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What piercing best suits you?(mostly f...

Find out what clues add up to what piercing suits you and why! great and descriptive!

How beautiful are you on a scale of 1-...

Well...take it! readd the title honey!

What SHOULD your hair look like?

What hair should you have? sorry...for girls only :(

What animal Walks by your side?

· Music
I love animals! Enjoy!

Who is Your Butler (Black Butler)

Does Claude, or Sebastian pledge allegiance to you? Find out. Pretty Long Results.

Which Celebrity Acts Exactly Like You?...

Which of these Amazing 9 Celebrities are You? ♥♥

Are you girly or tomboy?

Pretty much what the title says! :D Please comment ;) ~ SweetAsCandy<3

Create a Baby

Create a baby, wooh!

What will you look like at age 16?(:

This might not be what you REALLY look like but I'll give it all my best! ~girls only~

What should you be for Halloween?

That time of year has come again! It's pretty much impossible to figure out what to be, so this will -hopefully- help you.

Are you Beautiful (Honest Results)

This is just a quiz for me to tell you the honest about if i think your beautiful or not. I'm sorry if this offends anyone.

Design Your Boyfriend!

Forever alone? Well, you're in the right place! ;D (picture pretty much not related..) This is my first quiz... :3
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Survival, Nightmare Series. Part 1.

· Scary
Gettin' stuck in a nightmare is pretty crappy and uncool but the fact is, you gotta survive and live or just give up and die. Will the choices you make help you get o...

Are we similar?

I just want to see if I can find some people like me cause I'm a pretty weird person. It's hard to find people I can relate to. By the way, if you don't like ...

Pretty Little Liars situations Episode 1

· TV
What would you do if you were them? Who are you like?

What You Feel Inside

Well The Tittle Pretty Much Sums It Up This Quiz Will Tell You What You Are Really Feeling Inside

What is your anime hair

This quiz tells you what your hair color will look like if you were an anime character

Which Vocaloid song describes you the ...

· Music
This is mainly for vocaloid fans but anyone can take it really. This is my first ever quiz so please forgive me if its bad. Most of these songs are pretty sad in a sense ...

Your days as a pasta 5

The fift of many. So lets recap your zalgos younger sibling your pretty much either going to learn to fight or die so lets find out what happens next! Btw i own no pictur...

Which Disney Princess are you?

It's pretty self-explanatory, but which one of the 11 official Disney Princesses are you?

Your Supernatural Creature Life

Have you ever wondered what its like to be a mermaid, werewolf or vampire? Includes strengths, weaknesses, life and the love of your life. It is pretty dang long. (anyon...

Who Said What: Katniss, Hermione or An...

· Books
Pretty hard quotes, guys. Be careful. :P Do not press this quiz if you aren't worthy! (Hint: You are.) :)

Your Disney Life

· Movies
Basically if you were a Disney character. All pictures are from @snarkies on instagram. It's not a very long quiz, but the results are pretty long.

Which Teen Wolf Character are you?

· TV
The title pretty much says it all and HAI:) Welcome to my face!
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