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Who Is Your Future Mr.Right?

· Music
Sorry boys but it's for girls only! but i will be making a Mrs.Right soon!

Fight with Mindless Behavior

Don't worry y'all make up

Which Mindless Behavior member is your...

· Music
Take the quiz and see if you will get Prodigy, Roc Royal, Princeton, or Ray Ray as your Future Boyfriend!

Your Mindless Behavior Boy

· Music
Who is your perfect match from Mindless Behavior? Sorry boys, girls only!:)

What does Roc royal think of you?

· Music
Chicks only!If you ever meet...

Have a Chat with Princeton From Mindle...

· Music
See how your conversation would turn out if you ever talked to Princeton...

How will you meet your Mindless Boy? (...

How you meet your celebrity boyfriend from Mindless Behavior My first ever quiz so I hope you like it! ;p

In a haunted house with mindless behav...

· Music
Will you die, survive? But with who? Ray ray, prince, roc or prodigy? Take the quiz and find out :)

Girl's Talkin Bout

A Mindless Behavior quiz. What boy fits you best? Hope you enjoy!

Mindless Behavior Has A Lil Chat With ...

· Music
Sorry If I Said Lil When Its Like 10 or 13 Thingys Long

Which MB member would make you their w...

Well, you read the title, didn't you?
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Which character from 'Prince Charm...

I thought, "Wow! 400 likes? Well, it's about time I made a quiz!" Which character from 'Prince Charming' are you most like? Take the quiz to find out...

Who is your Mindless Behavior Boy

· Music
For girls only? Is it Princeton Ray Ray Roc Royal or Prodigy

Talk with Princeton

Talk to prince in a restaurant

How much do you know about One Night S...

· Books
A quiz about my Roc Royal fan fic, testing your knowledge on some of the chapters and topics of the story.

Princeton Quiz

This is THE Princeton Quiz find out if you his wifey, girlfriend, bestie or just a misfit...SMALL STORY INCLUDED!

How well do you know Mb?

The perfect test for tm. Be careful there are some trick questions in there ;) keep in mind this quiz was made before Ej joined the group)

Is princeton in to you

Is princeton going to love or is he going to hate you

Your Mr.Right:)

Prodigy, Princeton, rayray or roc royal?

Chat With Mindless Behavior Part 2

Read The Title, Take Part One If You Didn't Already. Chat With Mindless Behavior Part 1

Does Princeton Want You in his Life?

Do you have what it takes to be with Princeton from MB? Take this quiz to find out!
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