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How Well Do You Know The Boys Of TheWa...

Test your knowledge of the lovely boys here! #TWfanmily Dont cheat and google ok? be honest! 0:)

Twfanmily Quiz !

· Music
The Wanted's fanbase quiz. TAKE IT. LIKEE NOW. I WANT YOU TO TAKE MY QUIZ

How Much Do You Know About The Wanted?

A quiz to see how much you know about The Wanted... Just for fun! :) x (Disclaimer: I do not own or have rights to any of the images used)

Which TW member would fall for you?

Find out which member of The Wanted you'd end up with!

How well do you know The Wanted?

· Music
You think you are a true TWFanmily member? Or are you just a Fake fan, or a Nathaner, even worse.

Who Will You Date From The Wanted?

· Music
#TWFanmily Roll up who will be your Bf From The Wanted ?

The Wanted Karaoke!

· Music
Lets see if you know your songs of The Wanted well :) #TWfanmily

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