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Which music fandom do you belong to?~F...

One Direction(Directioners),Btr(Rushers),Union j(jcats),Justin B.(Beliebers),or Austin Mahone (Mahomies). It says it all in the title! The only reason I did these fandom...

Which Union J GF are you?

Crazy about Union J? Yes/No... I am! Find out who's GF are you! Long answers at the end...(credit to tumblr and quotev)

Whos your perfect match?

· Music
Well so yeah (:

Who's your Union J Boyfriend?

I'm bored of Homework so I'm making this and also I want more JCat's in my followers haha! C'mon I need someone to talk to about how hot they are!

Your Union J Lover

Hello everyone! This is my second quizzz! hOpe you like it! enjoy! *Long Answers*

Who's Your Union J Boy?

-Long Answers!- Who will it be? George, Jaymi, JJ or Josh? Take this quiz to find out, it has stories at the end ♥

Which Union J boy fancies you?

Hey everyone! I'm back with a new quiz! Hope you enjoy! As usual long answers...(credit to tumblr and quotev)

What Rugby Union Position Suits You?

· Sports
A choice of 7 key players based on many different types of questions

Have A Conversation With George Shelley

Have a conversation with George, and see what he thinks of you.

Supernatural High Part 1

Todays your first day at Royal High and for some reason some of the people look like they've been through hell and back.. The only people you know is One Direction an...

Sleepover with Union J

· Music
I know you want to.
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Random quiz of random randomness and U...

· Humor
This quiz has no actuall topic but is very random.

Which Hetalia Group would you belong to?

Find out if you belong in the Axis, Allies, Bad Touch Trio, Nordic 5, the Soviet, or the Magic Trio. (Aph)

In High School with One Direction, Geo...

Why are you so nervous around Kris?

Wich boyband song are you! Part 2

· Music
So...yeah... the second coming. And as always this quiz is not meant to be taken seriously :)

Who's Your Union J Dream Date

Which Union J lad is best for you?

What does the Soviet Union think of you?

Uh... I just made this for fun.... I was really bored. Enjoy....

What is your boyband song?

· Music
This quiz is just for fun and the results shouldn't be taken seriously, unless you want to of course ;)

Anton Thanatus Portal: Shinigami High

Recruiting for Squad 2 of the Gotei 13, to combine the Grim Reaper Dispatch Association and Gotei 13 Shinigami Headquarters in union. It's our Alliance Treaty so both...

Would I love you, date you, or hate you?

Yep, just another one of those quizzes.

Do you know the lyrics?

Guess the lyrics to these awsome songs ... well atleast I think there awsome

X Factor (Week 2: Live Shows)

· TV
So... The theme is romance this week in the studio and your favourite boyband (One Direction or Union J) is visiting to give you tips. Will they distract you so much that...
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