one of the results Kitty invited you to the creepy pasta house its...

Which Female CreepyPasta are you?

My second quiz! So the quiz is about which Female creepypasta are you? Have fun! CONTAINS: Jane the Killer, Clockwork, Jana the killer, Nina the killer, and Sally William...

The Creepypasta hungergames!

· Scary
Hey my little balls of furry adorableness! Find Out your hunger games life , Creepy pasta style! Your district , life , partner in the games , friends , enimies and if yo...

Your Creepypasta life - part 1

· Scary
An RP quiz where you meet the Pastas and go on an adventure!

Halloween Party With The Creepypasta

· Scary
You got invited to spend five days with the Creepypasta but you didn't know they were the Creepypasta cause it was a Halloween party and you thought that they were ju...

Who from the Creepypasta's would k...

As promised: a new CP quiz :) The story is coming, I'll publish it next week. In this quiz you'll get kidnapped by one of the Creepypasta's ;o. Sorry.. this t...

Spin the bottle with the creepypastas

OVER 7000 TAKERS OMG THANK YOU but... HOW? Next quiz of the series -7 mins in heaven with the Creepypastas
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Which Creepypasta Girl are you ?

Includes Jane The Killer, Sally, Scissor Mouth, Laughing Jill, Nurse Joy, Clockwork, And Nina The Killer.

Creepypasta Wonderland part 2

Wonderland and creepypasta how cool right part 2 people

Test your Creepypasta knowledge

· Scary
How well do you know the Creepypastas? BTW, if you Google the answers, I can't stop you, but just know that it makes you a total cheater!

Your Summer With Creepypastas -4-

You're in the house with the girl named Clara, but how would it be if she isn't the person you thought she would be.

What do the CreepyPastas Think of You:...

· Scary
Finally, last but not least is number 3! Hope you enjoyed these.

Who is your Creepypasta best friend?

· Scary
You can get Ticci toby,Jeff the killer and jane the killer,Masky,Hoodie,Ben the drowned and slenderman and eyeless jack and laughing jack and you can get me! XD

The Academy [Creepypasta RP] Pt.1

(Written in 1st POV) One could say I'm an extremely lucky person - being born to an extremely wealthy family. One could also say I was terribly bored of my seemingly ...

Are they love you (3)?

The rp continue *smiles* enjoy my quiz!
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