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TMNT love story!

Find out which TMNT would love you. (Not the average purple dragon story)

Which ninja turtle has a crush on you!

So which TMNT do you think would like you? Find out here! With long story results!

TMNT The First Kiss

Who kissed you? How? Why? Where? Find out in this quiz~

What does Raph think of you?

If you love Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, take this quiz! This is where you'll find out how Raph thinks of you. Girlfriend, friend, enemy, or a sister/br...

Which TMNT guy is for you?

· TV
Just a random quiz idea from mer friend Katey. :P

Who Is your TMNT soulmate?

This is a test to tell which of the turtles would be your lover (if a girl) or best friend (if a boy). Good luck!

Which Turtle loves you

Have TMNT would fall for you well if you have this is the quiz for you

TMNT(2012)~Who do you belong with?~

· TV
Based off of the TMNT, mainly on the 2012 version~ This includes semi~long results!~

What would Donnie Think of you

Would he love you or Would he hate you or would you both just be in the middle find out here I am sorry if it stinks I am new here O and i may have add a few extra so if ...

Which tmnt 2012 guy is yours.

· TV
Thought i would take a crack at this. And yes I know there are a lot of these but haven't seen to many 2012 ones.

Your life in Tmnt 2012

What would your life be like in TMNT 2012!
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Which Reverse Turtle are you?

· TV
If you don't know what the Reverse Turtle are, there just the opposite of the real Turtles


· TV
Oh god, time for a second round.

Who's your TMNT? (2012)

Which one of these awesome guys is for you? Raphael, Leonardo, Michelangelo, or Donatello? My first quiz, please comment, rate, or follow. Feedback is always appreciated!...

WHAT! the turtles might be crushing. P...

Do YOU want to find out about your friends? About the guys? Did they make it out? Find out in part 6!

Random Role-play

This is the first quiz I have ever made, so please excuse any grammatical errors. Lets get down to business, this quiz series is going to go all over the place, from spid...

TMNT Love Story Quiz 4

Splinter accepts you into his home, the boys are helping you adjust. You're actually living with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! However, being apart of the boys...


· TV
So, I took one of these and i thought it was really good! so i decided to make one of my own!

What Would The Stubborn Hotheaded Raph...

Would Raph fall desperately in love with you? Take the quiz and find out ;) ♥

Who's My Turtle 2

I have come back with a part 2! This time you get a date!

What Would Michelangelo Think About You?

Would the super cute Mikey fall in love with you?
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