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TMNT(2012)~Who do you belong with?~

· TV
Based off of the TMNT, mainly on the 2012 version~ This includes semi~long results!~

TMNT-What kind of mutant are you?

· TV
If you ran into mutagen, what kind of mutant would you be?

Which tmnt 2012 guy is yours.

· TV
Thought i would take a crack at this. And yes I know there are a lot of these but haven't seen to many 2012 ones.

Who's your TMNT? (2012)

Which one of these awesome guys is for you? Raphael, Leonardo, Michelangelo, or Donatello? My first quiz, please comment, rate, or follow. Feedback is always appreciated!...

Your life in Tmnt 2012

What would your life be like in TMNT 2012!

TMNT 2012: Who Would Fall For You?

· TV
Remember to answer honestly. The only person you'll be fooling is yourself. Not only that, but some of the answers may not have the result that you'd expect... *h...

What would the turtles think of you? 00

TMNT 2012 Version! XD (Please be gentle. It's my first quiz!) What are their opinions of you? Who likes you? Who hates you? (In my opinion...) This isn't based on if you'...

Tmnt wwffy

Wow that's a mouthful! Anyways, I decided to start this since my profile looks pitiful. I apologize in advance if this sucks, but it shouldn't! (I hope) PS I have the fun...

Which TMNT Loves You? (2012 Versions!)

Which turtle would loooove you~? ♥ (2012 VERSION.)

Which TMNT 2012 Character Will Fall fo...

Wanna find out? Then take the quiz you TMNT lovers! (This contains both male and female characters.)
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Halloween With the TMNT

· TV
Who will you go Trick Or Treating with? Leo, Raph, Donnie, or Mikey? Will See

What kind Of animal Muntant are you TMNT

· TV
Your heart was beating, your body was still, and your mind could not process what was going on in your became a muntant... find out what you became (you'l...

Which TMNT would fall for you? c:

* SORRY IF THERE IS A LOT OF TYPOS D: * Woopwoop~ Alright, PLEASE answer as honest as you can~ ^-^ I really hope you enjoy!

TMNT- Who would choose you? Part 1

This is my first quiz! I will do my utmost best to make it fun and enjoyable. I'm going to just stick with the turtles' main characteristics and their personaliti...

WHAT! the turtles might be crushing .

What would you say if the tmnt had a crush....on YOU. Let's find out. This one is the 2012 version. This is a quiz that's going to have 20 parts. you read right ...

Who is your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtl...

I haven't done a tmnt lover before but I like trying new things. I am a fan of the show, but I mostly saw the 2003 tmnt not a lot of 2012.

TMNT Which turtle likes you? RP part 1

· TV
Said so many times but oh well. This is my first quiz, based on the TMNT 2012 characters. Might be a bit of a cliché. Sorry. Also, it's not based on love, more on a ...

What do the 2012 tmnt characters think...

This will include your personality, crush, abilities, ect

Your TMNT love story

THIS IS MY FIRST QUIZ SO DON'T HATE! Comment your ideas. I need them! This is the 2012 version.

Which 2012 Ninja Turtle are you?

Are you Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, or Michelangelo?


· TV
Pretty self- explanatory, right? c;

How much do you know about TMNT

How well do you know the 2012 TMNT series
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