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Which O2l Boy is for you?

Connor Franta, Sam Pottorff, Kian Lawley, Ricky Dillon, Trevor Moran, Ricardo Ordieres, Christian Novelli or JC Caylen? (:

Who Do I Ship You With?

See who I think your perfect with! Maybe a Youtuber, Singer, Viner or anyone!

Are you a true fangirl?

Title says it all :)

Which YouTuber Likes You?

Found out what YouTuber you're perfect for.

Who's your perfect o2l member *stories*

Take this quiz to find out who you're perfect for in the group, Our2ndLife! Stories at the end. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading this.

What Do You Know About Youtubers?

· Humor
In Advanced Warning: This isn't about all of the youtubers out there. There are so many amazing people out there on the internet but these are just some of the people...

What YouTuber do I ship you with?

Connor Franta, Jack Harries, Alfie Deyes, Marcus Butler, Jc Caylen or Casper Lee - which one do I ship you with!

A Conversation With O2L

Will they like you? Will they hate you? Will someone fall IN LOVE with you? Take this quiz to find out!

Which O2L boy is the one for you?

Sam Pottorff, Kian Lawley, Connor Franta, Trevor Moran, Ricky Dillon, or JC Caylen? (:

Who is your Youtube boyfriend #3

Since Pewdiepie took my quiz, I figured- why not make another one? HAPPY 1K FOLLOWERS GUYS I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH THAT I COULD CRY! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ #1- Who i...

Who Do I Ship You With?

Find out and see if I ship you with a viner, singer, youtuber or celebrity! (not just 5sos) *Pictures and Gifs*
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Sleepover with 5sos part 4

What happens do we runit or will we all never ever see each other again..... O.o

Which Our 2nd Life Boy is for you?

The title says it! (includng Connor still!)

Who in O2L is for you?

Comes with story.

O2L Boyfrienddd!

Take this quiz find out which O2L member would be perfect for you! c; P.S. I know that Connor is technically out but I still love him so he's going in this quiz..

MASH (O2l)

It is the classic game of MASH but with O2l guys with the results :)

Which o2l member describes you

Well thats what a title is for

Your O2L Dream Love Life

Read The title ^~^ ~Includes Connor~Long Results ♥ Includes The Boys Opinions On You((: meet,date,break up,make up,proposal,wedding,kids,pets,honeymoon

Which O2L Guy Is For You?

This is my first quiz so sorry if it's bad! And I'm aware that Connor is no longer a part of the group, but I'm inuding him anyway!

Which Magcon boy OR o2l boy do I ship ...

All the o2l guys and Magcon guys... Enjoy ;)

Who is the one for you?

I take your answers to find which o2l guy is the on for you.

Which Member of O2L is Mr. Right?

Which member of o2l is your perfect boy?
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