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Which twisted Alice in Wonderland char...

In a world that is the home to smoking caterpillars, vaporizing cats, and queens with decapitating-addictions... find out your place.

Happily Never After

Get a twisted story linked to a Disney Character {All rights reserved - Copyright}

Which Walking Dead game character are ...

I loved this game TO DEATH BAHAHAHAH! I have a twisted mind :3 WARNING! Do NOT take this if you are planning to play or are playing this game. There are many spoilers. ...

Which twisted fairytale character are ...

These quizzes aren't nearly common enough, so have fun. I warn you, I'll probably make them pretty messed up! Yes, some are based on films, get over it. Now with ...

What Sherlock character kills you?

· Scary
Take the quiz. See which Sherlock (BBC) character will be your killer.(Twisted, right?)

Who is your twisted fairy tale charact...

· Scary
Find out who your twisted fairy tale character is and how they became so different..... GIRLS ONLY, LONG RESULTS

Which Character are you From Twisted?

This is linked to my story, Twisted. I decided to try my hand at a quiz, and this seemed a good way to do it. Title is self explanatory.

Which character from Twisted are you?

· TV
Find out which of the main characters from Twisted is most like you. (This quiz is quite short, due to the fact there has only been one or two episodes of this show!)

What character from Twisted tales are ...

In the land of the twisted tales, fairy tale characters live together. But when a young girl with a red hood brings together two lovers and disrupts the stories, there's ...

Can You Survive My Alice In Wonderland

Everyone just loves the book of Alice In Wonderland: full of mysterious places and interesting characters. But could you survive my twisted version of this beloved novel?

Eternal Love (A Twisted Twilight Story...

What Eternal Love Character are you?

What TV show character is most like you?

This quiz tells you which TV show character you would be from shows like Switched at Birth, Twisted, etc.
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Which of my OC's are you most like?

First Quiz! Alrighty, these are fantasy characters I have invented. Enjoy! (They are from my story, Twisted.)

Boys are Twisted

· TV
Although the TV show Twisted was terrible, I couldn't stop watching it because I loved the characters (especially Rico.) Take this quiz to find out which guy you woul...

Which Twisted character are you?

Danny , Jo , Lacey , Rico , Sarita , Phoebe , or (the dead) Regina ? Take the quiz to find out !

A Twisted Dimension Part 4

· Scary
With Cry, Pewdiepie, YOU, and the mystery character of today! >:-] (GASP! YOU UNLOCKED A CHARACTER!)

Witch CrackaJack Character are you?

Witch twisted person from my brain are you?

Which character are you from Twisted?

· TV
I LOVE this show! its like one of my favorite NEW SHOWS! take this quiz if u agree

If u were in a twisted disney movie wh...

· Movies
Creepy disney princess kid images may scare kids who are 4 or younger

Your Vampire Diaries Life

· TV
These are my own characters but come see who you are in my twisted world of the vampire diaries

What twisted metal contestant are you?...

· Music
A quiz in what twisted metal contestant you seem like (twisted metal black)the most pouplar characters if you want new charcters tell me and re take quiz

Which Happy Tree Friend Character Are ...

· TV
Find out which character you are from this twisted show of MondoMedia's best watched show Happy Tree Friends. Be warned if you don't like your answer Flippy will haunt yo...

What epic character are you? From the ...

The novel THE PUPPET SHOW was written by three teenage girls, Elona, Marisa and Jasmine Rose. The characters in their book are from their real life, three of the main cha...
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