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What is Your Stereotype?

Well? Are you classified as a Nerd, Girly Girl, Jock, Popular, Emo/Goth/Scene/Punk etc., Rebel or Average? Take this quiz to find out ~ Just for fun, I do not believe in ...

Create A Life~Mash Picture Results.

I've seen a lot of these on Qoutev and well...I thought i'd give it a shot ((These are pretty much all 'emo' results I've got a few complaints about that but screw you i...

What do guys like about you?

It's all in the title ^^ will it be your eyes, body,personality, hair or your crowd?

Who's the perfect boyfriend for you?

Includes a short story of how you met ♥ Like, Favourite & Follow plz

Nordic Police RP

· TV
Who will break you out of jail? ;)

Who in 5sos is the one for you

Well we all know 5sos aren't really the sharpest knifes in the box when it comes to being normal xD (But who am i to judge sitting on qoutev like... yah) So in this ...

2P Hetaween RP

· TV
Who will you get? -major England Eyebrow bounce-

Black Butler RP part 3

· TV
Will someone be asking your hand in marriage this time?

SNK) Which Legion Do You Belong To?

RP style quiz, hope you likey ;D

Can You Survive Switching Lives' With ...

· TV
See if you can survive being Spain for the day!

What is your mental age?

Whats your mental age. This might not be accurate.
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What Halloween "Creature" Woul...

Doesn't the title explain it all? Would you be a ghost? Maybe a ? Who knows! Followers Note ->( By the way guys I just wanted to make a nice Halloween kind of quiz...

Whos Your Pierce The Veil Boyfriend?

· Music
What PTV dude will you end up with? Tony the turtle, or Jaimie the dinosaur? Lets find out ;D

Getting to know you

A quiz that I have created to welcome myself to qoutev

Does Nigel Thornberry think your smash...

· Movies
Does nigel like you or not? Take the quiz to find out poppet!

Silence, my brother (Hetalia/Skyrim No...

Hetalia/Skyrim crossover rp. ^_^ Because getting options in a fanfiction is wayyyy more fun!

Hetalia STRANDED RP (part 4)

· TV
What happens when your boat sinks in Shark infested waters, and France turns out to be... Not perverted?

Most hilarious hetalia quiz ever!

· TV
The most hilarious quiz eva! If you dont know what hetalia is you wont get the quiz, so please dont cuss at me ;_;

Adventure Time Adventure! Part two

· TV

Hetalia STRANDED RP (part 3)

· TV
Continue our adventure on the abandon island!

Would you survive being Seychelles?

· TV
Would you? Hmmmm? :)

What does male!Belarus think of you?

· TV
What does Nikolai think of you? Hmmmm Will he kill you or what?

Hanging out with Dave Strider yo!

Hang out with Dave Strider! LOLOLOL
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