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How Well Do You Know The Boys Of TheWa...

Test your knowledge of the lovely boys here! #TWfanmily Dont cheat and google ok? be honest! 0:)

How Much Do You Know About The Wanted?

A quiz to see how much you know about The Wanted... Just for fun! :) x (Disclaimer: I do not own or have rights to any of the images used)

Twfanmily Quiz !

· Music
The Wanted's fanbase quiz. TAKE IT. LIKEE NOW. I WANT YOU TO TAKE MY QUIZ

Which TW member would fall for you?

Find out which member of The Wanted you'd end up with!

The Wanted Karaoke!

· Music
Lets see if you know your songs of The Wanted well :) #TWfanmily

Who Will You Date From The Wanted?

· Music
#TWFanmily Roll up who will be your Bf From The Wanted ?

How well do you know The Wanted?

· Music
You think you are a true TWFanmily member? Or are you just a Fake fan, or a Nathaner, even worse.

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