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Your Horror Story

· Scary
Based on the one and only Creepy-Pasta WARNING: yeah, um, it's scary bro

Halloween Costume Ideas

Find out what you should wear to ths special halloween party or just out in the streets this year! ~please dont copy luv bugs~

What type of ghost/spirit would you be?

· Scary
If you were a ghost/entity/demon, how would you be described? On a scale of 1-5 stars, how scary would you be? (this quiz is still in production)

How evil are you?

· Scary
This is a quiz I made, everybody can take it. How evil do think you really are? Are you evil enough that it's scary? Take quiz to find out!

What Ghost Is Following You?(GIRLS ONLY)

· Music
Find Out What Ghost Is Following You And Why.

Which ghost is trying to kill you?

· Scary
This quiz isn't really scary for me, some people say it is and some don't. I guess you can see if it is xD. Just remember: The results have nothing to do with reality, ok...

Your halloween-styled death!

· Scary
This quiz is a random quiz of how you might die in a horror movie for halloween.

Your personal horror story

· Scary
What will your horror story be?

Which Five Nights at Freddy's Anim...

· Scary
Find out which one of the terrifying robots from Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria you are most like!

Will you survived being kidnapped?

· Scary
A story about getting kidnapped. Answer correctly & you'll live. If you answer wrong.. You'll get a story about how you were killed.

Are you easily scared?

· Movies
See if your the one that has a heart attack every 5 min when watching a horror movie ;)

Would you survive Five Nights At Fredd...

See if you would survive at FNAF, seriously there's no jokes in here just pretend like your literally stuck there over the first night or something. THERE IS NO ...
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Creepypasta Institute part 15~

· Scary
The assessments are drawing to a close, too close for your liking. As your mentors crashed into your dorm room, hoping to squeeze in a few more extra time for some last m...

What type of halloween costume should ...

Not sure what to be this halloween? Take this quiz to get a better idea!

Your Lovely Death Story

WARNING: These deaths will have detail to put some disturbing images into your head. If you are not able to hand blood/gore then I suggest you do not take this quiz. The ...

Supernatural 1D *10

· Scary
Lets find him. Welcome to a nightmare.

What Halloween Creature are you?

Are you a Demon, Vampire, Dark Angel, Witch, or Ghost?

Survival, Nightmare Series. Part 2.

· Scary
Like getting stuck in horrorland wasn't just enough for the first time, you really have guts to be willing for more. Don't think for one second it'll be as ea...

Which Of My OC's are you Like?

A personality quiz determining which of my characters you would be.

Are you able to survive?

· Scary
Will you survive Ghost/me? Even though you may be a girl, the test will refer you to be a dude, ok? (don't hit mah weenis)

What is Your Halloween Life?

· Scary
Scary and involves Blood ^_^

Which of my horror OC's are you?

These are female OC's, but you are welcome to take this quiz if your a guy, it's just who you're most like. If you steal these I will personally kill you. I m...

Who Is Your Creepypasta Oc ?

· Scary
Find out which of my ocs you are. Follow, heart, and comment.

Which animal crossing personality woul...

Like animal crossing? Love the cute,awesome,scary,neat looking villagers? Ever wondered what type of villager personality group you would be in animal crossing? Then take...
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