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Which pasta boy is into you?

Let's see which of these pastas admire you! and which one you'll have a happy ending with!

Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios!

If you ever became part of the CP club, Which CP can be your BF? *Not Best Friend BTW* Includes Jeff, BEN, EJ, Masky, Hoodie, Ticci Toby, and Laughing Jack!

7 Minutes In Creepypasta Heaven (Long ...

· Scary
Read Above. This quiz includes Jeff the Killer, Slenderman, Maskey, Ben Drowned, Hoodie, Laughing Jack, Eyeless Jack, and Ticci Toby. I did the best I could with the re...

Which Creepypasta Lurks in Your Soul?

· Scary
We all have things hidden within our soul, inner represenations of ourselves. We have soul animals and elements. Everything inside our soul speaks about who we are as a p...

Creepypasta 7 minutes in heaven! :P

7 minutes in heaven with the creepypasta boyz! Including Jeff, EJ, LJ, Hoodie, Masky, Ticci Toby, BEN, and Slenderman! WARNING: 16+ and long answers!

Which CreepyPasta loves you?

· Humor
It's in the title cx

The Proxy Trials #23

· Scary
You are officially the last selected alive. Unofficially, you're already considered a part of the family. All that's left to do now is discuss the next and final ...

7 Minutes In Creepypasta Heaven~

Well, the title pretty much explains, but we can go into a little more detail. I invite you to my house for a party, where my dear murderous friends are getting a little ...

Seven minutes in heaven creepypasta st...

LOOK UP! I DON'T SEE WHY WE NEED A DESCRIPTION! XD any way, the results include~BEN, Jeff,Ticci Toby and Eyeless Jack! ;) enjoy my pretties!

A Creepy Party: Seven Minutes In Heaven

EYELESS JACK IS UP You are going to a welcoming party at Slender's mansion. Possible results are: Jeff the Killer, Slenderman, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack, Ticci T...
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Creepypasta Institute part 18~

· Scary
The very first assessment task is looming over you... What is the said task? And will you make it through?

Creeypasta Original Characters

· Scary
Which of my Creepypasta Original Characters are you? Long results include name, closest friends, boyfriend, personality, appearance, clothes, quote, hobbies, dislikes, sp...

Creepypasta RP ((Part 1?))

Just a Creepypasta Roleplay cause, well, ITS CHRISTMAS!~ ALL Creepypastas don't belong to me or the pictures! None of them Alright hope use enjoy (Srry boys, Fem...

Creepypasta boyfriend 2!

This is basically the other quiz but with more people Includes: LJ (Laughing Jack, Ticci Toby , slenderman and the rake (humanized)

Living with The Creepypastas

· Scary
I have a occ in this.

Which Creepypasta Guy Loves You?

Wanna know which creepypasta male would fall head over heels for you? Take the quiz then.

CreepyPasta [Misfortunate Events] - Pa...

Results include: Hoodie, Masky, Slenderman, Eyeless Jack, 'Ace,' Ticci Toby, Jeff The Killer, BEN Drowned, and possible others.

Hunting Down The Creepypasta Part 3

· Scary
Y/n's family was murdered by the Creepypasta. Y/n has sworn revenge. Y/n plans to kill the Creepypasta, all that she/he can. After defeating BEN, Y/n has her/his eyes...

Would you live #1

· Scary
This is a quiz to see whether or not you would survive the Creepypastas, soo... WOULD YOU?

I Am One of You, I Swear (Part 2)

· Music
You wake up in a large room on a metal gunnery. There are multiple people watching you, and you watch them, taking in anything that you hadn't already known about the...

Hunting Down The Creepypasta Part 2

· Scary
Y/n's family was murdered by the Creepypasta. Y/n has sworn revenge. Y/n plans to kill the Creepypasta, all that she/he can. She/he has already taken Laughing Jack do...

How much do you know about Jeff the Ki...

Hi, random person, this is a quiz about Jeff (title explains all). It'll be pretty easy since many know him and there are SO MANY FANS. I prefer LJ or Ticci-Toby. Goo...
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