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Your Supernatural Boyfriend & Story

Another one of those make a boyfriend... but Supernatural... Werewolf, vampire, etc. For females, gays, and bis. :) THANK YOU 300+ FAVORITERS!

My Mythical Boyfriend

Who is your fated lover? The sarcastic, flirtatious vampire? The protective, warm werewolf? The party-loving, sexy warlock? Or the sweet, loyal ghost? (Long results)

Create a perfect immortal boyfriend

Who is your immortal boyfriend? How did you meet him? How will you spend the rest fo your life with him?

Your Supernatural Emo Boyfriend

Demon, Vampire, Ghost, and Werewolf Quiz! ;D♥

Your Supernatural emo boyfriend~long r...

Your life was boring and normal, it was always the same..well, that is until you met your dream guy. Four results you can get with pretty long results. I hope you all enj...

Supernatural One Direction-pt4

· Music
The last part! :)

Your Supernatural Boyfriend!

Vampire, Werewolf, Demon or Angel? What will you get? ~Long Results~ ♥

Your Supernatural Boyfriend

Test that will tell you who would be your supernatural boyfriend. I will write a story for each result as soon as possible. I have also a supernatural girlfriend quiz....

Your 1D Vampire Boyfriend! *longish re...

Who is your 1D vampire boy? Sorry im not good at these kind of quizzes.

Your Supernatural Boyfriend

· TV
Includes Sam, Dean, Cas, Gabriel, Crowley
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Which Supernatural Character are you?

· TV
Get ready for the feels, Supernatural fans. (Created with the help from my boyfriend.)

Your Supernatural life

· TV
So you are now in the world of supernatural! Yay for you! But what is your life? Who are you as a person/hunter? Or are you even a person at all? BUt the most important q...

Supernatural Boyfriend (not the TV show)

I know there are hundreds of these quizzes. I just wanted to try making one... You can get a werewolf, demon, fallen angel, vampire, or a ghost..

Werewolf or Vampire

Pick Your Boyfriend. See if your boyfriend is a Werewolf or a Vampire. There's question about you, him and your date... ups can't tell everything :D Oh and Ther...

Supernatural boyfriend pt2

Sorry for the long wait girls only :3 enjoy

Your Supernatural Life

· TV
For girls only, boyfriend, siblings, how you met, what you would look like, and a while bunch of other stuff. Hey also i accidently published this so other answers will c...

Supernatural boyfriend pt1

I dont own any of the the pictures sorry for spelling mistakes girls only :DD

Your Vampire Boyfriend!

Want to find out who is Your Sexy Vampire Boyfriend? ;) ♥

Pretty Little Assassin(Pt 1)

Ok i'm new to all this so this is my first quiz but i wanted to do a little quiz for a story i'm thinking about doing anyways there is four characters each a diff...

The Supernatural Boyfriend Quiz

I am The Narrator, and this quiz is precisely what it says on the tin. Warning: This quiz is long. I also did not draw any of the art.

Your Werewolf Story

Story of your life as a werewolf. How you look like,how you live, why you are a werewolf ,you´re family ,boyfriend etc. Contains polyvore outfits in results:)

Supernatural Life!(TV Show)

· TV
The boy you get+your love story
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