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Your Supernatural Boyfriend & Story

Another one of those make a boyfriend... but Supernatural... Werewolf, vampire, etc. For females, gays, and bis. :) THANK YOU 300+ FAVORITERS!

Your Mythical Mate

Ever wondered what kind of mythical was destined to be with you? Four quite long results. This is my first ever quiz so I hope that anyone who takes it will enjoy it.

Your Fandom Boyfriend

This quiz is about which main guy from various different fandoms such as Harry Potter, Maze Runner, or Sherlock, would fall in love with you.

Your Supernatural Emo Boyfriend

Demon, Vampire, Ghost, and Werewolf Quiz! ;D♥

Kidnapped By Supernatural One Direction

(Y/N) was a normal girl until, she got kidnapped, by One Direction.

Your life in supernatural

· TV
Including boyfriend,personality, parents, siblings, and what other characters think of you! also it took my like a million years to make this so you better like it dammi...

Supernatural One Direction-pt4

· Music
The last part! :)

My Mythical Boyfriend

Who is your fated lover? The sarcastic, flirtatious vampire? The protective, warm werewolf? The party-loving, sexy warlock? Or the sweet, loyal ghost? (Long results)

Your Supernatural emo boyfriend~long r...

Your life was boring and normal, it was always the same..well, that is until you met your dream guy. Four results you can get with pretty long results. I hope you all enj...

Since We Were Eighteen

A supernatural story about the 1D boys that we love so dearly!
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Supernatural Love

Whos your supernatural love or do they all hate you?

Supernatural Boyfriend (Long results)

I just felt like it, so, yeah. BTW, I'm so happy with how my page is going! You're all so nice, and I have made many friends on this site! Please, check out kohan...

Leviathan Academy-Part 1

This is part one of the Leviathan Academy reboot. In this quiz series, the storyline is based on romance and the supernatural. So feel free to take the quizzes and enjoy.

Your supernatural boyfriend part 1

4 hot guys 1 girl lets see how this story will play out pleas know tis is my first quiz so I'm sorry if its bad

Which supernatural creature is your be...

You may decide what happens with your result because some people want a fantasy bf while others want a bff and it confusing me so i do both cuz im smart. (I DO NO OWN AN...

New Neighbors Wwyff Part 2

Second part to my first wwyff. First Part: New Neighbors (Wwyff)

Who Is Your Supernatural Creature Boyf...

Find out what supernatural boy you'll fall for.

Which Supernatural Character are you?

· TV
Get ready for the feels, Supernatural fans. (Created with the help from my boyfriend.)

Your Supernatural Boyfriend

Test that will tell you who would be your supernatural boyfriend. I have also a supernatural girlfriend quiz. Check it out: Your Supernatural Girlfriend

Create a perfect immortal boyfriend

Who is your immortal boyfriend? How did you meet him? How will you spend the rest fo your life with him?
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