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Which inuyasha guy loves you? (girls o...

· TV
Koga, inuyasha, miroku, sesshomaru, and others

Which Psycho-Pass Character Will Fall ...

If you're a fan of the anime Psycho-Pass then you should take this quiz. find out which boy character (Kogami, Ginoza, Kagari, or Makishima) would fall for you!

Inuyasha Boyfriend Quiz

Just like the title says. Click here to find out your Inuyasha Lover XD

What Harajuku Style Are You?

Visual Kei/Cosplay, Decora/Kawaii, Kogal/Gyaru, Sweet Lolita, or Gothic/Punk.

Your Inuyasha Life! VERY long results

· TV
Ever wondered what your life would be like if you ended up in feudal Japan, 500 years in the past? Find out! Do not take if you haven't watched the entire series. THE...

What Do The Inuyasha Characters Think ...

· TV
I know as an otaku myself we've all wondered before if you watch inuyasha what they all would think of us.especailly if we had a crush on one of them ^-~. so now here is ...

Inuyasha RP Quiz

Kagome does not exist in this quiz you take her place. You fell in the well just like she did but what happens afterwards is up to you. You can continue your journey with...

Inuyasha: And You Are?

· TV
Are you funny and sarcastic like Shippo or Serious and calm like Sesshomaru? In love with everyone like Miroku or in love with one person like Koga? Lets find out, shall ...

What Shipper Of B.T.R. Gay Couples You...

· Music
Are you a new rusher and you feel like shipping but you don't know whom with whom..?this quiz helps ya figure it out!

Will Inuyasha Love You?

First one, for me so ill try not to dissapoint... and i wont ask favorite coulor

Which 'Ten Desires' character are you?

Which Touhou Shinreibyou character are you? (Touhou 13, Ten Desires)

What Inuyasha character are you?

· TV
Based on your personality, I'll determine what Inuyasha character you are!
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Which Inuyasha character are you most ...

It's all in the title... I suck at descriptions...

Who are you in Inuyasha? (Guy Version)

· TV
I have Inuyasha, Miroku, Shippo, Koga, Sesshomaru, and Naraku.

What Inuyasha character are you?

· TV
Take the quiz and find out what inuyasha charactor you are. Boys and girls both can take this.

Which 'Undefined Fantastic Object' cha...

Undefined Fantastic Object. Touhou Seirensen. By ZUN.

Which Iga Ninja From Basilisk Are You?

· TV
Do you hate the Koga? Do you love the Koga? Do you just want to be a ninja? Find out which Iga ninja you are and how deep your hatred goes

Jocy,Tacy ili neko treci...?;)) koga najvise podsecas....

Inuyasha's kids

· TV
This is quiz that me and my friend XxBlack TigerxX made I hope you like this quiz :)

Inuyasha Boyfriend

Out of Miroku, Sesshomaru, and Koga, witch one will you get


· TV
What the characters think of you and who's your bf!

Who is YOUR Inuyasha Boyfriend?

· TV
You could get inuyasha,sesshomaru,miroku,naraku,or koga

Your Inuyasha them song and character

· TV
Do the quiz.Get a theme song.Get your character.Get back the 5 second it took for you to read this

Your Life In Inuyasha

· TV
As the title claims, for females.
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